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Underworld: Loss

As one of Lady Jenova’s willing pleasure slaves, I’ve long ago became accustomed to the fiendishly painful and obscenely diabolical deaths that await within the Underworld’s dungeon torture chambers. In exchange for eternal youth and beauty the goddess demands that her pleasure slaves freely submit to enduring agonizing death on a nightly basis for all of eternity.
I could feel my heart race as my eyes drank in the sight of that post with its iron shackles and chains that would soon render me utterly helpless to avoid the fiendish horror that awaited me.

Tonight I would die under the razor sharp blade of the guillotine but this time it wouldn’t be my neck under the blade, tonight it would be my breasts.
The executioner secured me tightly in place against the wooden post. Brutally tight iron shackles held my wrists and ankles securely against the sides of the post while chains around my waist and throat held my body helplessly immobile. I could feel the deliciously satisfying terror threatening to overwhelm my senses as he roughly f***ed my breasts in to position and pushed the upper part of the frame down trapping my breasts beneath the ominously waiting blade of the guillotine.

Unable to look away I starred helplessly up at the painfully sharp looking blade as the executioner stepped to the side and lightly rested his hand upon the guillotine’s release. I could feel myself trembling in horror, the utterly overwhelming terror coursing through my tightly bound body as I stared up at that blade poised to cruelly remove my exquisitely sensitive breasts.
Staring up at the horrifying blade I knew that when it fell, the pain would be to sudden, to utterly overwhelming for me to gain any masochistic pleasure from my bosom’s agonizingly brutal mutilation.

I was still staring up at that blade when I heard a sudden faint metallic click from above.
That heavy weighted blade fell faster than I could ever have imagined possible. I desperately wanted to cry out, to scream, to close my eyes but the guillotine’s blade was faster. And the pain when that descending blade effortlessly severed by breasts from by body was all that I’d imagined, utterly and totally overwhelming.

Lost in unbearable agony my mind barely registered the dull thud of the guillotine’s blade hitting its stop or the sickening wet splat of my severed breast landing on the platform before my toes. Closing my eyes to block out the unspeakable horror I listened to the sound of my high pitched scream of pure unadulterated agony echoed off the ancient stone walls of the torture chamber.
The tight unyielding restraints held the mutilated stumps of my once beautiful breasts pressed firmly up against the cool steel of guillotine’s blade.

The pain was almost indescribable, almost like having my breasts burned off by white hot blow torch. I could feel the warm sickening sensation of bl**d soaking the front of my abdomen and slowly beginning to run down my legs but already know from long years of experience in the Mesopotamian Underworld’s brutal torture chambers that death would not come quickly or easily.
Eventually I’ll bleed out but tonight’s inevitable death, when it arrives, will only come after enduring long agonizingly painful hours of unrelenting torment.

It’s at times like these that I truly love being one of Lady Jenova’s willing pleasure slaves….

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