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Train Three Sexy Slaves #8: Aisha’s Confessio

Attractive awesome Aisha cutely confesses her earliest erotic experiences and memorable moments

After Alex tells us as first about her first erotic feelings and discovering pleasing her pretty pussy
Aisha is next to take the stand for her honest horny confession of early slit sliding and clitty play

Aisha, I am very curious at which age you started to pleasure yourself by playing with your pussy?
Aisha, I only know that your mom told her both dear dods while bathing them it is fine, perfectly!

Aisha blushes a bit and licks her lips so sweet and shy – she seems wondering where to start her tale
Aisha acknowledges she does not remember her mom telling her and her elder s****r that during bathing

Aisha seems to think aloud: I must have been very young at the time and also when I started playing
I can’t remember those youngest years when I did not yet pleasure myself down there with my finger

Aisha is embarrassed by the memory of her first shy try of a bit of public sex as a tasty teen

Aisha looks like lost in sweet sexy memories, her most innocent youngest years encouraged by her mom
I bring her back from her introspection to our reality of intimate interrogation by my next question:

Aisha I remember your mom told me once she had to tell you not to be too open about masturbation
Aisha didn’t you let yourself being fingered under the table by a class-mate halfway secondary school?

I was always very open with my mom about such sexy stuff as she always had been with me, yes indeed
I let myself be fingered under my short skirt in a coffee-bar by a boy I had a crush on at the time

I feel a bit embarrassed now as I never expected she would tell such things to her elder b*o about me
I learned to be a bit more careful and choosy however about having sex with others in public places!

Aisha is clearly bi-sexual but seems to be much more experienced in erotics with her great gals

Aisha, it is obvious you are bi-sexual, but please tell us how it started – were girls first?
Aisha nods and admits At basic school I wanted to kiss my best boy-friend, but he seemed scared

I often hugged my girlfriends kissing them at their cheeks till one time I kissed my best friend
I kissed her in my naive early enthousiasm on her lips – and she answered my kiss really sweetly

Aisha reflects for a while on that time before she continues sharing her hottest sexy confessions
I had many s1eepovers with her as she was almost my neighbour, we would play all evenings long

Aisha blushes a bit deeper as she confesses how they’d play for many hours, mutually fingering
I usually made her come first a few times before she did the same sexy things to my wet twat

Aisha is fast at finding fingering for pleasure her girlfriends like herself – licking later

Aisha please tell us did you back then already discover licking love lips for pure pleasure?
Aisha shakes her head No, we did have no idea about that for quite long, as it seemed dirty!

Aisha relaxes as it is clear to her we all three like her honest cute confessions so she continues
I discovered it by myself one evening after our bath together and very ferocious fingering there

I was so turned on from our love play that I kissed her all over once we were again in bed together
I thought to tease her by biting and licking her love lips – but she started to moan and come fast!

I am sure that was the very first time that a girl squirted hard right into my face, I loved it!
Aisha licks her lips at those tasty memorable memories of those hot love lips at her hot lips!

Aisha was less lucky in love with her hot male friends hence she applies for sexy therapy at me

Aisha please tell us about your first time with a boy or guy was it satisfying pleasure to you?
Aisha shakes her head again No, it was the opposite and for long time I did not dare to try again

I was both naive and unlucky as it both hurted my body and my mind, I was in love let him come inside
I was lucky he did not knock me up as I did not take the pill yet, nor did I get any disease from him

I got sadder and wiser, later I did have some sexy erotic encounters with my interesting male friends
I hope to learn a lot more now from my sweet sexy teacher and trainer, my dear uncle professor Peter!

Aisha I applaud you and welcome you into my arms for a very big hug for a first reward my nice niece
Aisha you do deserve to share my bed once more this night so I can properly pay you my tasty tribute.

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