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Two Women in Very Short Skirts

Two women give him a show to remember (Exhibitionist & Voyeur)

The sun beat down on my body as I ran along the beach. It felt good to feel my feet dig into the sand as I ran along the deserted beaches. It also felt good that not to worry about office work and just feel the intense pleasure of a physical task. I needed this holiday I had been burning out at work and everything had felt so overwhelming recently.

The weather had been perfect warm, sunny and without school k**s since the school holidays had not started yet.

I had been able to get a nice room at a small resort hotel on the coast and had taken to running in the afternoon. I had also developed the habit of having a swim before I headed back to the hotel. Though there were houses on the cliffs above me they were far away and no one seemed around.

So when I felt my muscles burning and my breath become laboured I stopped and rested for a little time.

Looking about me I saw no one and stripped my clothes off my body. Naked I dove into the water and swam allowing my body to cool and rested. Finally I left the water and lay down on the hard sand allowing the sun to dry my body and add to a nice tan that I was developing, I was also pleased that i would not have any tan-lines on my body.

Suddenly I heard the sound of laughter behind me and I looked up to see two women making their way down the steps along the cliff.

Quickly I stepped into my shorts and waited for their comments and complaints about the fact I was skinny-dipping. They must have seen me there was no way I could have been missed. As they moved closer I made out their features, they were beautiful, models they had that look.

More they were wearing next to nothing, skimpy tops that barely covered their breasts and two of the smallest skirts that I have ever seen on women. I loved their legs, I am a leg man after all, anyway these two had the longest, tanned, tightest legs I had ever seen. I would have loved the wind to take their skirts and flipped them up and seen perfect butts. I sighed and wished them a good morning as they passed.

I noticed that one was a little older than the other and admired how the sun caught their gold streaked hair. I was surprised that they did not make any comments about my performance either which was a good thing for me at least. I bent down to get my other clothes and thought about my run back to the hotel. I looked back towards the women and realised that they were only three feet away from me and looking at me.

The sunlight flashed off their sunglasses and then I was flashed a fantastically warm smile by the older woman.

“Excuse me, we don’t want to bother you but we would like to ask you a question, ” o-oh here comes the comment I thought, though these two seemed friendly.

Taking my silence for agreement the woman continued, taking off her glasses she looked at me with the deepest brown eyes I remember seeing.

“I know this may sound vain but which of us do think would be the more arousing woman?”

Were they serious, they were fantastic, more sexually arousing, my God I would have been happy to have either in my bed. Yet looking at them I realised that they were being serious. I looked at them and thought they must be s****rs they looked very alike, the older one held herself more confidently something that always attracts me but the other one was fresher, more innocent.

There was no way I could answer that question I thought so tried some diplomacy.

“You are both very arousing, ” I responded and continued, ” I really can’t give you an answer to that question. “

The older woman looked at me and then smiled again sending a twinge directly to my cock. Turning back to the younger girl they had a whispered discussion. The younger girl’s bright green eyes watched me and finally she nodded in agreement.

Then she winked at me and licked her lips. How did I think this woman was innocent I thought.

Then she stepped forward and spoke, ” We agree, you need more information to make a choice. You need a show. “

Taking me by the arm she led me to the cliff so no one could see us from above she sat me down before them. Both looked down at me and the younger woman looked at the older.

She gave the other woman a barely noticeable nod and turned back to me. Then in a smooth pirouette she turned around and flipped up a skirt to expose her smooth, tanned ass cheeks.

Between her perfect cheeks was the thin line of a black thong that were in the cleavage of her ass. The cheeks were delicious, a delightful even tan. The older woman began to touch the younger woman’s skin and stroked and parted her flesh.

My cock was soon rock hard as I watched the show in front of me. Then the older woman turned around and flipped up her skirt, now it was the young woman’s turn to caress and stroke the delectable flesh that was being shown to me. Again I saw golden flesh, this time the thong was burgundy. I looked between her legs I could see her pussy-lips bulge against the wet spot forming on the material.

My cock was so hard that I wanted to jump on her right here and now. It was only that there was two of them that stopped me from doing so.

“I think that my ass is my sexiest feature, don’t you. ”

This was the older woman who turned again and bent over stuck her exposed ass cheeks out. The other woman stayed in her position and I had a wonderful view of two perfect butts.

I reached out and touched them. I closed my eyes and tried not to cum with just this touch. I stroked and felt the firmness, the older woman had stretch marks but she had a butt that most would never had. As I touched her she moved her flesh moving away from me and then into my hand, it was a cruel tease that added to me arousal. As she seduced me she continued to talk and it drove me crazy with lust.

“I love being touched and caressed there, and when a man sticks his cock in there it is so fantastic. I cum so powerfully. ” The woman’s voice continued to assault my ears, “It hurt the first time but I begged him to stick it into my ass and I loved it. “

Then she giggled, ” Sometimes when I feel naughty I want a man to spank me as he fucks me in the ass.

I feel like a naughty little girl who needs punishment. “

I was so hard and horny I wanted to stick my cock into that ass that she was describing. The younger woman started to swing her ass and then she spoke, “I love it when a man opens my cheeks and licks my pussy while he strokes me but with me it is my breasts that are so sensitive I can cum just with them being touched and licked.

As she turned she pulled her halter top up and over her head exposing the firm conical tanned subjects of interest. They had the firmness and resilience of youth, the brown nipples were being touched and played with in front of me. She stuck a finger in her mouth and then ran it about the nipple and moaned with the pleasure it gave her.

She mesmerised me and I barely felt the older woman pull my shorts away from my body and looked at my hardon.

I was so horny, I wanted to fuck this young woman who was pinching and playing with her breasts in front of me. The older woman’s ass cheeks rested against my hips and she touched me with them near my cock, teasing and denying me at the same time. I felt as though my balls were being strangled. I felt my cock drip precum onto the sand below me and then I was pushed to my knees.

“That must be better?” the older woman whispered to me.


“Being without your shorts it looked so tight in there. ” Her voice was like a velvet cudgel and I reached to touch her body. She laughed and slapped my hand down.

“None of that you can look but not touch, those are the rules. “

Pulling away she lifted her halter off her body and exposed her breasts, they were not as firm as the younger girl but they were as brown and the nipples stood out more prominently that the younger one’s breasts did.

I noticed stretch marks there but I wanted her breasts as much as the younger womans. As though she had known what I was thinking the younger woman stood above me and began to rub her hard nipples on my lips until she fed one between my lips.

I sucked the flesh between my lips and licked it firmly. My tongue tested and explored the hillock in my mouth. All the time she squeezed her other breast and breathed heavily.

Then she murmured with my sucking.

“Yes that is so good. Suck it hard. I am so wet. Fuck that’s good. “

Then with a quickness that disappointed me she whipped the flesh out of my mouth and played with it in front of me. She squeezed her breasts and moaned so deeply that I wondered if she had cum here. Then she talked and I listened my cock hard and I watched this young woman now in only her thong touch and caress herself in front of me.

“I love having them sucked and licked. I love it going on for hours and hours, I have orgasms that just seem to trip through me. Ohhhh I feel I might cum now. “

Yet before she came the older woman joined her and I watched as they both swayed and teased me. The older woman offered her breasts and then pulled them back. She knelt and let the nipples glide over my cock and I almost came then and there but she strangled the orgasm by wrapping my cock tightly into her hand.

Feeling the immediacy ebb she stepped back and stood there in front of me with the young woman. I have to say what was happening was the most erotic thing I have ever been involved in.

I saw the two women before me as though they were incredibly sexy angels. The older woman’s body swayed and she touched the younger woman’s breasts. She pinched the brown nipples between her thumb and forefinger more she did it from behind so that she reached about the body and cupped the breasts as she presented the nipples to me.

I gulped and I touched my aching cock.

“Look he’s so hot. He’s touching his hard cock, ” this was the older woman as she touched and caressed the tight body of the younger woman.

“Why don’t you wank off for us?” the older woman remarked to me.

I felt an easing in my body as my hand began to pump up and down. Now that I had been given permission I found that I was able to control my need and watched what was to be done.

Then I saw the woman who had spoken tuck her thumb in the others black thong and jerk it down. Brilliant white skin was exposed to my eyes and I saw the smooth pubis except for the dark haired mohawk just above her pussy. I thought that I saw glittering dew at her pussy.

She stepped out of her thong and the other woman the little cloth in her hand came to me and wrapped the material about my cock and stepped back.

I saw thumbs slip under the sides of the burgundy thong and pull it down. Again I saw a brilliantly white skin that seemed whiter since about it was the honey coloured skin that had seen the sun unlike the younger woman she was completely shaven. Her lips were also dew clad yet they were more pronounced and dropped further from her body than the other womans. This time the younger woman wrapped the small amount of material about my cock and she stood beside the other woman.

I devoured these two naked women with my eyes, both swayed sensuously as they danced and moved seductively before me. I kept muttering to myself that this must be a dream as I jerked myself off. I held tightly onto the base of my cock trying to hold onto an orgasm that I thought would be one of the strongest that I would ever enjoy. My eye followed as each woman touched and cavorted before me.

Words can’t describe the terrible beauty and frustration of watching two women playing and exposing themselves for you. They would bend over and open their lips letting me see the dark caves where I wanted to desperately thrust my cock furiously into one or even better both of them. They would touch each other and caressed each others body as though lovers. If the younger girl prowled like a proud tiger the older woman would slink and sway gracefully catching my eye.

It was really too much and I loosened my grip only to feel my cum shoot through my tortured cock and sprayed onto the golden sand before me. As I came I screamed with pleasure.

“Oh yesss! Oh yesss!!! Fuck!!!!!”

I stopped and felt drained, looking up I saw both of the women looking at me and smiling broadly.

“Well, which one?” the younger woman asked impatiently.

“Which one what?”

“Is more arousing, ” she replied.

I looked again at the two women before me and I looked again at their bodies. Looking with my lust temporarily abated I saw that the older woman was in her late thirties instead of her twenties as I thought at first, more she had some stretch marks about her breasts and stomach, she must have a c***d I thought.

The younger woman was at her physical peak and without any blemish. If it was to be based on physical perfection then she would have been the winner of any beauty contest. Yet the older woman would seduce with movement and glance also she exuded a tamed sensuality and sexual energy that could flare with a little work. The younger woman was raw sexual energy that attracted me with an intense desire.

Finally I made up my mind and I looked at both of them.

With my hand I pointed at my choice.

“You, your more arousing, ” as I spoke I pointed at the older woman.

She beamed with delight and bowed to me. Looking at the younger woman she laughed at the sour look that was on her face. Then she laughed and pursed her lips.

“Damn it Mummy you always win!” she exclaimed.

They now dressed and they walked giggling to the stairs leading up from the beach.

Shaking my head I watched them go and dressed myself. Then I began my run back to the hotel. I often ran past their beach and would skinny-dip there but there was never any sign of them. I returned to work much refreshed I have to say.

Oh I did get one keepsake from each of them, I still have their thongs and I still wrap them about my cock when I jerk off.


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