Join me in the sauna

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  • Datum: 14.01.2023
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Today I am presenting you with another video request, a user wrote to me: “I was in the sauna the other day and met a couple there. There were three of us in the cabin, the woman was lying there, the man was sitting next to me and I was opposite him noticed that I glanced in her direction every now and then, he began to give her soft instructions, but I could hear everything: “Now spread your legs, the guy must want to see your cunt” She did so immediately. She showed me her shaved pussy and played with her clit for a little bit and then they walked out.I wished he could show me her up close and show me her asshole and cunt and show me when she got up said she quietly: “now I have to pee” I was so excited….can you make a video like this for me?