Call from friend during Fremdfick!

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  • Datum: 22.01.2023
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My boyfriend is not at home, I'm super horny again and that's why I take my chance and quickly and secretly invite my affair to me, which I haven't seen for far too long.. But I know that I don't like us there is a lot of time so it has to be quick! He pushes me straight into bed and begins to thrust his hot, bare cock into my already wet cunt. Oh yes fuck, fuck me really hard! I need this so badly now!! But suddenly my cell phone rings. Fuck, why is my boyfriend calling now?! I answer and try not to let it show. But my affair doesn't let this deter me and just keeps fucking me.. I can hardly concentrate on the phone call and it's getting harder and harder to suppress my moans. Does he notice anything? Hopefully not.. And now it has to be quick, because he'll be home soon. After he has squirted his horny load of cum really nicely into my fuck face, I quickly throw him out again so that my friend doesn't catch us. Phew that was tight but extremely cool! Kiss, Maya