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Unlicensed Driver

Tasha had pleased the other guys, tey returned her keys and they left. She droped of her friends and headed home. ‘I can not believe i did that that tonight. ‘ Tasha thought to herself. in a slight daze Tasha began to swerve. Upon straghtnebing up the car she saw flashing lights in thr rearview and heard the siren. She pulled over to the shoulder but the squad car stopped behind her. ‘Fuck my life!! what do i do? what do i do? Umm cry yea, thats a good one.

i’ll cry my way out of it. think of something sad… umm think of the time your dog got put to sleep.. okay got it. ‘ Tasha thought to herself. The cop walked to her window and she let it down. ‘License, registration, and proof of insurance. ‘ he said sternly. ‘Umm, officer i only have my permit. ‘ as she handed it with the registration and insurance. ‘If you dont have a drivers license then why are you driving then Miss Kent?’ the cop asked.

Tasha began to cry ‘Please sir understand i wanted to run to get some notes from my friend because we have a test tomorrow and i really needed the notes to pass. ‘ The cop wasnt moved by the tears.
‘I’m supposed to care because? You know the rules and regulations of driving otherwise you wouldnt have your learners permit. On top of that, its way past your curfew. I’m going to have to have to take you down to the station and contact your parents.

Step out the car and come with me. ‘

The cop walked Tasha to his squad car.

‘Officer-‘ Tasha began to plead again. ‘Carter. ‘ he told he Tasha. ‘Officer Carter, please i cant have my parents..’ ‘Oh you cant? But you can take their car and go joyriding? You feel that a learners permit equates a drivers license do ya?’ ‘But-‘Is there something i can do’ Tasha asked biting her bottom lip.

Officer Carter could tell that Tasha was truly sorry for what she did. ‘Hmm, okay. I hate when i get in situations like this. Its always the girls who know what buttons to push to get me to let them off…. ‘ Tasha looked up like she had won the state lotto. ‘Woah, woah, woah now. I didnt say you were free to go yet. Officer Carter pushed Tasha back onto his squad car and took his billy club from his side.

Holding it by the handle he guided it around her body. Tracing it over her breast, down her torso, and in between her legs.

‘Open your legs. ‘ Tasha did as told. Officer Carter toyed with his nightstick tracing it only on her cootchie. Tasha was enjoying this but didnt want it to show. He bagan to rub harder and Tasha began to breathe matching the rhythm of his billy club. When she closed her eyes and threw her head back Officer Carter picked her up and sat her on the hood of his squad car.

‘You like that?’ Tasha whispered a soft ‘Yes…’ He undid her jeans and layed Tasha back on the cold hood of the squad car. He continued to play with the night stick running over her pussy. Tasha layed back and closed her eyes as Officer carter toyed with her. Next thing she knew she felt something being inserted into her. Officer Carter was fucking her intensely, in exchange for her to stay out of trouble.

He began to pick up his pace, He began to grunt and then he came.

‘Get home k**. ‘.

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