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Train Three Sexy Slaves #9: Aisha’s Lesson

Aisha and I in one bedroom while Ai and Alex are in the second for some sexy stereo chamber music

After Aisha tells us three her earliest erotic experiences and the rest of her sexual history I take
Aisha to bed with me where we lay down as spoons with her beautiful bottom warming my wooden manhood

Alex and Ai are together in the other bedroom where we watch them on my big screen by my two cameras
Alex is less shy than Ai and takes the initiative teasing and tasting her firm tits and hard nipples

Aisha discovers she loves to be a voyeur and she is easily turned on by it and my hand caressing her
Aisha has hot full boobs between B and C-cup size and her nipples harden between my index and thumb

Aisha shivers slightly as my hand slowly dwells down her stomach and belly towards her blond fat twat
Aisha’s snatch is already wet when I slide my index along her love lips from her clit down her slit!

Aisha and Ai both squirt a bit in their perfect pussy harmony and sexy simultaneous orgasms!

Ai is still a virgin so Alex knows she is not at all allowed to finger inside that tasty twat yet
Ai and Alex know from their turns of a night in my bed I can see everything on my closed circuit

Alex decides to lick that pretty pussy to wet that twat and longs to make Ai come hard in her face
Alex prefers to be dominated herself rather but she understands unexperienced Ai is even more shy

Alex cunningly counts that Ai will simply return the favour once she gets wet and hot in an orgasm
Aisha is breathing deep and hard now and I can even hear how wet that tasty sexy snatch of her got

Ai even squirts a bit in coming and Aisha does the same simultaneously in a perfect pussy harmony
Aisha feels how my mighty member easily slides deep inside her tight wet twat her muscles contract

Aisha learns to love to come with a man who knows how to seduce and satisfy her from fine fucking

Aisha’s earlier experiences with males were not a sexy success nor satisfying her hot naughty needs
Aisha learns to respond to the slow rythm of my big brown banana inside her and our hips are moving

I need to use my tantric skills to train her, she feels fantastic and I also can get easily aroused
I want to time our orgasms again in a perfect pussy penis hot horny harmony, I feel her contractions

Aisha has no idea about my ideas for her love lesson she simply enjoys it, feels in seventh heaven
I know the trick how to trickle her into coming for very long as I want her muscles milk my member

Aisha and I watch with big eyes how Alex simply takes Ai for her turn riding her twat over Ai’s face
I time towards triple simultaneous orgasms and make sure that Aisha will explode together with Alex

Three tasty sexy explosions ignite in orchestrated music from two chambers of couples in love

Alex and Aisha both moan loud now and both have both hands at their breasts to squeeze them for come
Alex starts to come and I make Aisha follow suit while I keep the tip of my index still at her clit

I know her thick clit is very sensitive now so the slighest touch will still send electric currents
I know how to keep her coming long enough to milk my mighty member to an enormous explosion in deed

Aisha cries from juicy joy feeling my squirts, from our ferocious frantic fuck she is wet from sweat
Aisha calms from my sweet words whispered in her ear and slowly opens her eyes after I kiss them dry

Aisha grins with me as we watch how Alex is still so horny and not yet completely satisfied with Ai
Alex simply turns around on the face of Ai and bends over to taste more of the pretty pussy juices

Three tasty sexy slaves in daisy chain quadruple coming with me closing the row of orgasms

Aisha feels how my left hand takes hers and direct it to my still half hard hard-on to massage it
Aisha feels how my fingers slide into her sexy sphinxter and how my member soon stands firm again

Aisha sighs deep as I slowly penetrate with my renewed wooden manhood her tightest tasty pretty rose
Aisha moans and moves with me in rythm – my light touch around her clit is enough to direct her hips

Alex is so hot and horny for the pussy juices of Ai she dives deep with her tongue between love lips
Alex in fact tickles with the tip of her tongue the holy hymen of Ai – strictly forbidden territory!

Again Ai starts our daisy chain of coming which next sends off Alex screaming from pussy pleasures
Aisha starts to come again simultaneously with Alex while make black babies inside her hot backdoor.

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