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Travel Trouble

Travel Trouble

My wife Mary and I had recently retired and had sold out house and bought
a motor home.

We disposed of everything we couldn’t carry with us and
said goodby to our friends. We decided to use our new freedom to see some
of this great country and become full timers. Along the way we took in
Civil War battlefields and other interesting places. A month into our
journey, I stopped to fill up with diesel fuel one afternoon. At the next
pump there was a well dressed black man filling his Mercedes.

complimented me on having a good looking RV. I told him we were traveling
around the country and enjoying life. He told me he was also retired and
had a place a few miles from here.

He told me his name was Lucas and I said, “Nice to meet you Lucas, I am
Tony. ” We shook hands.

I asked him, “Are there any campgrounds near here?” Then I smiled and
said, “It’s getting close to happy hour and I have been driving all day.

Just then Mary came back from paying for the fuel. I told her, “Honey,
this is Lucas. Lucas this is my wife Mary. “

He took her hand and kissed it.

She smiled and said, “It’s so nice to meet a southern gentleman. “

Lucas said, “I have an idea, why don’t you nice folks camp at my place
tonight? I have plenty of room and it will be nice to have some company.

I looked at Mary and asked her, “What do you think dear?”

She said, “Why not, I know you are getting tired of driving and we have
to stay somewhere. ”

Lucas Said, “Great, why don’t you fine folks follow me there. It’s kind
of hard to find, but I have some acreage there and you can plug into for
electricity. “

We agreed and got back into the RV.

We followed Lucas a couple of miles down the highway and then 4 or 5
miles down a gravel road before turning into a narrow tree lined lane
that led to his home. It was a farm house complete with a barn and
several outbuildings. He had me back in between two of those sheds and
then showed me where I could plug into electricity. It was a perfect
arrangement and best of all, it was free.

Lucas told me, “Come up to the house and we will have our happy hour. “

I said, “Yes sir, I am ready, we will bring our own drinking stuff. “

He grinned and said, “Don’t bother, I have a well stocked bar. You two
are my guests. “

A few minutes later Mary and I walked hand and hand to his house. He
greeted us warmly and showed us in.

The place was decorated very nicely.
Not at all what I expected to see inside this old house. He showed us to
his recreation room which had a pool table and a big bar. This guy knew
how to live well. When we went to the table, he even pulled our Mary’s
chair for her. He knew how to treat a lady.

I said, “Your place is very nice Lucas. Farming must pay well.

He said, “I was a surgeon, this place is just a hobby for me. I come here
to relax and have some fun. I have a couple and a hired man who take care
of the place. “

I said, “It certainly is private and quiet here. “

He told me, “That’s why I bought the place. I like privacy and the
nearest neighbors are separated by swamps between us.

Lucas asked, “Mary do you like to ride horses?”

She smiled and said, “I love that, but Tony hates it and we haven’t done
it in many years. ”

He touched her hand with his and said, “Perhaps we will ride together and
leave him behind. ” The man was clearly flirting with her. We had once
been active swingers and as she was very attractive even at her age, I
was used to men flirting with her and her with them.

She was clearly
impressed with him.

He said, “I want you two to be my guests for supper tonight. “

I told him, “We wouldn’t want to impose Lucas, we have food with us in
the RV. ”

He said, “Mary shouldn’t have to cook tonight, I have a fine cook here.
Besides I want your company for awhile. “

Mary told him, “We would be delighted to accept your hospitality Lucas.

Lucas called out, “Brutus, come in here. “

In an instant a big muscular black man entered the room. Lucas told him,
“We will have two guests for supper tonight, please have the cook prepare
filet mignons for us. ” He then asked us how we liked our steaks.

Mary told him rare and I said medium. He nodded and relayed the
information to Brutus who gave a slight bow and left.

Lucas told us, “I
saved his life once and he is very devoted to me. His wife is the cook
here. “

Lucas went to the bar to fix another round of drinks for us and Mary
whispered to me, “I think he wants to go to bed with me and if he asks me
I will. Will you please be ok with that honey?”

I nodded yes as I know she has sexual needs that I can no longer satisfy.

Soft music filled the room as he returned withe the drinks. He set the
drinks down and took Mary’s hand and asked her, “Would you like to dance
with me dear?”

She stood up and told him, “I would love to Lucas. ”

They danced well together and looked like they had been dancing for years
with each other. I drank my drink and tried to maintain my cool demeanor.

The two drinks hit me more than ever before and the room started to spin
before I blacked out.

When Mary and Lucas returned from their dancing and saw me passed out, he
said, “The poor guy must have been tired. Let’s go to bed and play, I’ll
have Brutus take care of him. ” She cuddled up against him and said,
“Sounds good to me dear. ” He took her hand and led her to his bedroom.

Part 2

When I awoke, I was naked except for a steel collar around my neck. I had
a terrible hangover and I was in total darkness. When I tried to stand up
I found that the collar was chained to the cold stone wall.

This must be
a nightmare I thought. But the soreness in my rear was real. As I ran my
hands over my body, I discovered that it was now hairless. My moustache
and goatee were also gone. I felt my head and it was totally smooth as
well. Somebody had shaved my body completely and left me chained here. I
was totally confused and afraid. The last thing I remembered was watching
Mary and Lucas dancing.

That bastard must have d**gged my drink! He would
have to answer to the law for his actions when I got out of here.

I sat naked on the concrete floor for some unknown amount of time. My
watch and wedding ring had been removed along with everything else. At
last Brutus walked into the cellar. He said, “Hello slave. “

I said, “I am not a slave, I am a free American man.

He laughed and said, “You are not free and will not be a man for long.
You are now the property of Master Lucas. “

I was stunned by his statement. This couldn’t be happening in this day
and age. I asked him why was I chained down here naked and hairless. He
told me, “After you went to sl**p, Master told me to take care of you. I
carried you down here, shaved you completely and took the liberty of
fucking you before I locked you up.

I asked, “You ****d me while I was d**gged?”

He grinned and told me, “You are now a toy to be used by anyone and in
any way they wish. As long as you are obedient and amusing to have
around, you will stay alive. Any time Master decides you are no longer
fun to own, you will be fed to the alligators in the swamp. “

I said, “You can’t do this to me!”

He slapped me so hard across my face he knocked me to the floor.

looked down at me and told me, “You will speak only when spoken to. Every
man is to be addressed by you as Master and each female as Mistress. ”

He reached down and fastened a leash on my collar and unlocked the chain
fastening me to the wall. He pulled me to my feet and led me up the
stairs to outdoors. He led me a short way into the woods and stopped.

told me, “This is the time to relieve yourself. You had better take
advantage of it now as you never know when you will get another chance. ”

I squatted and emptied my bowels and emptied my bladder. When I finished,
Brutus told me, “Kick some dirt over it. ” I obeyed and he then led me
into the kitchen door. He pointed to the floor and told me, “sit. ” I sat
on the tile floor.

A fat black lady walked into the kitchen wearing an

Brutus said, “Honey, this is Master’s new pet. Find something appropriate
to feed it. ”

She went to a pan on the stove and scooped a couple globs of oatmeal into
a bowl and handed it to me. Brutus told me, “Thank Mistress Lila, slave. “

I said, “Thank you Mistress Lila. ”

Waiting for a spoon I held the bowl in my hands, but Brutus told me, “Eat
it all.

This is your food for the day slave. You will no longer use
utensils. “

I picked up the cold oatmeal with my fingers and swallowed it until it
was gone and even licked the bowl. I realized that I hadn’t eaten since
lunch the day before. Normally I could not have eaten cold oatmeal, but I
was very hungry. Lila sat on a chair and lifted her skirt.

She commanded, “Crawl over her and lick me slave.

I sat there in revolted by the very thought. Brutus picked me up and took
me over his knees and spanked my ass with his powerful hand until I cried
and begged him to stop. He threw me down on the floor and told me, “Obey
Mistress Lila slave. Learn to obey instantly any command and you will
save yourself much pain. “

I crawled over to Lila and started licking her crotch.

She wore no
panties under her dress and her fat bottom was sweaty and smelled
terrible. She and Brutus chatted as if I weren’t there as I licked her.
Brutus asked her, “Have Lucas and Mary returned from their ride yet?”

She said, “Not yet, they may be making love down by the stream in the
meadow. You know how he is. “

Brutus laughed heartily and said, “Yes I do.

He sure can charm the
ladies. “

Lila told him, “You did a good job on shaving the new slave dear. The
only hair it has on it’s entire body now are his eyelashes. Was it’s
pussy tight?”

He replied, “Yes it was, must have been a virgin but no longer. “

She said, “I know you took care of that. “

He said, “It will loosen up a great deal with frequent use.

The man intended to fuck me again and often!

Lila said, “It licks pussy well and will be a fun toy for us. “

When she was satisfied, she told me, “Enough slave, now go to the sink
and wash those dishes, pots and pans. “

I got to my feet and said, “Yes Mistress Lila. ” The sink was piled high
and looked like nobody had done dishes lately.

I filled the other sink
with hot soapy water and began scrubbing the items clean. It took me a
long time but I finally had everything washed and dried.

Lila showed me where to store each item as she explained, “You are our
new dishwasher slave. Remember where everything goes. ”

I answered, “Yes Mistress Lila. “

Brutus came back and told her, “Lucas and Mary are back and want some
lunch dear.

” He then grabbed my leash and led me to an office. On the
desk there were some papers covered by a blank sheet of paper. He ordered
me to sign each one on the line that showed up.

I asked him what I was signing. He told me, “No questions, just sign them
or do I need to whip you first. ” My ass was still very sore from the
spanking and I knew he was serious about whipping me, so I signed a half
dozen papers as fast as I could.

He said, “Good slave, now come with me. “

He led me up an outside staircase to a room on the second floor. He had
me Lay on a table in what looked like an operating room. My arms were
strapped down and my legs placed in stirrups like those used in a
gynecological examination. I wanted to ask what all this was for, but my
ass still burned from the spanking so I remained silently wondering.

then stuck a needle in my arm and attached it to an IV tube. Surely they
would not dare operate on me, would they? He then took my penis in his
hand and inserted a catheter connected to a plastic bag and left the
room. I lay there naked and helpless worrying about what they had planned
for me now.

When Lucas and Brutus walked into the room, they were both wearing
surgical masks and gloves.

Lucas released the clamp on the IV tube and
fluid came down into my arm. He told me, “Last night Mary told me that
you had never brought her to orgasm by screwing her only orally. I
decided that you are a failure and disgrace as a man. I intend to improve
on nature for you. Try to relax and it will soon be over. “

He picked up a scalpel and made an incision on my scrotum.

He told me,
“Look at the mirror because I want you to watch as I take away your
manhood forever. ” Strangely I felt very relaxed and watched him remove
each of my testicles with interest instead of terror. He took a few
stitches to sew up each incision, then gave me a shot which put me to

The next thing I knew was when I woke up in a clean bed.

I was groggy and
felt strange. I looked down and saw big lumps on my chest wrapped in
bandages. My hands were strapped to the sides of the bed or I would have
felt them. The bastard had given me breast implants as well as castrating
me. So that’s what Brutus had meant when he told me I would not be a man
for long. I fell back to sl**p.

When I next awoke, Brutus was standing there.

He said, “Good, you’re
awake slave. You have been kept sedated for a week. Are you thirsty?”

I said, “Yes Master Brutus, could I please have a drink?”

He removed the tube from the catheter and stuck it down my throat. He saw
the panic on my face and told me, “Don’t be afraid, urine is sterile. ” I
felt the warm fluid filling my stomach. When the bag was empty, he
reconnected the tube to the catheter.

He asked me, “Do you have any
questions for me before I leave slave?”

I asked him, “Master, how big are my tits?”

He replied, “They are now a D cup, bigger than your wife’s and smaller
than my wife’s. You will come to love them in time. “

I asked, “Will Mary come to see me Master Brutus?”

He told me, ‘she will see you in time, but not soon.

Master Lucas took
her to New York City to see some Broadway plays. Do not worry about her,
Lucas travels first class and she will have the best of everything. ” He
walked out of the room saying, “I will be back later with something for
you to eat. You need to get your strength back. “

Some time later, Brutus returned carrying a tray. He told me, “We don’t
want you tearing at those bandages, hence the bound hands.

I will have to
feed you. Open wide. ”

I opened my mouth and he put a batter fried something into my mouth. It
tasted good as I chewed and swallowed it. He then gave me a spoonful of
peas which I also swallowed. This was followed by another mouthful like
the first.

He asked me, “Did you like the special treat Lila fixed for you tonight

I told him, “Those things were very tasty Master.

They tasted like Rocky
Mountain Oysters. What were they?”

He smiled and told me, “They are a once in a lifetime treat slave, they
were your testicles. “

He had me drink a glass of wine and then left the room leaving me in
darkness when he shut off the light. I lay there quietly crying over the
knowledge that I was now an IT forever. Big tits and no balls I was now a
freak forever.

The next morning Brutus brought me a bed pan and I had a bowel movement.
As he carried the bedpan out of the room I said goodby to my manhood
forever. He returned and fed me a bowl of cold oatmeal and a piece of
toast. He then covered my eyes with a towel and changed my bandages. He
also swabbed my ass cheek with something.

He told me, “I want you to see them in all their glory in a few days

” He gave me a drink of water and left me again.

Three days later Bruno came in and undid my hands and told me to stand
up. I got out of bed and he took off the bandages. He led me to a full
length mirror. I was shocked at my appearance. I saw a bald, hairless man
with big tits and a tiny loose sack that had once held my testicles.

ears had been pierced and had big hoop earrings in them. He had me turn
to see my new profile andwhen I did, I noticed that I now had a tattoo on
my ass cheek.

When I asked him about the tattoo he told me, “Lucas always marks his
property. Just be glad he didn’t brand you. “

I looked closely and saw that the tattoo was a heart with LUCAS inside of

He removed that damned catheter and had me step into a pair of high
heeled shoes. He put a bra on me and told me, “You need to wear this to
support those beauties. At least you won’t need a jock strap ever again.
I am sure your wife will be surprised to see your new look. ”

I thought shocked would more accurately describe her reaction.

Brutus gave me a slap on the ass and commanded, “Walk for me and put a
wiggle in your ass as you move.

Those 4″ spike heels were very hard to walk in. The added weight of those
breasts threw my balance off. By taking small steps and putting one foot
in front of the other I managed to both move and have a sexy wiggle at
the same time. Brutus watched my efforts with a critical eye making
comments on how I could improve. He told me, “This will be your room as
long as you behave.

Displease anyone and you will be back to being
chained in the cellar. Do you understand Tonya?”

Tonya? Apparently that was now my name. I answered, “Yes Master Brutus. “
My voice was mush higher than before the surgery.

He smiled and told me, “You will find some clothes in your closet that
should fit you. Lucas and Mary are bringing some things they bought for
you as well. “

Mary was in on this too? She had just met the man a short time ago.

Surely she couldn’t have turned against me in such a short time.

Brutus ordered, “Get down on your knees in front of me Tonya. You are
going to suck me off like a good girl. If your teeth touch my cock, I
will pull them all out and fuck your bl**dy mouth. “

I knew he meant what he said and had the attitude and ability to do what
he said.

I took his cock into my mouth with only my lips and tongue
touching it. As I sucked it he rubbed his hands over my bald head telling
me, “When your hair grows back, we will let it grow long and bleach it
blonde with a nice feminine hairdo Tonya. Maybe Lucas will even give you
a real vagina to make you a complete woman someday. “

I had tears running down my cheeks but kept sucking away.

My future
seemed very bleak indeed. The way he was talking, they had long term
plans for me. He gripped my head tightly, tilted it back and f***ed his
cock down my throat. I gagged and choked struggling for air. He shot his
load down my throat and held my head in place while his cock softened. He
softly said, “I know this is not pleasant for you Tonya, but it is for me
and that’s what matters.

He then pissed down my throat right into my
stomach. He then pulled his cock out and zipped up his pants.

He told me, “You will learn to do that without all the choking and
gagging in time Tonya. Now put something on and come down to the kitchen,
the dishes have been piling up while you were resting in bed. “

He walked out of the room whistling. I wanted to puke and felt very used,
but got up and went to the closet.

I found all the dresses were very short. but put one on amazed at how
prominently my breasts were displayed. I opened the drawer on the dresser
and found it empty. Not even a pair of panties for me to wear. On the
vanity there were some cosmetics so I sat down and applied lipstick to my
lips. If I was to be a woman, I didn’t want to be an ugly one.

I took an
eyebrow pencil and drew eyebrows to replace those they had shaved off. On
the shelf in the closet was a blond wig that I also put on to cover my
bald head. I decided I didn’t look so bad as a woman after all.

Walking to the kitchen took some time in those heels and going down the
stairs was tricky. Lila greeted me saying, “Hello girl, the dishes need

Get to work. ”

I replied, “Yes Mistress Lila. ”

Brutus was right, there was a mountain of dirty dishes, pots and pans. It
took me a long time before they were all clean and put away. My legs
ached from standing in heels that long and I was very aware of the weight
of my breasts. How did real women handle toting these around all the

Lila told me, “You must be feeling lonely Tonya, tonight you will sl**p
with Brutus and I.

Won’t that be nice?”

Shit! I dreaded even the idea of that, but smiled sweetly and said, “Yes
Mistress Lila. “

She cooked supper and then we sat down to eat in the kitchen. She gave me
silverware to eat with! She told me, “Slaves eat with their fingers,
ladies use utensils. “

I was very hungry and even ate the salad she had fixed for me. Brutus
joined us and she served him a big steak that looked delicious to me.

looked at Lila with pleading eyes, but she told me, “None for you Tonya,
you need to get rid of that beer belly and acquire a girlish figure. “

I did have a little pot belly, but generally was pretty fit. She did give
me a glass of wine however. I disliked red wine but sipped it gratefully.
I had been used to having several drinks a day but had no spirits at all
since the spiked drink that led me to my present condition.

I sat quietly
as they finished their meal.

Once they finished eating, Lila told me, “Clear off the table now Tonya.
Just stack the dishes in the sink, you can do them in the morning. “

As soon as I had everything done, Lila took me by the hand and led me
upstairs to her bedroom with Brutus following behind us. Once in her
bedroom she undressed me, even removing my bra.

She told me, “Tonya, you are pretty and look much better than when you
came here. “

I said, “Thank you Mistress Lila. “

She gently fondled my breasts and I was surprised how good that felt. She
took off her dress and exposed her fat, sweaty body. It revolted me to
look at her, but I smiled sweetly. The thought of being eaten by
alligators in a swamp was constantly on my mind.

If only I could get to
my RV and lay hands on my. 45 things would be much different.

Lila lay down on the edge of the bed and old me, “Lick my pussy Tonya
honey. “

Brutus pushed my head to her crotch and I started licking that foul
smelling pussy. She laid her heavy legs over my shoulders. She held my
head tightly. I was trapped. Brutus came behind me and I felt him
smearing some lube on my asshole.

A short time ago I could never have
dreamed of such a scene, now I knew what was coming, and that I was
powerless to stop it. He f***ed his cock slowly inside me. It hurt like
hell, but he was relentless. My moans were muffled by Lila’s big snatch.
Brutus grabbed my by the hips and started thrusting in and out. My
breasts were flopping around as he shoved me back and forth with his
vigorous thrusts.

My ordeal seemed to go on forever but at last he
stiffened and shot his load deep inside of me. My legs were weak and
trembling when he released me and pulled out of me. Lila kept me licking
until she was satisfied before she let me stop. She pulled my face up to
hers and kissed me shoving her tongue into my mouth.

She told me, “You will be my lesbian lover Tonya.

We will have lots of
fun together. The very thought of that was revolting to me.

Brutus crawled into bed on the other side of me. Lila started stroking my
limp cock saying, “I want you to have some fun too so I will jack you
off. “

Brutus was sucking on my breasts first one then the other. It felt very
good to me and my nipples were erect. Lila continued stroking me with no

The poor little thing stayed limp. She then laughed at me and
said, “You really are a woman now, you can’t even get hard. Perfect! You
are now only fit to give pleasure to others without hope of getting
pleasure yourself. “

She was right, I was now only a sex toy. I felt tears welling up in my
eyes and was overwhelmed with self pity. The worst thing was I knew my
condition was permanent.

Lila wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close in an embrace so our
breasts were touching. She demanded, “Tell me you love me Tonya. “

I meekly said, “I love you Mistress Lila. “

She said, “I want you to tell me that every day and even though I know
you don’t mean it now, someday you will. ”

She released me from her bear hug and Brutus asked me, “Aren’t you going
to thank me for fucking you Tonya?”

He was glowering at me and looked very menacing.

I told him, “Thank you for fucking me Master Brutus. ”

He then ordered, “Kiss my cock to show me how much you love it. “

I bent down and kissed the head of his cock. He then told me, “Go to your
own bed now Tonya, Master Lucas and your wife will be here tomorrow and
you need your beauty sl**p.

I said, “Yes Master Brutus,” and left to go to the bathroom and then to

The semen was leaking out of me and running down my legs as I walked
naked and carrying my clothes. I felt very dirty and used. I washed my
bottom and face and went to bed naked. sl**ping on my stomach was
impossible with those big tits of mine.

Part 3

The next morning I slept late and was awakened when Brutus came into my

He told me, “Get up Tonya, it’s time to get ready. Go take a bubble
bath using the bottle on the tub. It is scented and will leave you
smelling pretty. When you are done with that, you will wear only this
robe and your heels. Be sure to polish your fingernails and toenails too.
Leave the wig off today, we want Mary to see you as you really are now. “

He left so I walked naked to the bathroom and filled the tub.

I emptied
the whole bottle into the full tub and climbed in and scrubbed myself. My
body was smooth and hairless when I got out of the tub. I dried myself,
wrapped the towel around me using the booby tuck to hold it in place
while I walked back to my room.

Polishing my toenails was harder than I ever realized. The fingernails
were much easier to apply the red polish to.

I drew on some eyebrows as
the others had washed off. I put on my heels and stood in front of the
mirror fondling my boobs for a few minutes before putting on my robe. I
felt as ready as I could be and walked downstairs wondering what Mary’s
reaction to what they had done to me would be. I hoped she would rush up
to me and hug and kiss me and tell me everything would be all right.

last time I saw her was the night she was wanting Lucas to make love to
her. I hoped she still loved me, but had my doubts. He was very handsome
and charming and treated her royally.

Not long after I went downstairs, Brutus took me by the hand and led me
to the recreation room. When we entered, Lucas and Mary were sitting on
the couch waiting for me. Brutus had me stand in front of them.

announced, “I now present Tonya for your inspection. “

He removed my robe leaving me standing there naked in my heels. I blushed
as I was very embarrassed to be standing so exposed in front of two well
dressed people. Lucas stood up and inspected his work and told me they
were healing nicely. He even inserted a finger in my asshole then said to
Brutus, “I see you broke her in for me my friend.

He answered, “I sure did and she loved it too. Last night she told Lila
she loved her and told me she loved my cock. ”

Logan asked me, “Did you say that Tonya?”

I answered, “Yes Master Lucas but___. “

He told me, “No buts allowed girl. Less than two weeks with your new tits
and you are already a slut. “

Mary stood up and fondled my breasts lovingly and kissed each one of

She said, “They are beautiful and you look very pretty my dear. “
She also felt my empty shriveled scrotum. “Now your panties will fit
smooth with no unsightly bulge,” she added. She moved around me, saw my
tattoo and exclaimed, “Very pretty tattoo Tonya. I have one just like
it. ”

Lucas asked me, “Is there anything you wish to ask me Tonya? You may
speak. “

I blurted out, “Why did you do this to me? I never did anything to you

He smiled and said, “First of all because I can. Secondly Mary told me
you were no longer much of a man anyway. Third reason is that it amuses
me to have a pet around here. Any other questions Tonya?”

I asked, “How long do you intend to keep me a prisoner here?”

He said, “Don’t be silly, you are not a prisoner Tonya. You and Mary are
my guests.

You can leave any time you wish. “

I was very happily surprised to hear him say that. I asked, “You mean I
can get in my RV and drive off now?”

He said, “Unfortunately we sold your RV but did get a very good price for
it. The money is now in a bank account in Mary’s name. “

I asked, “How could do that sir?”

He laughed and said, “We have a document signed by you giving Mary power
of attorney over everything you own.

If you leave now you leave with
nothing. ” I was stunned by this announcement.

I told Lucas, “What you did to me is totally against the law. When I tell
the cops what you did to me you will go to prison for a long time. “

He smiled and said, “You silly bitch, you dare to threaten me? I could
easily have Brutus tie you naked in the hog yard and let some of those
boars have their way with you until you are dead.

But there is no need
for that. I assure you it was all perfectly legal. I have releases signed
by you and witnessed by Mary and Brutus for all the procedures I
performed on you. I am licensed to practice medicine in the state of
Louisiana although mostly inactive now. ”

The clever bastard had covered his very well. I knew he had outsmarted

Lucas said, “You may leave now if you wish.

I will even give you some
clothes to wear appropriate for your new figure Tonya. If you stay here
you will need no money and I will take of your needs. Mary doesn’t want
to leave now, but if at some time she does, you can both go together. I
will compensate you well for the personal property we disposed of and buy
her the RV of her choice. The money from your pension fund is now going
into Mary’s account.

If you stay here, I will require cheerful obedience
from you and a few routine chores. I will insist that you call me Master
and show the proper respect. Does that sound reasonable to you?”

I replied, “Yes Master. ”

Lucas turned to Mary and said, “I think you ladies need some time alone
to talk with each other. Why don’t you take Tonya to our bedroom and I
will give all the time you need.

She replied, “That is a good idea darling. ” She took me by my hand and
led me up the stairs to the very elegant master bedroom. She had me lay
on the bed and laid beside me. She gave me a kiss before she said a word.
She said, “Honey I still love you very much and have for many years, but
right now I am totally under Lucas’s spell.

I need him and the good
loving he gives me. “

I said, “But just look at what he did to me. He castrated me, gave me
breast implants and even put his brand on me!”

She caressed my breasts and said, “I know honey, but it will be all
right. “

I said, “I will never get an erection again!”

She told me, “You haven’t had one sufficiently hard to enter me in over a
year now dear.

What makes you think you had any left anyway?” She said,
“You pleasure me well with your tongue honey and I love you for that. We
still can have sex that way. The only difference is that I will also have
intercourse with Lucas. I think you will too. “

I said, “But I am Tony, your husband. “

Mary soothingly told me, “Now you are Tonya, Tony is only a memory now

I will love you as Tonya. You often told me you wanted to see me
having sex with a woman, now you will be that woman for me. ” She stood up
and told me, “Undress me Tonya, I want to make love with you. “

While I was taking off her clothes I was reminded of how beautiful her
body was. We lay naked on the bed and she sucked on my nipples which felt

We kissed and cuddled rubbing our bodies together. She was
the aggressor and I the passive one. She told me, “Finger fuck me Tonya.
You know how to get me off that way babe. “

I gladly obliged her. When she had her orgasm she kissed me deeply.

Mary then had me get on my knees doggy style and told me, “I think I can
give you sort of an orgasm baby.

It’s worth a try. ” She put her finger up
my ass and started massaging my prostrate gland. I didn’t get hard, but
did finally dribble a little fluid from my penis and it made my legs

I told her, “Thank you honey, that was very kind of you. “

She said firmly, “When we are alone you can be sweet with me dear, but in
front of the others I will be Mistress Mary.

That is what Lucas wants. “

I said, “I understand Mistress. “

She told me, “I hope you stay with us, but I know I can’t leave him yet.
We can live here with all expenses paid and if and when we leave, we will
have a bundle of cash in the bank. “

I asked her, “When would that be possible Mistress?”

She said, “I can’t say now, but two or three years is a rough guess.

I told her,”They are making me do all the dishes here now. ”

She told me, “That’s no big deal, I did all the dishes for many years for
you and you didn’t appreciate how much work that was. Any other
reservations? I want to hear them now. “

I said, “You have control of all of our money so I am at your mercy. “

She said you controlled all the money from the day we were married, it’s
my turn now.

Don’t you think that’s fair?”

I meekly said, “Yes Mistress. “

She told me, “Go to your room and think about your decision. Your choices
are leave here with nothing or stay here and be submissive to us and
possibly leave with me sometime yet to be determined. When you decide
come downstairs and let us know. “

Trying to decide was harder than it would have been this morning. Then I
would have fled naked if I could have.

Anyplace seemed better than here

If I left, I would have nothing and probably wind up as a waitress or
barmaid in some local dump. I would have to find a place to live and
probably live a very meager life scrimping by on the meager tips the
locals might give me. I was too old to be a hooker. If I stayed here I
would eat, have a roof over my head and be able to have sex with Mary

The possibility of having her all to myself again made staying
very tempting. All of the arguments she had presented made sense when she
said them. The downside of staying was I would be a toy to be used for
the pleasure of anyone in the house. I made my decision and went

When I walked into the room Lucas and Mary were sitting on the couch with
a drink in their hands.

He asked me, “Have you come to a decision Tonya?”

I replied, “Yes Master, I choose to stay here. “

He said, “I am pleased Tonya. We will not address you as slave but by
your name. But be very clear that your status here is that you will obey
all orders without question and cheerfully. “

I told him, “I understand Master. “

He then said, “Good, now you may fix yourself a drink and kneel before us
to drink it.

I fixed myself a 7and7 and knelt in front of them. We had a toast to our
future and I drank half of the glassful.

Mary smiled at me and gave me a wink. When our glasses were empty he told
me to refill their glasses but to only put ice in mine. I obeyed and
returned with their drinks and my glass of ice. I knelt down in front of

Logan stood up, unzipped his fly and pissed in my glass. He handed
it to me and told me, “Drink this down Tonya. ”

I knew he was testing my obedience and though it was totally disgusting,
I remembered that Brutus told me urine was sterile and I drank the glass
down nonstop. After all I had already d***k my own piss and that of
Brutus. One more specimen seemed a small price to pay.

Lucas told me, “I may piss directly into your mouth when the urge hits me
and you will drink it all. “

I replied, “Yes Master. ”

He smiled and said, “Thats a good girl Tonya. We will get along just
fine. You may eat with us tonight. I will treat you well if you behave
properly. ”

I said, “Thank you Master,” and meant it. I remained naked during our
meal and felt very self conscious.

The two of them chatted like lovers
while I ate in silence. When the meal was finished, I cleared the table
and returned to sit down with them.

Mary said, “Lets have Tonya try on some of her sexy new clothes Lucas. ”

He brought in some bags and boxes and out of one of them pulled out a

He told me, “Put this on Tonya, it will show off your tits nicely.

I held it up, but since it buttoned up the back Mary had to help me
fasten it in place. They had me strut around the room showing them how it
looked on me. The next outfit, was a Playboy Bunny costume, complete with
fuzzy ears. It was skin tight and they had me to the Bunny dip to display
my cleavage.

Logan said, “That looks good on you Tonya, we will save that for when we
have guests here.

You can serve them drinks wearing that outfit. “

My ass cheeks were exposed and my tattoo prominently displayed. I knew I
would be embarrassed wearing this outfit in front of strangers. They had
bought me many things to wear, all short skirts and low cut blouses. The
shoes all had 4″ heels. It was clear they wanted me looking like a slut
at all times. I wish they hadn’t shaved my head and eyebrows.

By the time I had modeled every outfit for them it was getting late. I
made several trips to my room to carry all the clothes they had bought
for me. I barely got all the stuff put away when I heard Lucas call for
me to come to his bedroom. I walked in there wearing a short skirt, heels
and a peasant blouse. When I entered the room, Mary was laying in bed and
Lucas was standing beside the bed.

He had me come close to him then he told me, “Tonya tonight I want to
make love to you as a woman. Many times I will just fuck you, but tonight
is a special night. This is the night you gave yourself to me willingly
and of your own free will. I want to make it special for you. ”

He kissed me on the lips then started to undress me.

I was breathing
heavily by the time he had me naked. He laid me on the bed gently and
began caressing my body. Long before he entered me I was aching for it.
He rolled me over and had me get on all fours.

He told me, “I make love to Mary face to face and reserve that for her.
You, my pet I will always take doggy style. If you want, you may lick
your wife while I do you.

I said, “I want that very much Master, thank you. “

He screwed me slowly and gently for a long time. He gave me several
orgasms as my tongue was supplying them to Mary. He finally came inside
of me and I shivered with delight. I know understood why Mary was so
taken with him. He was a fantastic lover with unbelievable staying

I had never had more than one orgasm in my life before tonight.

When he
pulled out of me he asked me, “Did you enjoy that Tonya?”

I answered honestly, “Yes Master, it was fantastic. I loved it. “

He told me, “You will soon be begging me to fuck you, won’t you?”

I blushed and answered, “Yes Master. “

He had me get out of bed and kneel. He stood in front of me and said,
“Open your mouth wide slut. “

When I did, he pissed a stream of urine into my mouth which I swallowed
as fast as I could.

Some still overflowed and ran down my chin. When he
finished, he told me, “Pick up your clothes and go to your room now. ” I
got up and picked up my clothes and went to my room.

My mind was filled with very mixed emotions. Logan had turned me into a
freak and made me his slave but, he had made love to me so well that I
now had desires for him.

He had romanced me, made passionate love to me
and then to show he owned me had pissed in my open mouth. My spirits had
soared and then been dashed to the ground immediately afterward. In a
way, I loved him but, I was stuck here for some time to come. I knew I
had to make the best of my situation.

Part 4

A couple of months after my decision to stay, I was dressed in a maid’s
outfit and just finished making the bed after changing to clean sheets.

was now doing most of the housework in this big house and it kept me
busy. I finished changing the linens on every bed and was headed
downstairs with a very full basket of dirty sheets. I was headed for the
laundry room downstairs in the cellar when Brutus grabbed my ass and
asked, “Want me to fuck you Tonya?”

I told him, “No Master Brutus, I am very busy now.

Unknown to me Master Lucas was sitting in his office and heard me refuse

He came storming up behind me and hollered, “What did you just say

I knew I was in big trouble instantly. I meekly answered, “I told him, I
was busy doing the chores you had assigned me Master. “

He snarled, “You will never refuse to have sex with anyone here. You need
to be taught a lesson slut.

Set that basket down now. “

I set the basket down immediately. He told Brutus, “Go ahead and fuck the
bitch now. “

Brutus lifted my skirt exposing my bare ass, bent me over and shoved his
cock inside me with no lube. It hurt like hell. Master Lucas pulled out
his cock and shoved it in my mouth. The two men soon had a rhythm going.
Each thrust Brutus made shoved Lucas’s cock down my throat and each
thrust of Lucas’s shoved me back on Brutus’s cock.

I was like a rag doll
being shoved back and forh by these two big men. Brutus came first and
held his cock inside of me waiting for Lucas to come. Even after both men
had come, they kept me pinned on their cocks.

Lucas told Brutus, “Give the bitch a piss enema and I will give her a
drink. “

The bastards filled me at both ends with urine. When they pulled out of
me, I collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Brutus picked me up, carried me to a bathroom and set me on the pot. My
bowels emptied with a rush making a horrible sound. He laughed at me and
told me, “Wipe that white ass and get ready for the fucking of your life
bitch. “

I wiped my butt several times, then stood up and flushed the mess down.
He grabbed my by the neck and led me down to the cellar.

Lucas was
waiting there for us. Brutus stripped me naked and tied my hands behind
me. He then opened a closed door and wheeled out a Sybian mounted on a
wooden frame. He selected a big dildo and fixed it in place.

Lucas told me, “This is a fucking machine and you will ride it all night.
I have set the automatic timer to come on randomly and run for 30 minutes
at a time.

Bend over. “

I bent over and they packed my ass with vasoline. Brutus then lifted me
onto the saddle impaling me on that dildo. He tied my feet to the wooden
base. Logan started the machine and each thrust lifted me off of the
saddle a little from the f***e behind it. The two men stood and watched
me riding that cock for a few minutes, then walked out of the room
shutting off the light.

As he left Master Lucas said, “Have a good time
tonight bitch. “

At the end of the first 30 minute cycle it stopped and I was able to rest
for a bit. How could they do this to me over a simple mistake? Before I
knew it, the machine started fucking me again only this time faster than
before. A couple of times there were long enough intervals when I fell
asl**p only to be awakened by that relentless machine fucking me again.

The melted vasoline made the saddle slippery and my ass made a slurping
sound when it landed back it. By the time they came back downstairs to
release me, I was totally exhausted and sat slumped forward with drool
running out of my mouth. The fluid emitted from my dick during the
eternal fuck session had long ago ceased coming out. Whatever supply I
had was used up.

When Master Lucas asked me if I had learned my lesson, I sobbed and told
him, “Yes Master Lucas, I will be a good slut and have sex with any one
any time they want it.

He untied my legs and carried me upstairs to my room and lay me on my bed
face down. He examined my gaping asshole and seeing that it was bl**dy
stuffed a couple of Tampex in there to soak up the bl**d. He untied my
hands which had gone numb and told me, “Just imagine you are on your
period Tonya. You will recover and then you can resume your duties. “

I answered, “Yes Master.

I slept for some time but woke to see Mary standing beside my bed. She
caressed my forehead and softly told me, “When I heard what they had done
to you, I asked Lucas to let you off that machine but, he asked me if I
wanted to take your place there and I was afraid he meant it. I am
ashamed of myself and my cowardice. “

She told me, “I will leave and let you sl**p now dear, I just had to tell

So she did still have concern for my welfare after all. Maybe she was
tiring of Lucas and we would be leaving soon. A surge of hope welled up
inside of me. Could the end be in sight?

Two weeks after that meeting Mary came into my room naked and crawled
into bed with me. I told her, “This is dangerous dear, if Lucas finds us
together, we will both be punished.

She reassured me saying, “He is gone tonight sweety and he told me it
would be ok. ” She told me, “We will be leaving here on Sunday morning
baby. He went to pick up our new motor home and it will be a beauty. “

I kissed and hugged her.

She said, “He has a party scheduled here for Saturday night and I told
him that I would be a submissive slut for him that night along with you.

We will both be wearing Playboy bunny suits and be available for sex with
any of his guests. “

I was very surprised to hear that and asked, “Really dear?”

She nodded yes and said, “You have handled being sub for months now so I
figured I could handle it for one night. ” She sucked my nipples and I
fingered her. We were making love to each other again!

When we finished and lay resting, I asked her, “Did Lucas agree to us
leaving and if so why?”

She replied, “Yes he did, he has another couple coming here next week for
a stay on his guest ranch.

They are much younger than us. “

I asked, “Is he planning for them the same fate as ours?”

She put her finger to my lips and said, “Ssssh, we don’t want to know. “

The next two days flew by and my nights were filled with joy. Saturday
morning Lucas drove into the yard in a bit, shiny Prevost motor coach. He
got out of it and handed the keys to Mary.

He told her, “This is my gift to you sweetheart. The taxes and liscence
fees have already been paid and the fuel tank is full. I hope you two
will enjoy your travels and think kindly of me. “

He looked at me and said, “Tonya I know you will never forget me. ” He
reached out and squeezed my tits. He said, “I have deposited ninety
thousand dollars in Mary’s account to pay for the personal items we
disposed of and here in this envelope is another $10,000 to start off

I was shocked by his generosity. He admitted, “My pleasures are expensive
but worth it to me. I have enjoyed you both very much and hope you will
free to stop by when in this area. Nothing more will be required of
either of you after Saturday night’s party. ” He turned and went into his

Mary and I toured our new home and found it awesome. I knew that the
Prevost was a top of the line coach with lots of power and also quite

We could never have afforded anything this lavish. I had 4
slide outs in it and power everything. We hugged each other elated that
we would soon be on our own and out of this place. We spent the rest of
the afternoon loading our clothes into the RV. The only clothes we had
were sexy female things, but we could stop close by and buy some jeans
and blouses that weren’t so revealing.

After supper I cleared the table
and did the dishes. Mary made love with Lucas for the last time and we
slept together in our new RV. We were in love with each other again and
very happy.

Saturday morning we slept in late before getting dressed and going into
the house. We agreed that we would bear anything tonight and be on our
way in the morning. At 3PM we showered and shave each others bodies
before getting into our Playboy bunny outfits.

We hugged each other and
both looked very sexy.

We both wore a thick coat of red lipstick to match the polish on our
nails. We both wore sexy spike heeled shoes to match our outfits. The
guests started arriving around 5PM and we were kept busy serving drinks
with, of course, the accompanying Playboy dip. More than one of the men
fondled my boobs or pinched my ass. During the meal we refilled water
glasses, brought food from the kitchen and, of course, served more

While Mary and I were both getting felt up a lot, every time our
eyes met we gave each other a wink. A few more hours of this and we would
be free.

When supper was finished and the table cleared off, Lucas commanded, “I
want you two bitches to strip each other naked and throw those outfits in
the fire. You will serve naked the rest of the night. “

We both curtsied and said in unison, “Yes Master.

I removed her ears and threw them into the fireplace. She did the same
with mine. I removed her Bunny suit complete with tail and that also went
into the flames. She did the same with mine. Next removed her shoes and
slid her pantyhose down and removed them and took the lot to the fire.
She did the same with me. We now stood side by side naked with hairless
bodies holding hands.

The party crowd applauded and we bowed politely.
For the next 3 hours we served their drinks totally naked and barefoot.
Many had to feel my empty scrotum and fondle my boobs. Mary found many
men groping her and a few even fingered her. The couples started leaving
around 11PM and soon there were only a half dozen single men left at the

Lucas told his guests, “Please feel free to use my slave bitches any way
you want, but do not harm them or hurt them seriously.

” It was like
releasing a pack of wolves.

Those men dragged us upstairs to my bedroom and threw both Mary and I
face up on the bed. We held each others hand as we were both fucked and
sucked off a seemingly endless chain of men. These southern gentlemen
were not gentle with us in the least. Finally around 3AM they had all
spent their passions. One of the men suggested they all pee on us as a
parting gesture and the others agreed with him.

They stood around the bed
and urinated all over us as we lay there holding hands and smiling. They
left puzzled that we seemed to enjoy everything. Mary and lay in the piss
stained bed for a few minutes recovering our strength before we were able
to move, then limped back to our RV. We took a shower together and went
to bed and slept heavily.

In the morning we dressed and Mary started up the diesel engine.

When he
heard the engine start, Master came out and entered the RV. He gave Mary
a goodbye kiss and told her, “I enjoyed every minute with you darling and
your performance last night was perfect. I thank you very much for that. “

He took my hand and said, “Tonya you were a good slave and turned out the
best of any I have had. If you want those implants removed I will do it
for you no charge.

I looked at Mary and she was shaking her head no. Lucas also said, “I can
do nothing about your testicles, you know what happened to them. I could
replace them with weighted plastic replicas if you wish or even create a
vagina for you if you want that. “

I was just anxious to be away from this place and said, “Thank you
Master, but I think I will stay as I am.

He handed me my wallet and credit cards then left the RV and Mary drove
us back to the highway.

We were both still sore an bruised from the night before but we put over
100 miles between us and Lucas before we stopped at a Wall Mart store to
buy some clothes and groceries. Once we had something to wear that didn’t
make us look like prostitutes, we found a KOA campground and stopped for
the night.

Mary did all the hooking up of sewer, water and electricity
while I started cooking supper. She had assumed the masculine role in our
relationship now.

Over a glass of wine with supper, Mary said, “Darling, I know we will be
very happy together. I had a wonderful fling with Lucas but, it is you I
love. “

I pointed to my tits and said, “He made me a freak dear and I will wear
his brand forever.

She said, “We were very well compensated for the misery you endured.
Besides I also wear his brand. I love your boobs baby and the way you are
now so undemanding. What he did to you made you more attractive to me
sweetie. ” She leaned over the table and kissed me.

I told her, “I appreciate your love more than I ever dreamed I would
Mary. I saw the strap on dildo Lucas packed as a gift to you.

I am way
too sore for sex tonight and I know you are also. When we recover from
last night, any time you want to use that to fuck me, just put it on and
I will submit to you. ”

She told me, “I was hoping you would feel that way Tonya. “

Now we live as two ladies in love with each other. Normally very loving
and kind to each other but, occasionally she is Mistress Mary again and I
am Tonya the slave bitch.

As we travel the country we sometimes meet a
man who makes love to her and uses me. Nothing that lasts very long, just
casual flings that meet her need for a man to make love to her and I also
need a man at times. If we had never met Lucas, our retirement would have
been much different.

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