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Valentine’s Day with a friend – Part II

Immediately after I spoke with Hildi I picked up the phone to make a reservation at my favourite restaurant. Unfortunately, every table was booked. And so were the ones at the next five restaurants I called. Damn…

I decided we’d go a bit earlier to a local pub and maybe get a table there. If not, we could always just walk. I remember she loved walking — once we walked from one end of the town to the other.

Took us like three hours, but we loved it. Our feet hurt, but we would do it all over again.

The next day I called her in the morning.

— “Hey you!” I said with a smile on my face.
— “Hey!. ”
— “I didn’t wake up you, did I?”
— “Umm, a bit. ” she said laughing. “I’m still recovering from my trip. ”
— “Ahh, ok.

Well, it seems every table is booked for tonight so how about we go to the Motor Pub around 6? Maybe we can get a table there before people start flooding in. ”
— “Yeah, sounds good. I actually love the mulled wine they serve there. I miss that. ”
— “Oh you’re right. I totally forgot about that. I can’t wait. ”
— “So I’ll dress casually then. ”
— “Yep, so it’s easier to undress.

— “Haha, cheeky cheeky. What are you planning?” she said laughing.
— “Nothing. I only meant that in the sense that it’s easier to take your coat off in the pub. ” I said with a playful grin on my face.
— “Yeah, aha. Sure. ” she said, obviously feeling amused.
— “So, how about I pick you up at 5:30? It’s kind of a long way by bus. ”
— “Yeah, I’ll be ready then.

— “Ok, go get yourself a cup of coffee!”
— “Yep, I’ll get my brother to make me one… I’m too lazy right now. ” she said laughing.
— “Cool. See you tonight. ”
— “Bye. ”

With everything set, I got back to work. I do love working from home — it gives me a lot of freedom. Not having a boss tell you what to do is also a plus.

So, the plan was to work until 4 PM and then start getting ready. I gotta tell you tho, it wasn’t easy. I was really excited about my upcoming “date”. I know it wasn’t a date in the real sense of the word, but I really missed spending time with Hildi. She was constantly on my mind until around 4 when I got a shower, shaved and got dressed. Classic dark blue jeans with brown Chukka boots and then a simple blue shirt.

On top, since it was a bit chilly outside, I got a grey peacoat.

Since I’d be drinking I decided to take the bus so I head out to the bus station and took the #4. That got me in Hildi’s neighbourhood at around 5:20 and I walked to her place. At 5:34 PM i called her at the intercom and she told me she’s be right down.

For some reason my palms were sweating.

I’m not usually shy or emotional around women, but I haven’t seen Hildi in such a long time so I was a bit nervous. Finally, she came down and… oh my god. She was even more beautiful that I remembered. It’s like she hasn’t aged a bit but instead has grown into a mature, gorgeous woman. She had some black boots on, blue jeans and a blue coat.

— “Heeeeeeeey! ” she said while running towards me with her arms raised.

We met in a big hug and then kissed each other on the cheeks. We actually stayed like that for a minute or so not saying anything. It was a great feeling.

— “Hey hun. How are you? Are you awake now?” I said smiling.
— “Yeah, very. ” she said laughing.
— “Wow, you look great. ”
— “Thanks! Shall we?”
— “Yep, let’s get a taxi since the bus is kinda slow.

So we grab a cab and went to the Motor Pub. That’s kind of an untraditional place. You can have free nuts with your drink and you can throw the shells on the wooden floor. Kinda cool. And they have awesome music too, mostly rock.

We held hands the entire way there and talked about her returning trip from Spain. I really missed her, but I could tell that she missed me too by the way she was looking at me and caressing my hand.

When we finally got to the pub we went inside and surprise — there was only one table available.

— “I guess you made a good call with taking the taxi, huh?” she said laughing.
— “Yeah, I’m smart like that!”
— “Not to mention humble, haha!”.
— “Yep, humble is my middle name. ”

We sat next to each other so we could hear us talk and got ourselves two cups of mulled wine.

Then we started talking about her time in Spain and what she’s been doing after she left the country. She’s been working as an interior designer there and went on telling me about her passion for interior design. Weirdly enough, cause she went for economy in college. But I know she was pressured into that by her parents and I was really happy to see that she’s found her passion.

We really enjoyed each others company.

We ordered a second round of wine and by then we were starting to get looser from the alcohol. We started talking about ex’s and some relationships we had after high school. We would laugh at some of the stupid things we did when it comes to boyfriends and girlfriends. We then decided that being single is the way to go.

— “You know, it has its benefits. Being in a relationship.

But also drawbacks. ” I said.
— “Yeah. Sometimes tho, if you wanna get stuff done professionally, a relationship can hinder you. But the sex is better. ” she said laughing.
— “Better? Why? Cause you know how to turn on each other?”
— “Yeah, that. And you don’t have to use condoms haha. ” she said laughing again.

I could see then that she’s grown to be more open minded.

When she was younger she was kinda shy when talking about sex. But I saw that she had no prohibitions now.

— “Yeah, I hate condoms too. Well, I don’t think there’s anyone who likes condoms lol. ” I said laughing.
— “True! This isn’t making you uncomfortable is it? The whole sex talk. ”
— “Nah. I’m way past that. ”
— “Good. Cause apart from my best friend back in Spain there isn’t anyone else I can talk to freely about sex.

And it’s driving me crazy. I don’t understand why it’s such a taboo subject. “
— “Because people haven’t done much of it or haven’t experienced with some of the more kinkier things so they’re apprehensive when it comes to it. ”
— “Yeah, I guess. Speaking of kinkier things…” she said with a big smirk on her face.
— “What? You wanna share something with me?“ I said laughing.
— “Do you want to?”
— “Of course.

Share yours and I’ll share mine. ”

And then we started talking about the hottest and weirdest things we’ve done sexually. She started first.

— “The hottest thing I did was actually a surprise for my ex’s birthday. But oh my god, you can’t tell this to anyone. ” she said.
— “Haha, don’t worry. My lips are sealed. ” I said on a comforting tone.
— “Ok. God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this.

It must be the wine. Ok, so I knew one of my boyfriend’s fantasies was to do it with two women at the same time. And I had a bi friend at work so I asked her if she’s be willing to have some fun. I knew she liked my boyfriend cause she told me. And I knew she liked me… cause she told me lol. ” she said laughing.
— “Lol. ”
— “Yeah, she’s very straightforward like that.

So, I asked her if she would like to come over for a glass of wine and have a threesome for my bf’s birthday. She accepted but then I had one condition: there won’t be any girl to girl action cause I wasn’t really into that. I was curious, but I didn’t think I would be too comfortable at the time. So I would let my boyfriend fuck her and then fuck me and that would be the end of it.

— “Sounds interesting. ” I said while feeling my cock starting to get harder. I said interesting, but to tell you the truth…. I was fascinated by her story.
— “Ok, so when the day came we all got some wine, got half d***k and started making out. We got naked and then started sucking my bf’s cock. We would take turns on it. I could tell he was so excited by this because he almost exploded in her mouth.

But then we stopped and made him lick our pussies so he can last longer. He was kinda good at it, gave me my first orgasm. Then he started fucking her and for some reason I got sooooo horny watching them. I started rubbing my pussy and I was soo wet. Next, I don’t really know what came to me, but I moved over my friend’s face and put my pussy over her mouth and tongue.

That was such an overwhelming experience I immediately had an orgasm and came in her mouth. She started moaning harder and harder while getting fucked by my bf. She then licked my pussy so damn good I thought I was gonna faint. I got up, got in a doggy position and asked my bf to fuck me from behind. Meanwhile, my friend would sit in front me rubbing her clit. With the whole ecstasy of having a hard cock in me and seeing a wet, swollen pussy inches away from my face, I asked my friend to let me taste her.

She then took a break, got another sip of wine, looked at me and said laughing:

— “You still with me?”
— “Yeah, I’m speechless to what you’re telling me now. It’s so erotic and sounds so good. Not to mention the fact that I have a huge hard-on right now. ”
— “Haha, yeah. I imagine you do. I gotta admit I got kinda wet as well telling you all this.

Anyway, I gotta finish the story. ”
— “Ok”, I said laughing.
— “She got closer to me so I could reach between her legs and then I told me bf to go slower on me. I started kissing her pussy and then licking it slowly. At some point my bf started to pound me harder and harder and I lost it then. I started licking her pussy with such passion that in a few seconds she came really hard and filled me mouth with her juices while screaming in ecstasy.

My bf couldn’t take it anymore and came deep inside my pussy, filling me with cum. What happened next was even better. My friend came under me and let the cum drip from my pussy into her mouth and swallowed it. Then she licked everything and came and kiss me, giving me the last drops of my bf’s cum. ”

I was speechless. My cock was rock hard and was starting to hurt.

I could feel the precum oozing out and staining my underwear.

— “Wow, I had no idea you were that open minded and would be willing to try out something like that. ” I said with a big smile on my face.
— “Yeah, I didn’t think so either but it happened. Maybe it was the wine then too. ” she said laughing. “And I still can’t believe I told you this, oh my god.

I’m kinda embarrassed now. ” she said while covering her eyes.
— “Nah, don’t be. I absolutely loved your story and I think you’re an amazing woman for experimenting like that. ”
— “Thanks!” she said smiling. Then she leaned over and gave a kiss on the cheek. “I always loved this about you. ”
— “What is that?“
— “The fact that you don’t judge people and you’re so easy to talk to.

I don’t think I could have told this story to any other man. “

I smiled, I put my arms around her shoulders and said:

— “Well, I’m glad you told me that story and I’m really happy to share things with you again. I really missed that. ”
— “Me too”.

Then I kinda went for it. I wasn’t sure how she would react, but we were feeling kinda comfortable with each other by now so with my other hand I caressed her face, played with her hair a bit and then kissed her on the lips.

She really liked that. She put her hand on the back of my head, pulling me towards her while kissing me passionately. Our eyes closed, our lips met again and our tongues started playing with each other in the most sensual kiss I ever had.

It seemed like we stayed like that for a really long time until she broke the kiss and whispered:

— “You wanna get out of here?”

To which I softly whispered:

— “Let’s go to my place.

I wanna make love to you…”

To be continued….

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