Brazen interruption in front of the webcam

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  • Datum: 20.01.2023
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I'm just sitting on the sofa in front of the webcam, not suspecting anything, waiting for the next visitor. Suddenly the living room door opens and my friend stands in the room. A look at his southern regions already confirms my suspicion, he has a bar again. Of course, as a good friend, I have to take care of that immediately. So I squat down in front of him and start sucking his cock in front of the cam while the stream is running. I lustfully spoil his shaft with my tongue and lick around his glans, which makes him tremble slightly. That totally turns me on. I greedily push the cock back deep into my throat so that I even have to choke a bit. The cock is now very hard in my mouth and I can feel it flex slightly upwards, which it always does before my boyfriend cums. So I'm happily awaiting his sperm! However, I had not expected that this time determined three times as much sperm is injected into my mouth as usual! A huge load that shoots straight down my throat. That's exactly how I like it! So my friend is satisfied and I continue with my live stream. Have fun 🙂