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Train Three Sexy Slaves#1: Introduction

Ai Aisha and Alex are three tasty sweet sexy slaves I train and educate at me

Three tasty sexy slaves I train simutaneously – but each one very differently
Each of the three needs her personal erotic education, lusty liberation by me

Let me first introduce them three to you – each in a different little chapter
Let me first give you their names: Ai, Aisha and Alex, different in character

Ai is shy and very conservative, Aisha seems happy she smiles all of the time
Alex I know the best but she is still a riddle to me, as to herself long time

All are slender built, only Ai is a bit shorter than her two other colleagues
Ai and Alex sport tiny tits, while Aisha is proud of her B-cup sized breasts!

Ai Kawaii is the only one of these three to orgasm often already here at me!

Ai Kawaii is familiar for some readers of me, I wrote her series quite recently
Ai is a shy student, she’s Japanese, she is still virgin without any experience

Kawaii is cute in Japanese and teens seem to say it almost all of the time
Kawaii! in a high pitched voice while they giggle behind their hands so shyly

I surprise Ai in her first night as my guest, deep in Morpheus arms sedated by wine
I surprise Ai with making her come from licking – she thought she dreamt she’s mine

Ai blushes when I show her the videos from three cameras recording my nightly visit
Ai blushes whenever I teach her something new in sexualibus – charming isn’t it?

Aisha is the eldest of the three and the prettiest in looks – the way she moves

Aisha is completely new here, I never wrote about my most beautiful niece before
Aisha is a blonde beauty, she smiles at every picture of many I have seen of her

She seems very aware of her attractiveness as trained dancer, also her profession!
She almost always has the tip of her tongue showing between her lips on her photos

Aisha is a real teaser that’s how she makes her money at music festivals in Summer
Aisha has a few hula hoops with her which flash in blacklights in the nights there

She needs my tough training for her sexual re-education and her erotic enlightment
She needs to learn first some more respect for me, proper behaviour and obedience!

Alex is already my female favourite for long years and my best friend in internet

Alex is very familiar among my experienced readers as I wrote a lot about my muse
Alex is very unusual, so shy in real life and only open to Me after her bad abuse

She is a smart and lovely looking slim blonde beauty firm tits and hardly any hips
She is already my favourite and I know her best after we wrote for over two years!

Alex is just one of her many names in my versed stories in both Dutch and English
Alex is the one who intrigues me most with her enigmatic erotic sexual identities

She often visits me in my dreams and is a steady guest in my many sexual fantasies
She often was invited by me for some casual visit or meeting, long she didn’t dare

All will be spanked by me on a regular basis as I hope the three will deserve it

All three get very big scary eyes when I announce my wish to spank them very often
All three still suffer from a common misconception that spanking is for punishment

I explain them that the opposite is true as spanking provides exquisite pleasures
I explain my sexy slaves in training that only sweet submissives will be rewarded

I decide to wait and see how things will develop first day of all of them together
I devide my time between them after I explain the rules which apply for all three

Ai shall study for her MA in Logics, show me her homework as soon as she finishes
Aisha and Alex will help me making proper place here for all three slaves to live.

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