Married landlord uninhibitedly seduced! Rent increase fucked away…

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  • Datum: 15.01.2023
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Am I now somehow a hobby whore? And did Mr. Winkler try to get what he actually wanted? Unfortunately, my landlord has told me that there will be a rent increase, because he can no longer avoid the rising prices. But honestly, I can't afford the rent to be more expensive, and I quickly thought about what I could do. I noticed the looks that Mr. Winkler kept throwing at me, looking at my breasts and getting caught on my nylon stockings! So I seduced him mercilessly and uninhibitedly! I kissed him briefly and spread my legs and then he could do whatever he wanted with me. He fucked me so dirty and horny and at that moment he preferred my young cunt to his dried-up old wife. In the end he squirted into my cum hungry fuck face, wow, that was a mega load of cum! It was definitely worth it for me and the rent is now not more expensive. Would you have been part of this deal too?