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Train Three Sexy Slaves #22:: Ai X-mas cherry pop

I train three tasty sexy slaves at my place and often invite other female friends for a lesson

I train three tasty sexy slaves at my place: Alex and Aisha are experienced in any erotic encounters
I train also Ai who is still a virgin in both her holy hot hairy holes, but who is good giving head!

I entertain many visiting slaves for a day or sometimes a few more to offer my slaves sexy lectures
I entertain at X-mas Eve also sexy Swedish Sasha a blonde beauty with big BOOBs, firm and all real!

I have my plan ready for a very sexy X-mas night with lots of pretty pleasure for all five of us
I have my plan ready for my virgin Ai Kawaii and know the roles of the other three for this night

I know Alex will do anything for me if I let her play with those best breasts in the world of Sasha
I know Aisha will be curious to watch what I will do to my Ai Kawaii, while she operates my cameras

I have my bride Ai Kawaii all open, wet and ready to give me finally her flower for our long love

I have a closed circuit at my place so I can watch everything what happens in my house on big screen
I have a closed book at the back of my mind with the sexy scenario of what is finally about to happen

I pop up a pillow under the bums of Ai who willingly spreads her legs as wide as she can for our view
I pop up the zoom of camera one to look in detail at the beauty of her hot hymen wet from expectation

I offer her first my member so she sucks my brown banana into its full wooden manhood to take her soon
I offer her the honour to be initiated be me in a religious ritual we both waited for many months long

I divert her attention with many kisses while my hands at her tiny tits slowly make her mad of hotness
I direct my member at her horny holy hole waiting for finally my penile penetration of her pink door

I pop her cherry at ease and the tip of my member starts to kiss her deep inside her womanhood

I pop her cherry at ease, she feels no pain! When I withdraw only a few red drops remind of her hymen
I pop up the volume of our love making and slowly we increase the speed of our hips meeting in mating

I want to make my bride come first so she will milk my member by her cute cunny cramps till last drop
I want to make my bride a baby on our X-mas wediing night sexy celebration ceremony all taped on video

I feel the tip of my member kiss the entrance of her uterus where my sperm wants to swim deep inside
I feel the tops of my Ai’s waves reach tsunami level, she shall soon explode in her first ever fuck!

I love it how her hot orgasm indeed induces mine and I empty my balls as best as I can inside her cunt
I love it how she embraces me in total dedication to our love and the fruits of it, I hope a dear dod

I close her cunny so my sperm will not leak out and turn Ai around to open her backdoor for me

I close her cute cunny’s love lips with a cloth’s pin so my mighty holy seed will not leak outside!
I cose her eyes by my kisses, I lift her hips and turn her around on all fours for a fuck doggy style

I open her backdoor for me to meet my meat as her sexy tight virgin sphincter is wet with our juices
I open her backdoor first with my finger and next two then three to get her used for my mighty member

I grab her hips as I slowly pass her forbidden border with the head of my big brown bent banana
I grab her clit as I slowly massage it to make my bride come hard from her first ever anal visit

I bang my empty balls against her hairy hot love lips while I grab her hair to make her back arch
I bang my bride into seventh heaven while my fingers play a prelude of Chopin at her swollen lips

I make my bride for this X-mas night very happy, while I invite Aisha to join us for her turn

I make my Ai Kawaii come thrice before I finally try to shoot my seed deep inside her virgin rose
I make my Ai Kawaii my bride for the X-mas night, which she will remember all her love life long!

I take my bride Ai in my arms to fall together deep in dreams of love and our offspring to come
I take my bride Ai in my arms to be together in the arms of Morpheus whom we hope will bless us

I invite Aisha to join our honeymoon bed and hold Ai from her other side in the land of dreams
I invite Aisha to join our love for this special nice night, which luckily lasts so very long!

I see how Aisha’s eyes shine from what she just recorded for me on camera and all honour to her
I see how Aisha is eager to meet my meat for a fertile tribute deep inside her as well very soon.

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