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Underworld: Submission

Bonnie still wasn’t sure what had happened. One moment she’d been walking on her treadmill, daydreaming about what it would have felt like to play the part of the beautiful but doomed heroine in that old horror movie she’d watched the night before. The next, she was in chains, with a hideous monster dragging her along a dimly lit subterranean passageway.
Just when Bonnie thought she couldn’t manage to take another step, they reached their destination, a diabolical torture chamber dominated by a large and ominously spike filled pit.

The monster dragged me to the edge of the pit and, using an evil looking spear, fucked me to step up onto a small wooden platform that extended out over the side of the pit. Staring down at all those horrifyingly sharp looking spikes I could sense the cold merciless eyes of that hideous monster upon me. In that moment I knew I was going to die upon those sharp looking spikes, that I was as doomed as the actress in that old horror movie.

I was just beginning to wonder why I wasn’t already dying on those spikes when I heard a faint sound, the click of high heels approaching along the passageway that led to this very torture chamber.
A beautiful tall redhead dressed in a black, skin tight, leather catsuit entered the torture chamber and stood silently watching me from across the spike filled pit. I’m not sure which I found more terrifying, the look of almost sadistic amusement on her face, or the way her eyes almost seemed to glow with the fires of hell.

Sensing the almost overwhelming terror emanating from Bonnie’s tormented mind, Lady Jenova, the ancient goddess of death and the absolute ruler of the Underworld smiled darkly as she began to speak.
“Bonnie I’ve brought you here to make you a darkly attractive offer, one I believe you will find impossible to refuse. Accept your rightful place as one of my willing pleasure slaves and you will remain young and beautiful for all eternity.

I can sense your overwhelming need to experience a life of submissive masochistic fulfillment. Accept my offer and your days will be filled with unimagined hedonistic pleasures of the flesh, your nights consumed by the deathly torturous delights of the Underworld’s dungeons. “
Sensing a hint of masochistic interest flaring in the hidden depths of Bonnie’s mind, the death goddess continued, “Of course, accepting my offer does require an act of willing and total submission from you.

” Smiling darkly, Lady Jenova raised her hand and pointed toward Bonnie’s feet as she continued, “At your toes is the switch that will release the platform upon which you are standing and send you plunging toward the razor sharp spikes below. “
Seeing the look of shock in Bonnie’s eyes as she stared down at the platform’s deadly release switch waiting just before the toes of her shoes, the death goddess said, “Your choices are clear.

Choose to press the release switch and die upon the spikes and you spend all eternity as one of my willing pleasure slaves. Or, choose to step away and return to your pathetic mortal existence. “

Despite her almost overwhelming terror, or perhaps because of it, Bonnie carefully raised her foot and positioned to toe of her shoe directly above the platform’s release switch. The moment Bonnie felt the switch beneath her toes an intense wave of satisfying calmness swept through her as she realized that this was the moment she’d fantasized about, the moment she’d forever become a slave, fated to spend all eternity in an endless and inescapable cycle of pleasure and pain.

Looking up she stared into Lady Jenova’s red smoldering eyes as her foot slowly began to depress the switch.

The amount of effort needed to depress the release switch surprised Bonnie. She needed to shift almost all her weight onto the switch before it would even budge.
Bonnie had the switch almost fully depressed when she heard a sharp metallic CLICK.
Bonnie cried out the moment she felt the platform beginning to fall away.

She’d thought that all this had been nothing more than a darkly sadistic test of her willingness to submit, never in her wildest nightmares had she imagined she’d actually end up falling toward those deadly spikes.

The cold look of darkly sadistic amusement in Lady Jenova’s glowing eyes was the last thing Bonnie saw before she hit the spikes. Even today, after countless centuries of willing servitude in the dungeon torture chambers of the Underworld, that terrifying first night still haunts her memories.


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