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True Story 1. Warren G Episode.

“She just sucked my Dick. ” That’s what i said when my friend, who looked like “Warren G” asked me what was up with Tab and I. See, she really did suck me off. What happened was, i met her on a night when i was on the solo tip. I was in this small north western town, and i am Black, so the women are pulled towards me, for some reason. The Warren G look-a-like dude was Black too, but he didnt really know Tabby like i did.

He didnt want to step on my toes, and i didnt really want to be in the way of his intentions.

But that’s exactly what i did. I was in his way. We had a night, with lots of us, but somehow, us 3 ended back home at her place. I did not care at all that they have been smooching and getting close all night. She didnt care, so i didnt.

Yeah, she liked me alot, but it was refreshing to be around her and not have her in my face, sweating me all night. She was the right kind of “white trash” chick. She was 6 ft tall. Brown sandy blond hair. Small boobs for her size. 200lbs, easy. Smoked marlboro lights 100s. Never wore shoes so she had the dirty feet. And she loved Hip-Hop, so every now and then she said the “Nigga-Word” and every single time, i checked her on it.

Im just that kind of Black man.

Anyways, we end up at her house, and She and Mr Warren G couldnt keep their hands off each other. Like i mentioned before, she was one of those white hiphop chicks. And with me being a Black man, i naturally gravitated towards her music section. And thats what i did while they got their freak on , on the couch. I played music. I played music, and talked with them until i got sleepy.

I told them that i was going to Tab room to get out of their way. I knew my way. So i went.

And i really did fall asleep. Until Warren and Tabby came busting in the door, hugging and kissin, moaning, and ready to be bonin. Im thinking “why the fuck are they up here? I left them downstairs on purpose. Why are they in here with me?” I swear, I was about to raise up and leave, but Warren said “let me put this condom on, 2 seconds.

” Fuck me. I could not move. I was froze. This NIGGA bout to put a condom on right there with me in the bed. And this white girl head is right by my head and her stringy white people hair is touching my face, and she is about to have sex with this Warren G lookin nigga, right there with me.

So i did what any cool ass black dude from the wastelands of Lake Erie, Ohio would have did: I played sleep.

And he boned her. Right in the bed. While im in the most uncomfortable situation i’ve ever been in , in my life. Why? Why me? Why did they do this? What the fugg? So Warren G finally busts his nut (ummmm, like, gross. ) and Tabby goes into Tabby mode, and remembers where she is at and who is in her room. She says, and i quote: “Yo, go downstairs for me, im bout to fuck this nigga.

” Me, in my militant, Malcolm X, Black Panther mentality, thought ” did this bitch just call me a nigga when i told her numerous times not to call me that?” Later for that, I have a bigger battle to fight. Warren G says ” what? didnt i just lay pipe? didnt i just do something?” She said ” Whatever, go downstairs. “

So he left out and she says to me ” Ok Buddy, u can stop faking like youre sleep now.

” I had so many senarios playing thru my head and i tried to pick the best one. The one i picked was “How u gon fuc a nigga in the same bed im in?” She said ” if u cared, u would have stopped me. “

Well, I was not mad a Warren. Was not mad at Tabitha. Mad at myself. I lost touch with her. I really did like her in real life.

She was a cool friend and a good lover. Yeah she was white, and because i was young, that mattered to me. As a matter of fact, i encountered her 2 years prior, in another state. When i think back on her, i can always remember how soft her booty felt when she would be on my lap. How much she loved me sucking on her small little boobies that should have been bigger than they were.

She was really my friend. in real life.

So when me and Warren left and talked on the way home, we werent trippin, but he was really offended. As well he should be. And when we got 2 blocks away from her home, there was Tabby to give us a lift the rest of the way.

True story yall.

sorry it could not have been more interesting.

Wait for my second.


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