Is this my worst video??? Fucked in the car for the first time!?!

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  • Datum: 22.01.2023
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Hey my dear ^^ I was spontaneously in town with Niclas today, because I needed a new camera and some nice clothes ;)) After we finished everything in town, I got in his car on the way to mine Apartment really quite buck again ;D. At first I thought about inaugurating the new camera at home with him, but I just couldn't stand the 20-minute drive any longer ^^ When we arrived at the old parking lot, we started making ourselves really horny. First we did it to each other with our hands, then he pressed my head into his crotch so I could take his hard cock down my throat. And then we both went to the passenger seat ^^ I put a condom over his cock and ridden him hard until he filled the whole condom with his juice ^^ Since the video is blurry and dark in some places (It was the first time in the car and with a new camera) I put it online for the best price :3 I hope you liked my video despite the small flaws ;)) All the best and kisses :** Your Luna