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Train Three Sexy Slaves #23: Takako

I invite my fine friend from Japan to teach my three tasty sexy slaves a lesson in anal love

I invite my fine friend tasty tight Takako to teach the three tasty sexy slaves an anal love lesson
I invite my fine friend to be at the centre of our attention after her initial intimate inspection

I always ask my sexy slaves every day to present them properly to me for a view from close as can be
I always ask my sexy slaves to bend over and spread their legs wide as well as their pretty love lips

I like my slaves to look at me between their spread legs and make themselves come hard for my pleasure
i like my slaves to be very obedient – They are, as they know I would punish them by my carpet-beater!

I ask Ai Kawaii, Aisha and Alex to prepace place for my honoured horny slender sexy guest from Japan
I ask Ai to be on standby, Aisha to operate my cameras and Alex has her turn to make my member erect

I instruct my three tasty sexy slaves to set up the proper condtion for my penile penetration

I want two pillows on top of each other so our gifted guest can properly present her awesome bottom
I want you all to watch carefully how this talented lovely looking lady will manage my mighty member

I love my fine friend tasty Takako for many reasons: her open mind and open hot holy horny hairy holes
I love my fine friend for her character and for her looks: she is probably over thirty, still a teen!

I like to show my sweet sexy slaves in training first her oral sexy skills in munching at my member
I like to show how she can make my manhood into a big brown banana which will soon knock her backdoor

I do not need any lubrication as she is always so wet and hot as she sees my wooden manhood to tease
I do not need any hesitation as she is just warmly wanton for my penile penetration at all her ease

I try my make my bright bride a hot mom of our future ch1ld, whom we will educate very freely

I make my Mary X-mas moan from the the first moment I thrust deep into her holy hole in all her trust
I make my Mary X-mas want to come as often as she can for my X-mas present to Japan in her anal canal

I take tasty teen-like Takako on all fours to bang her bckdoor as hard as I can while I spank her ass
I take tasty teen-like Takako to seventh heaven after all those orgasms dancing dirty at my proud pole

I ask my bride to be tasty Takako to present herself for my X-mas present very deep into her womanhood
I ask my bride to be to meet the top of my meat at the mouth of her womb so it will open for my sperm

I want her to make us a dear doddie as slender and pretty as she, whom we’ll educate in all erotics
I want her to make me a proud daddie of a dear darling doddie with her pretty face and my long legs

I like how my Alex helps me to empty my balls deep inside the wanton womanhood of my hot bride

I like my X-mas love baby to be as pretty s her mom and as smart as her father: with an open mind!
I like my X-mas love to bear fruit from my fertilisation for tasty twins who look the same, so kind

I hear how the moans of Takako turn to screaming as she reaches another awesome orgasm on my member
I hear how the mom to be screams loud at me Please Professor Peter, make me a beautiful baby!

I let my tasty tight Takako milk my member with the contractions of her hot cute cunny coming so hard
I let my tasty wife Takako get pregnant for a Merry X-mas we will never forget all our life together!

I feel how Alex is so sweet to softly squeeze my balls when I am about to come deep inside my bride
I feel how Alex is really loving her mighty Master, despite she is a lesbian from the very beginning

I love how my three tasty sweet sexy slaves offer me any help they can to help me breed Takako!

I feel someone’s tongue licking my sphincter when I’m about to come! Which tasty sexy slave is that?
I feel someone’s finger tickling my prostate to help me shooting all the seed I got for my new bride

I see Ai is the one who licks my bouncing balls at her best while she ferociously fingers her clit
I see Alex is the one who has her finger in my virgin ass to massage my prostate from both sides!

I hear how my gorgeous guest tasty Takako cries in her hottest orgasm of her life: she feels me come
I hear how my gorgeous guest from Japan starts to sing in her ultimate awesome come at my manhood

I give her all I can give to my bride on her fertile nice naughty night with such an xxx-rated X-mas
I give her my best X-mas present so my bride Takako will bear my baby who will be as beautiful as she.

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