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Daniel, Bruce and Charlie, my three tormentors, would often run me down and take what they wanted, more times then I care to think of was I made to get on my hands and knees and service one or all three of them, they had little or no mercy when it came to sexual intercourse with me. I stayed awake at night crying after each episode that I had endured.

The great shame of having to tell an adult that I was made to submit to accept sex from three guys was enough to keep me from reporting them to school officials.

Yet I found myself constantly called upon to suffer there maniacally and of time severe intrusions.

It was doing and after one such incident that one or all of them told me I was ‘…their bitch…’ This hunted me to no limit till one day Bruce stopped me and told me to come to the house where they first took me. He was very clear that I was to skip school and be there before school start or it would not be a pleasant for me afterwards.

The next day, resenting every step, I found myself walking down the path to the house. As I reached the back fence there was Bruce standing in the door way, he motioned for me to move faster as I crossed the back yard. Once inside, Bruce pinched my left buttock and caressed it gently saying ‘…glad you didn’t let me down…’

Bruce closed the door and called out to Daniel and Charlie telling them ‘…our other guest has arrived…’ The mocking way he said it caused me to shiver in fear and dreadful thought.

The door on the stairs opened and I heard voices and foot steps.

Coming down was Charlie Daniel and two older guys that I had never seen before. Once they all was down stairs Bruce introduced the new guys to me saying ‘…Brain, Nelson this here is David. He’s the piece we told you about, a very willing and can take more then one dick.

Brain and Nelson walked over to me and looked at me, turning me around as if they were going to buy me.

Bruce continued to speak ‘…we’ve got the bed room already and all of us are going to bust that ass and fill it up till we can’t fuck any more…’

I grimaced and pulled away from Brain and Nelson, Charlie snatched me to him and and warned ‘…start some bullshit and we still gonna bust that ass, only you want enjoy it as much…now get out of those clothes and go in that room…’

Fearfully I glanced about to see Brain, Nelson, Daniel and Bruce beginning to undress.

The conversation went sometime like ‘…we get to fuck him as much as we want…no one’s gonna come busting in telling us time is up…do we all fuck him at once or take turns…we do to him what ever we want cause he ain’t gonna be telling no body how much he likes to suck and fuck hard dicks…’

Lifted mt shirt and reminded me ‘…go on and strip and go get on the mat we’ll be right in there as soon as we see who goes first…’ Nelson laughed and said ‘…Daniel better go last, that bull dick of his will bust that boys ass wide open all the grips will be gone when he finishes…’ they all laughed.

Once I was naked I slowly walked into the room and saw that the bed had been dis assembled and on the floor was the top mattress from both beds along with three bottles of baby oil. The five of them came in almost as soon and Charlie, Nelson and Bruce began to paw me with their hands. Pinching my nipples and pulling at my flaccid penis and inserting fingers into my dry anus.

Daniel nodded to Bruce and Bruce pushed me to my knees before Daniel, his mammoth male member was inches from my face. I turned my head only to have Daniel twist it back saying ‘…y’all fuck him first, I want my dick sucked anyway…’ Daniel enormous penile glans was already dripping pre-cum and his penile head was as large as a tennis ball.

Brain was kneeling behind me pouring baby oil down my spine, it ran down my back into my buttcrack and Brain used his rigid member to spread it up and down my crack.

Once his head touched my anus I tried to twist away only to have Brain grip me tightly and bury about three inches of his penis into my rectum.

I almost fell over as I cried out and reflectively reached out and grabbed Daniels thighs to right myself. Daniel lifted mt face and told me ‘…I know you want to suck my dick, but I want you to lick it real good first.

Stick your tongue out and lick my dick head like a lollipop…’

Brain pulled his penis out and rammed it into my rectum again, again I cried out and Daniel pulled me to his penis commanding ‘…lick my dick, it want hurt so bad…’ I wet my lips and begin to lick timidly at his huge head smearing the sticky pre-cum over his huge head.

Daniel pulled me to him as I opened my mouth and tried to suck him as he wanted, Brain continued to hunch into me at and increasing rate.

Nelson Came over and asked Daniel ‘…let that bitch suck mine too…’ Daniel ordered ‘…suck us both, put our dick heads together and lick them both…’

Nelson was not as huge as Daniel and lighter in complexion, their penis twitched and throbbed as I administered to them. Brain grind deep into me and I felt his penis throb and then the warm feel of him comming deep in my bung.

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