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Train Three Sexy Slaves #7: Alex’s Confession

Alex enjoys erotic quality time with Ai in their bed for this sexy Sunday naughty night

After anal abuse I amuse Aisha and me in my bed while Alex is in the other bed with virgin Ai
After my eye-wink for goodbye for the night Alex understands she can seduce as she likes my Ai

Aisha is exhausted from coming so hard and long from my dry and thus painful anal penetration
Aisha is in both Morpheus and my arms and does not notice the high pitched squeeks from my Ai

I switch on our internal circuit to watch on large screen how Alex indeed licks along Ai’s slit
I switch the sound to my headphones only so Aisha will not wake up from the screams of Ai’s hit

Alex abhors hairy twats as Ai’s but she does love her sexy smell there all over her big black bush
Alex has to get used to that anyway, as I forbid from the very start my slaves any shaving bushes!

Alex has her way a bit with Ai by giving the virgin head, who can not yet repay that sexy debt

After Alex has Ai coming in her mouth she tries to teach the shy virgin how to return that pleasure
After all Alex does not know Ai is so inexperienced in sex she even has not discovered self-pleasure

I get up to tell them their time for foxy fun is over as Ai needs her rest before a day at university
I tuck them both in and give them little kisses at their closed eye-lids send them into soon dreaming

As I wake up, Ai has already left to her Master classes in Logics in the Science Centre of Amsterdam
As I wake up, it is this time Aisha’s duty to make me my morning tea, awake me by a blow-job as well

I tell the blonde beauties to sexy shower with me – as Alex is so fond of shaving she shaves my face
I tell the blonde beauties to stay naked for the rest of the day for my intimate interviews this day

Alex starts to tell her earliest erotic feelings first masturbation and longing for much more!

It is easiest to bare one’s mind and soul when the body is already naked and there is nothing to hide
It is easier to start with Alex despite her shyness in this matter as I already know almost all of it

Alex tells Aisha about her earliest sexy feelings between her legs her early discovery of rubbing it
Alex tells Aisha she is lesbian although she had some sexual experiences with men, something to hide

Aisha notices shy Alex can not help her eyes dwell back to her beautiful breasts halfway cup B and C
Aisha notices shy Alex has trouble talking about straight sex she had – she can’t hide her curiousity

I take over from Alex with my dry summary that her first one was with more men and a very big disaster
I take the opportunity to tell Alex had been taking double dose of pills against depression after that

Alex other confessions about costly sexual experiences build up to her decision for my therapy!

I invite Alex to tell about the only other one this time on her initiative to try sex with some friend
I invite Alex next to tell how she chose to have her first sex ever with a booby blonde of her choice

Alex confesses to Aisha that she is so shy and so horny that in her hot despair for sex she bought it
Alex confesses to Aisha she felt special as friend when her hot whore gave her a private phone number

I see her hesitation to tell more so I help her out a bit and provide Aisha with another dry summary
I see her gratitude in her eyes, her cheeks already fully blushing from embarrassment – so terribly!

Alex went broke recently from her weekly expenses on erotic entertainment and her orgasms for money
Alex went next to me for free therapy without any pills – while she slowly recovers from her debts

Alex gets my special permission to play with the beautiful breasts of awesomely attractive Aisha

Alex I am so proud of your courage I will reward you for it with my special permission in our break
Alex I allow you to kiss in real those beautiful big breasts of Aisha as your eyes did all the time!

After our break for feeling and fondling breasts we will enjoy a nice light lunch, with afrodasiacs
After our lunch it will be the turn of Aisha to tell us two all about her early sexual developments

Aisha, I am very curious at which age you started to pleasure yourself by playing with your pussy?
Aisha, I only know that your mom told her both dear dods while bathing them it is fine, perfectly!

I see Aisha also blushes now, is it from embarrassment for her turn or from all her erotic excitement
I see Aisha closes her eyes to hide her feelings and fully enjoy the devotion of Alex for her breasts.

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