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Twisted Step-Sister X

I got up at 7:00 am on Monday football practice started at 8 sharp. Jen gave me a ride over so I would not need my bike.
We had 77 show up for the first day, instead of a mile run it was a 1/2 mile timed you had to be under 3. 45 or you had to try again. Then they did 40 and 100 yard dash times you got 2 trys at 100 and 3 at the 40 no required time they just recorded the best time.

like most sports the first week is mostly running in some form. Most of you know the score so not much else to say by Friday we had lost 5 potential players.
Backing up a bit practice lasted 3 hours and then some of the defense and offense went to our groups no coaches so not considered part of practice this was about 45 minutes. Sam Connors one of our cornerbacks dropped me off at home he posted the fastest 40 time on the team 4.

34 Sam is a senior so he is looking for college scouts to be watching again this year we know a few were looking last year.
Walked in the door at noon and could tell someone was out side they started working on the garage today and they were still here. Jen and Kathy and Kim were in the pool with suits on they prefer to be nude but with workers around they had their orders.

I let them know I was home and walked out to look at the garage 5 workmen had laid out the pattern for the floor and were hoping the concrete guy would be here tomorrow. Bricks and lumber were delivered this morning shingles and the doors are due in Friday. The foreman played five years in the MLB before his shoulder gave out and went to work for his b*****r in-law. He also helps out at the high school during baseball season.

He can still through but not the 95-98 MPH, more like 78-80 now, great for school ball better that a pitching machine.
Jen got a call Mom and Dan are at the airport and she is heading out to get them they are early.
We had a nice f****y evening then all went to bed.
My week is about the same so not much happening sorry for no juicy stuff. Jen did have a date with someone but I did not know who, she went out to meet him and got back about midnight.

The weekend was tame too Jen was on the tennis court as much as possible and I have a killer serve that she helped me with so I was with her some of the time. We saddled up two horses and were gone about an hour and then came back went in to clean up. Saturday was all but over.
Dan will be home all next week so nothing going on then either sorry.

The next week almost a copy of this one, here is what happened.
Football practice we cut down to 48 players the others went to JV except two who chose to quit. They handed out equipment I was shocked last year my jersey number was 51 now it is 44 and I am a back up full back and will be learning tight end as well as my middle linebacker duties. Don’t get me wrong but I was just surprised.

The coach told me that I need to be ready but would not be use much. Most everyone is in good shape so the conditioning part was most just going through the motions. I did take part of a three minute monkey roll and that nearly killed me generally that is 30 seconds tops. I was told I was hand picked we all were hand picked because they knew we were in top shape.

They filmed and showed the video to us later in the week. On Fridays we have a 30 minute film session the first month of practice after we start games it moves to Thursdays.
We will pick up on Saturday morning when we return.

Thanks for reading, again sorry for no juicy stuff but it is on the way.

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