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uncle bob and me

My Mum had gone away for the weekend with her mates which meant me and her boyfriend had the house all to ourselves. He’s brill, my Mum’s boyfriend. He’s like a mate. He’s in his 40s but he’s well cool.

Anyway, it was Saturday and we had a great night in, lots of cans, a spliff…brilliant.

Round about 11 o’clock I said, “Right. I’m off to bed. See you in the morning, Uncle Bob.

I always called him Uncle Bob.

“You off for your bedroom wank then?”

“Yeah well I’m 18. I’m young and full of cum so I need to wank, ok? And yeah, I do have a wank every night before you ask. And sometimes I wank in the morning as well. I wank in my bed and I wank in the bathroom. I’m a horny young wanker. Ok? Not like you.

I’m young. My cock is always hard. My balls are always full of cum. I need to wank. I’m young and I get erections like all fucking day and night. ”

Fuck me, I went on one then.

My Mum’s boyfriend, he said, “I get erections as well. you know. You don’t stop getting erections when you reach 40. ”

“Yeah but you don’t get ‘em like I do.

“You cheeky little bastard. I’m full of cum, I’ll have you know. ”

“If you say so. ”

“I do say so coz it’s the truth. I’ll be having a wank tonight as well now that I’ve not got your Mum to satisfy me. And I’ll probably have a wank in the morning as well just like you. ”

“Ok. ”

“Ok, horny teenage boy full of cum, I bet my cock’s bigger than yours.

“Shut up, old man. I’m going to bed. Need to empty my balls real bad. ”

I got up but he pulled me back down on the sofa.

“Right. Let’s sort this one out once and for all, shall we? Get your pants off. ”


“You heard. Get your pants off. We’re gonna see who’s got the biggest dick. ”

I was up for that coz all this talking about dicks and wanking had got mine well big.

And I was up for showing it off to my Mum’s boyfriend. I didn’t care if his cock was bigger than mine, it probably was – I just wanted to show my stiff cock to my Mum’s boyfriend. I was feeling well dirty.

We both dropped our jeans, gave our cocks a good rubbing till they were nice and stiff. We both sat there looking at each other’s hard cocks.

I said, “Fuck it, I’m getting naked.

I stripped everything off and my Mum’s boyfriend joined me in the nude. This was well horny. It was so wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this. Being naked with my Mum’s boyfriend, it wasn’t right. We both showed off our hard cocks. There was nothing in it. They were about the same size. We called it a draw.

I stood up and I said, “Right, I’m off to bed to have a wank.

My Mum’s boyfriend pulled me down again.

He said, “You don’t need to go to your bedroom. ”

“Yes I do. I just told you. I need to have a wank. Look at it for fuck’s sake. It’s throbbing like fuck, innit?”

“Yeah, I can see. ”

“Yeah so, I’m going to my bedroom to knock one out. ”

“Let’s do it here.


“Let’s wank our cocks right here, me and you. ”

“You being serious?”

“Yeah. ”

That sounded well dirty.

“You are being serious, aren’t you?”

“Let’s finish the night with a naked toss together. ”

“Ok. Yeah, I’m up for that. ”

We both sat there naked next to each other on the sofa jacking off.

My Mum’s boyfriend said, “Nice cock. ”

I said, “And yours. ”

A night of naked wanking with my Mum’s boyfriend. This was the best. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. I was fascinated, looking at him sitting there naked wanking. This was my Mum’s boyfriend for fuck’s sake. I never thought of him wanking. You don’t imagine your Mum’s boyfriend playing with his cock, do you? This really was something else.

It was horny enough watching an older man having a wank, but watching my Mum’s boyfriend doing it was something else. My cock had never felt better. This was the best wank material ever. I had to slow down. Didn’t wanna cum too quick. Wanted this hot wank to last forever.

I took my hand off my cock and I showed my Mum’s boyfriend just how much pre-cum I had on my hand.

“Look at that, and I’ve not even spunked my jizz yet. ”


And the dirty bastard, he didn’t show me his hand but only went and rubbed it in my face. He pushed his sticky wet hand in my face. Dirty bastard. When he took his hand away from my face I went and licked his pre-cum off my lips. It tasted well nice.

“You’re a bad influence you are, Uncle Bob.

“Other way round you mean, you dirty fucker. Just like your Mum. Like Mother like son. ”

“Don’t talk about my Mum like that, you cunt. ”

“So…you like the taste of my cock juice, do you?”

“Tasted better. ”

Didn’t want him to get too big-headed.

He said, “You wanna find out what my cock tastes like then?”

I nearly jizzed my load when he said that.

“Dead right I do. ”

My Mum’s boyfriend, he lay back on the sofa. He put his hands behind his head.

“Come on then, lad, put your mouth on my big cock, there’s a good boy. Suck it for me. ”

I started with his nipples, gave ‘em a good licking. When I flicked my tongue over his nipples they got well stiff. I sucked on ‘em and flicked ‘em with my tongue.

Then after I got his stiff nipples wet with my spit I gave ‘em a pinch with my fingers and thumbs. I looked at his cock. Playing with his nipples had got his cock even stiffer. And mine.

I climbed on top of him, lay on top of him. Our naked bodies pressed together, our hot dicks rubbing together. I slid down and I grabbed hold of his cock. I was holding my Mum’s boyfriend’s cock.

It felt nice and warm in my hand. It was well stiff. My Mum’s boyfriend, he had a nice big cut dick. It was well thick and the head was nice and fat, all swollen and shiny.

I knelt between his thighs and I ran my tongue up and down the full length of his dick. And I licked his balls.

My Mum’s boyfriend, he then said to me, “Show me your beautiful arse.

He sat up. I got up and held on to the back of the sofa. I was on my knees with my bare arse pushed out. My Mum’s boyfriend put his hands on my arse. He said I had a gorgeous bum. I felt well dirty showing it to him.

“Oooh! Look at my bum, Uncle Bob. ”

“I’m looking, you dirty boy. ”

“Is it well nice, Uncle Bob? Got a nice bum, have I?”

I felt his thumbs spreading my bumcheeks.

“I can see your bumhole, you naughty lad. ”

“Look nice and tight, does it?”

“Looks well fucking tight. ”

Then I felt his tongue on it. My Mum’s boyfriend, he was licking my arsehole. How hot was that? He kissed it and licked it, his hand sliding round to grab a feel of my dick. I humped my cock in and out of his fist as he licked my bum.

I prepared myself for his tongue to go up my bum when he stopped licking it.

I looked over my shoulder.

“What’s wrong, Uncle Bob? Not having second thoughts I hope. ”

“No, I’ve got to see that gorgeous face of yours while I’m shagging you. ”

So I lay down on the sofa on my back. Uncle Bob got between my thighs.

He wanked my cock as he licked my balls. His tongue was all over my balls. He flicked the tip of his tongue over my balls then he sucked my balls into his mouth, one at a time, his lips pressed against my ballbag as he sucked away to his heart’s content, all the time jacking my dick up and down.

How lucky was I to have a dirty bastard like this going out with my Mum?

I lay there on the sofa, proper stretched out, hands behind my head, squirming around with my Mum’s boyfriend licking and sucking my balls and tossing my nob.

“Oooh! Go on, Uncle Bob! Suck my balls!”

I lifted my bum off the sofa, wanted him to lick my arsehole again. It was well nice when he did that. I spread my thighs wide apart till my balls almost went back up inside my body.

Uncle Bob, he couldn’t resist it. My tight little virgin arsehole was on full display. I was showing it off big time coz I was being proper dirty.

My Mum’s boyfriend, he went and licked it. He licked down from my balls to my tight little bumhole. In he went with his tongue and it was fucking amazing.

I felt well dirty, squirming around naked on the sofa with my Mum’s boyfriend licking my bum and jacking my dick.

“Oooh! Oh fuck! Uncle Bob! Oh yeah!”

He let me know what it felt like to have something up my bum.

I felt sorry for those straight lads who’d never had nothing up their bum. They didn’t know what they were missing.

Uncle Bob took his tongue out, looked up from between my spread legs.

“Wish your Mum would let me do this to her. ”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Uncle Bob. I don’t wanna hear you say that. ”

“Just saying. ”

“Yeah well don’t.

“She’s great and all that but she won’t let me go near her back door. ”

“Good for her. And you fucking keep away from it. ”

“She’ll let me touch her tush, just won’t let me…”

“For fuck’s sake, Uncle Bob! Just get back in there, will you?”

“What? You think I should try again? With your Mum?”

“I’m talking about me, you daft bastard!”

“Oh right.

His tongue went back up my bum, his hand stroking my cock up and down. There was a big pool of pre-cum on my belly and his cock hadn’t gone inside me yet.

Uncle Bob, he brought his tongue out of my bum and he spit in his hand, slapped his big cock in his wet palm, covered his cock with his spit.

“Come on, Uncle Bob.

Stop teasing me and get that thing inside me. ”

He positioned himself between my legs and I felt the head of his cock touch my tight little bumhole.

He was looking real intense into my eyes. Made me proper moan when he pushed with his cock. I felt it going inside me, felt it opening me up, felt my tight little bumhole stretching round his cock.

“Oh fuck…Uncle Bob!”

“You ok?”

“Oh yeah.

Don’t stop, Uncle Bob. Keep pushing. Get the fucker in there, Uncle Bob. Go on. I can take it. ”

It took some time but he got it all inside me, every fucking inch of Uncle Bob’s big hot cock up my tight bum.

When it was all inside me, he stopped pushing. He stopped moving. He just lay there on top of me, not moving. This was so intense, having my Mum’s boyfriend lying on top of me naked with his cock inside me.

We just lay there together on the sofa looking into each other’s eyes, his cock inside me.

Then he brought his lips to mine and kissed me. Just that one kiss made it a hundred times more intense. Funny what a kiss can do, innit?

He brought his lips from mine, asked me if I was ok. I smiled, put my hand on the back of his head and pulled him close again.

We proper kissed and he started moving his hips back and to nice and slow, slowly shagging me.

“Oh yeah. Oh that’s nice, Uncle Bob. Oh yeah. Fuck me, Uncle Bob! Fuck me!”

I loved it, the feel of his hot cock filling my arse. I loved it when he pulled out until just the tip of his cock was inside me. I loved the feel of my arse squeezing round his cockhead.

And I was really good at doing that, like I’d been doing it for years. Made him proper groan when I squeezed my arse round his cockhead.

I loved it when he pushed back in nice and slow and I got just better and better squeezing his cock with my arse the longer he fucked me. And he tossed my dick in rhythm to his cock going in and out of my bum.

We kissed all the time he was shagging me, his free hand stroking and caressing my body as he tossed me off.

I was getting really good at this, felt really proud of myself, pulling Uncle Bob’s dick in and out of my arse. Uncle Bob started shagging me harder and faster. His back was arched and he was tossing his head back as he fucked the arse off me, his hands now on my knees, pushing my thighs wider apart as he went fucking crazy with his cock.

I was now tossing myself off as Uncle Bob fucked his nob deep up my hot bum.

I felt my body get all tense. I felt the spunk welling up in my balls, in my cock.

“Oooh! Uncle Bob! I don’t think I can last much longer! Oooh! Fuck me!”

My hand was like a blur on my cock. Uncle Bob was slamming into me, banging his balls between my legs.

His body was drenched in sweat. He was panting and groaning and his whole body got well tense just like mine.

He slammed his cock one final time, deeper than ever and I squeezed my arse tighter.

“Oooh! Uncle Bob! Oooh! Oooh! Fuck!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

My Mum’s boyfriend cum in my arse. I felt his cock pumping in my arse, felt his warm jizz squirting inside me and I blasted my face with my cockjuice, squirted it all over my face.

It must have lasted about 30 seconds, the both of us squirting it out like never before.

We were proper fucking knackered the both of us.

Uncle Bob collapsed on top of me. His sweat was all over me.

He slipped out of me and slid off me, rolling on to the floor, his big fat spunky dick slapping against his belly.

He lay there sprawled out on the rug, spunk still dribbling out of his dick on to his belly. He was proper out of breath and so was I.

“You ok, Uncle Bob?”

“Ok? Ok? I’ve never felt so good in all my life, lad!”

“Me too, Uncle Bob. ”

And I slid off the sofa and plopped on top of my Mum’s boyfriend, our hot sweaty bodies slapping together.

When my cock touched Uncle Bob’s cock I started getting hard again.

Uncle Bob took a deep breath.

“Oh fuck. What have I got myself into?”

“Come on, Uncle Bob. I can keep this up all night. ”

I kissed him and humped my cock back and to over his cock until he got hard again.

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