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Train Three Sexy Slaves#3: Intimate Inspections

Ai Aisha and Alex are three tasty sweet sexy slaves I train and educate at me

Each one very diffrently, I train three tasty sexy slaves simutaneously at me
Each of the three needs her personal erotic education, lusty liberation by me

Let me first introduce them three to you – each in her different little chapter
Let me first give you their names: Ai, Aisha and Alex, different in character

Ai is shy and very conservative, Aisha seems happy: she smiles all of the time
Alex I know her best but she is still a riddle to me – as to herself for long time

All are slender built, only Ai is a bit shorter than her two other colleagues
Ai and Alex sport tiny tits while Aisha is proud of her B-cup sized breasts

Ai is at her university, while Aisha and Alex work hard at home and I enjoy their bent bottoms

While Ai attends classes at the Science Centre at the other side of town the two others help at home
While Ai works hard for her MA in Logics we three need to make proper place for all four at our home

We work wearing only aprons which is a very sexy sight and I have trouble concentrating on our tasks
We work our asses off, well my two tasty sexy slaves work while I admire their asses bent like archs

While we three clean before we make place I notice how normaly shy sweet Alex takes all initiatives
While I’m amazed how Aisha suddenly changed from former guest who never cleaned even her own dishes

We work means I organize and direct while they work and I try to decide who will deserve first spanks
We work our asses off till there is room enough for all three guests for the night to have a mattrass

First two tasty sexy spankings for pleasure and one for punishment for breaking an important rule

We are finished when Ai steps back in fondling her slip and quickly disposing it in my laundry bin
We are ready for your intimate inspection my sweet slaves – Alex is youngest she shall be first

Alex steps up to me and turns around, her legs at either side of mine, bends over as deep as she can
Alex you look fine, you worked well and hard – I will later tonight reward you as good as I can

I postpone inspecting Ai on purpose as I had noticed a particular shy look in her eyes coming back in
I will now see Aisha, who positively shocked me with her cleaning energy today – Aisha steps in

Aisha is fine – just as Alex a bit wet inside her twat, probably from excitement and sexy expectation
Ai it is your turn now – she seems to blush a bit, before she bends over for my sexy inspection

Ai confesses committing some solo sex at university and she shall be doubly punished in public

I have my intuition and an idea why Ai was so shy when she came back – so I will inspect her deeply
Ai, please spread your love lips by both hands for me! – her snatch is still very wet indeed!

I ask Ai to bring me her slip from the laundry bin for inspection which is wet and white at the inside
Ai it looks like you have been playing with your pussy at school isn’t it, hoped you could hide

Ai confesses bit by bit how it had happened to her, she couldn’t concentrate at classes – too excited
Ai pressed involuntarily her legs together all the time, the blackboard’s logics too hard, she tried!

I decided to relieve my sexual tensions at the toilet, at this level of logics I need a clear mind
I used a break between classes, hoping to get back the concentration and focus so needed, as I find

Ai is humiliated by my order she shall show us three exacty how she did it only a few hours back

Ai sits at the toilet with her legs spread wide – while we three watch her eagerly from very close
I use the occasion to teach her some sexual self discipline, order her to stop as she comes almost

I ask Ai to continue playing her pussy, she gets wet needs to piss and is on the brink of squirting
Ai and I go through this embarassing sexy situation for four or five times of her frantic fingering

I next test and teach her further, kneeling down I lick her slit softly kiss her clit, she can’t come
Ai sweats moans hard, her thighs tremble and shake, but she manages to avoid another forbidden orgasm

I prepare another ordeal, ordering Ai to sit down right behind my spankees for best look from close
Ai will watch how I shall spank and caress her colleagues until serious sexual satisfaction has come.

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