Help! I\’m stuck and my stepbrother shamelessly uses it!

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  • Datum: 22.01.2023
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OMG my stepbrother is such a horny bastard! When I was looking for my lost sock, my hair got stuck in the washing machine – I couldn't get out! At first I was relieved when my stepbrother finally came in because he had heard my calls for help. But it quickly turned out that he had something different in mind than helping me! He grabbed my ass and then he pulled my leggings down too! I couldn’t believe his audacitiy, but all of a sudden he even pushed his hard cock from behind into my exposed pussy! I was outraged, but at the same time it made me extremely horny to be so help less! He banged me really horny from behind and suddenly even my hair got unstuck from the washing machine because of all the shaking! I was free! As a thank you, I sucked my pussy juice off his hot cock and then of course he was allowed to continue fucking me outside the washing machine and even cumming inside me in the end! Would you also have taken your chance so shamelessly?