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I’m thirty-six now and have wanted Veronica since I was a teen. She is thirty-four and my feelings for her are taboo and also they have been my most well kept secret. Having sex with her is something I think of everyday even after all these years. It started one day when I was fifteen and found her asl**p on our couch which was downstairs in our tv room. She was lying on her back in her nightgown and it had gotten pushed up to her waist while she was sl**ping.

Her legs were slightly spread and in plain view were white cotton panties, the outline of her dark pussy hair was completely visible and I couldn’t believe it. I was still a virgin and couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy, I could feel the bl**d rushing into my cock and it was hard instantly. Veronica was snoring and I was praying she wouldn’t wake up as I already decided to start jerking off.

I had my hand down my shorts and it was rock hard as I stroked it. I came in under a minute and never had an orgasm that felt as good as that. Every squirt of cum my dick shot out felt better than the one before and I loved the feeling of cumming in my boxers. I don’t know if she ever knew about it but since that day I have wanted her pussy.

A couple weeks ago she was visiting me and we were watching tv when a commercial for an upcoming episode of a talkshow came on. This is what we heard “Stay tuned for a story of forbidden love between a b*****r and s****r. ” It caught both of us off guard and a very awkward silence followed as we slowly turned to look at each other. Then Veronica asked me a question I thought I would never hear from her “have you ever thought about having sex with me?” I instantly became excited and responded right away “I’ve been thinking about fucking you since I woke up this morning.

” She smiled to my surprise and said “I always knew you wanted me, you have been checking me out for years, I noticed. ” I told her she was right and now that it wasn’t a secret anymore I was hoping it might now become a reality. “I’ll let you fuck me, were both adults and I have thought about sex with you before. When I was wondering about whether you wanted me sexually I finally decided that I would let you if you did.

I never thought it would ever happen but here we are so let’s fuck. ” Veronica said, just like that. I said yes with no hesitation and nothing else as I started to get naked and she followed. I was completely naked as I stood and watched her remove the only remaining piece of clothing, her panties. Her and I were now two feet from each other both of us checking out the one another’s body.

She was a runner and in great shape, slim body, toned with just a little baby fat in all the right places. Her tits were medium sized with pink nipples that were oversized and belonged on much larger breasts but I didn’t care. Her pussy was covered by brown, curly pubic hair that formed a perfect triangle. My dick was throbbing now and pointing straight up “your cock is so fat, how big is it?” she asked.

I told her it was six and a half inches long and seven inches thick. Veronica said wow and told me I could do whatever I wanted to her. The first thing I thought was to grab her, bend her over the couch and just fuck her. So that’s what I did, no foreplay, no kissing just straight to fucking. I turned her around and bent her over, I grabbed my throbbing cock and put it against her pussy.

I began to push it in and her pussy hair rubbed against the head of my cock, peeling my foreskin back as my cock went deeper. The friction felt amazing then before I knew it my cock slid right in her tight hole. She let out a soft moan and my dick was now all the way in. I paused as my dick sat inside her, I want to savour the moment of my lifelong fantasy.

I slowly started moving my hips, her pussy felt tight and so warm and the sight of my cock going in and out of it was driving me crazy. I started going faster and she started moaning faster and after a couple minutes I was about to explode and I didn’t even care. “I’m going to cum. ” I moaned, she replied “already? It’s only been a few minutes. You can cum in me.

” As she finished saying that I started cumming, I pushed hard with every contraction my dick made and didn’t stop until my cock finished. Her face looked so sexy as we both looked at each other, my dick was still inside her and was now soft. Her pussy made my soft cock stretch like her pussy didn’t want to let go as I pulled it out and just like that it was over.

Nothing in my life had felt better than fucking Veronica and lucky for me that was just the start.

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