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A few days ago I had made a great date …. but unfortunately the guy called just before the meeting that he unfortunately can't today!!!! So annoying, I was just so horny. But then I thought to myself, is the woman and began to gently caress my wet pussy. I had no idea that I wasn't home alone… Suddenly my sister's guy was standing behind me, naked, with a hard cock and big balls. I thought to myself, how bold is he….jerking off on it as I finger my wet pussy, to be honest, I was really outraged for a moment!!!! But unfortunately he caught me at the wrong moment, my pussy has already twitched with lust and so I began to lick, blow and spoil his thick cock. Ohhh yes, a thick cock in the mouth, that was just too cool. And when he then fucked me hard with that big thing, the burst DATE was no longer an issue…hehe!!! I've never been THAT BOLD…just fucked my sister's boyfriend!!!! But it stays in the family…. Would you also like to be my brother-in-law???? #fuck #milf #bigtits