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Valentine visit in blue jeans and black belt

My favourite friend made much impression last year with her last minute message to my granddad
The slender sexy yummy young blond beauty begged him for his congratuations on Valentine’s Day!
Not only because of friendship to a favourite female friend but because of her birthday that day
Granddad got very fond of the shy sexy sweetheart but I knew she was mine as we are both lesbians

Soon I sneaked to the laptop of my old man when he was asleep to talk to the tasty fresh friend
Soon I sneaked into her dreams – I wrote sexy stuff like granddad does, which only confused her
“Seems so real that dream: did I read it, dream it or was it my imagination about pretty Petra?”
For my favourite female friend: a present from Petra hosted again at the page of granddad Peter

First fine sweet surprise
You stand right in front of me in your faded blue jeans with that inviting beautiful black belt
You innocently seduce me with your shy smile and good looks – you are so close to me right now!
You are within my reach, I smile back at you till my gaze drops down to your belly and that belt
Your black leather belt is unusual: a tight fit but very easy to unhook in only one fast gesture

I know you like to do as told at times – or simply wait what will happen in our close encounters
I look back to your beautiful eyes staring back at me – I can read your mind through them my dear
I still keep your eyes locked into mine while I quicky unlock the leather belt and slide it away
I pull down the zipper and your jeans sligtly down your hips – ask you to turn around for me now

You do as I tell you curious what I will want from you on our special meeting on Valentine’s Day
You feel how I hold your wrists behind your back and grab them, I tie them together very tightly
You know it is all right, as you can trust me as your secret best female foxy friend for our fun
You look forward to our mutual presents on this very special day which will be very sexy for us!

I am proud that it is You to visit me to celebrate Valentine’s Day together, you are my present!
I am your present for your birthday – you have two things to celebrate – I am Master of Ceremony
I conduct the ceremony of tie you up, seduce you, slowly take you – make you mine till you twine
I slowly pull your jeans further down your hips – I start to caress your tight tasty boyish bums

You know how much I like to see you without any unnecessary underwear: small firm tits so no bra
You know I love to grab your bare bums as soon as I take your jeans down to your thighs my dear!
You love to feel loved and wanted by both my glance at you as my hands now grab your bare bottom
You wait eagerly what will happen next to you – in our long hours of Valentine’s Day love making

I ask you to bend over a bit as I want a better view of your bums – your sweet slit between them
I spread your cheeks by both hands, you know I look from very close now as you can feel my breath
I take my time to inspect you intimately in every tiny little fold of your yummy young cute cunny
I am not surprised that your pretty pussy gets already pretty wet – starts to smell so sexy sweet

You realise that I probably want you to come in this position for the first time for Valentine!
You are curious how I will make you obey to our mutual nice naughty well wishes for celebration
You hope I will only use the tip of my tongue to tickle you just enough to make you snake-shake
You long to get very wet and come hard into my face hoping I will kiss your face next for taste

I can read your mind so everything happens to you so fast, are you dreaming or is all this real?
I love how your tight twat tries to keep hold of the tip of my tongue till you come in screams!
I am amazed that the tip of my nose ends up inside your sexy smelling sphinxter – not too tight
I know you are not at all into that or at least you thought you were not into such kinky stuff?

Second sweet sexy surprise
Your turn now: I turn you back around to face me put a pillow on the floor for you to kneel on
You feel how I pull your jeans down to your knees, I pull you towards me in the large armchair
You stand between my legs – I embrace your hips and my hands squeeze your boyish bummies again
You long for more kisses and hardly can wait for the moment I will let you kneel down for more

I grab your breasts through the thin fabric of your white top, my fingers play with your nipples
I invite you to kneel now – so your tasty titties get in reach of my lips to suck them stiffer
I slide my hands underneath your top to feel the soft skin of your firm teensize tasty titties
I smile as I feel how hot and erect the two tiny towers of power on your chest are from my love

You feel how I pull your top up – to unveil them to my gaze, my direct kisses and my love-bites
You feel very vulnerable: arms tied at your back still, jeans low at knees, top up your armpits
You can hardly move – you feel hot from what I do to you but also afraid of what can be next now
You can sense I soon will pull you down further between my legs and grab your head to eat me out

I know you are as hot for me for what I can do with you, just as much you hate my big brown bush
I know I am exceptional: for being natural there – especially with such a firm thick teen furry!
I remember the first time you wanted to go down on my twat but scared away from finding your way
I remember you did not dare to find my pussy behind the bush with you tongue – only a few fingers

Your heart races as I indeed pull your head down by your blond hair towards my warm wet womanhood
You see me lift my strech short skirt – to offer your lowering head a glance at my pretty pussy!
You love my sexy surprise present: a landing strip leads down to a perfectly shaved smooth snatch
You eagerly start to lick up and down my love lips – a pussy doggie style licks to lap love milk!

I love your horny dedication suddenly to eat me out as if you are starved to death for sexy food
I feel your eagerness to please me and have me: make my pussy a slave to your lips for more love
I am glad you remember your love lessons from our first session, know how to keep me coming long
I am dancing my love lips at your face – with only the tip of your tongue at my clit when I come

“You are really getting good at it” I whisper in your ear after I finally get back my breath a bit
You feel my hot kisses lapping my own love juice from your face – we tongue for very long my love
You feel how I lift you from the floor unto my lap, you simply love it when I take charge of you!
You wish you could open your legs wide for my left hand – feeling down at your swollen love lips

I insert my index again down there while I nibble at your ear-lobes and tell you my naughty idea
I want to take you much further my dear sexy submissive blond beauty “do you trust me, my baby?”
I long to surprise you for the third time my shy sexy sweetheart – your only answers are moans!
“I like to tease you with my power over you, I will undress you completely and you will bare me!”

Three sweet sexy surprises
You feel relieved: finally I untie your wrists at your back, I massage them, take off all clothes
You are welcome in my arms in bath my sweet sexy Valentine – I’ll teach you my tasty tricks there
You willingly come along with me – let me place you in perfect position with your legs very wide
You feel the running water hit your pretty pussy – I have masturbated like this since age eight!

I whisper my sexy secret in your ear as I proceed to do with you my cleaning ritual for many years
I put two fingers in your snatch and spread it open – so the hot water runs right inside your hole
I jelly my fingertips to do the same to your bums – you are shocked: I open your tight sphinxter!
I overcome your initial resistance and hesitation; “It’s not dirty dear as I just clean you there”

You let me sooth you by my words: “I do the same – I get very nice orgasms like that sweetheart!
You will feel very clean and very hot beautiful baby – just trust me, I know what to do with you
You know how important it is to feel clean for kisses at your most private parts pretty Princess
You will soon be surprised how hot and horny that is my cute tight anal virgin Valentine present”

I tell you my lovers often make me compiments: my cunt and anus smell so clean in sweet flagrance
I tease you by my tales of long licks and kisses – even at your locked backdoor my innocent baby!
I continue to play with the hot strong stream of water at your pussy till your legs start shaking
I know you are now ready for much more from me after your awesome orgasms in our bath dear lady!

You and I cream each others bodies while kiss caress and embrace, our fingers going everywhere
You are under my spell of love and lust, eagerly waiting for more of my naughty sexy surprises
You feel how I lift you up and carry with me to the sofa – where I bend you over my lap to lick
You notice how my tongue dwells down along your spine till it tickles your tight sweet sphinxter

I can easily slide the tip inside as your skin is oily all over, you giggle, no-one ever did that
I try and tease your love lips with my fingers – you are getting very wet down there my lusty love
I hold your tasty twat in a firm grip with my left hand – put a bit of butter on my right index
I slowly insert it into your virgin ‘brown eye’ which winks and welcomes first ever visit inside

You now notice my thumb buttering up your butt-hole, you wine and twine from my first anal assault
You can’t deny it feels very sexy as you can’t escape from the pleasure and pressure from my grip
You hear my hot whisper in your ear: “You are mine now, you will come soon for me on my orders”
You are still a bit scared but too excited to bother what my thumb does up your forbidden butt

I smile as I feel your orgasm approaching by the increasing contractions of your hot horny cunny
I decide to take you all the way, you are simpy too hot to try any resistance to my love lessons
I grab your hands, play your pussy, take you on a long ride of the waves, you lose count of coming
I warm your bums by my bare hands, slap you, spank you – you are lost in lust – I even belt you!.

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