Intimate togetherness when giving presents

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  • Datum: 26.12.2022
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My friend and I are making our presents now. We've already given most of the gifts and now I'm getting the last one. It is a beautiful bookmark and I am delighted with it! I kiss my boyfriend as a thank you, but it quickly turns into more. I put my hand between his legs and feel a distinct bulge there, and his hand moving toward the pussy is already encountering a lot of liquid. We make out passionately and then I suck his penis, so to speak, as a thank you for the nice gifts. Meanwhile he kneads my ass and gently strokes my rosette, which makes me extremely horny! I finally want to feel him inside me, so I sit down on him and start riding. His cock slides in and out and feels very good! I kiss him in between and he caresses my small tits. Finally he takes me from behind in the doggy position and squirts his seed into my tight pussy! Turned to the camera, I let everything drip out with relish! I think it's a nice way to end the Christmas presents! Have fun 🙂