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Train Three Sexy Slaves #20: Tika-2

I take tasty tiny tit Tika and blonde beauty awesome Alex along with me for a nice naughty night

I take tiny tit Tika to bed for more foxy fun but this time she can take the lead with me as she likes
I take tight Alex along to watch us from close, as she is similar of sexual orientation as guest Tika

I let my other two tasty sexy slaves watch us on wide screen in closed circuit in their other bedroom
I let them play freely as well on inspiration of my sexy show of Tika taking me this time for pleasure

I know Alex is a lesbian like Tika, but terribly shy and much younger not really knowing what to want
I know Alex also has been with men a few times before and with very mixed experiences so she’s scared

I lay down on my back on the bed and tell them to do with me or themselves as they like for this night
I lay down and watch Tika taking the initiative, while Alex squats close to us at a corner of our bed

I have two tasty sexy slaves serving me as I let them take the initiative this time for a night

Tika takes up position, offers me her wet twat to eat out while she starts to munch my brown banana
Tika takes pride in being best in bed – and teach awesome Alex a lesson in love and sexy serving me

Tika sees Alex has already her left hand between her legs … and starts to play with her tight twat
Tika sees pretty possibilities to please her mighty Master for this sexy special nice naughty night

Tika takes the initiative to engage also Alex into sexually serving me as well her own lezzie pleasure
Tika takes the lead to invite Alex to an offer not be refused “Sit your slit on our Masters face”!

“Tika is right Alex, be obedient to her – this night she rules in my bed, you lovely blonde beauty
Tika is right to position you as she wants, as she wants to kiss you and touch your tasty titties”

I get the chance to eat Alex out at both her tight tasty horny holy holes as she fucks my face

I can not say more as Alex is indeed very obedient and tries to fuck my nose, so I can hardly breath
I can not complain about my great guest slave showing her hot tasty talent to switch roles in our sex

I see how Tika holds the hips of Alex to help her bouncing up and down as I nibble at her thick clit
I see how Tika pulls the cheeks of the boyishly bottom of Alex apart – so I can tongue her sphincter

I feel how Alex starts to grind her hips over my face in the rythm dictated by the hot hands of Tika
I feel how Alex starts to come and eagerly await her squirt all over my face as she rides her waves

I eagerly swallow all of her come which keeps coming to my lips for many minutes, she tastes as honey
I eagerly wait for tasty Tika’s pole dancing on my prick to send her off to that seventh heaven again

I get my first foxy ride by my shy slave sexy attractive awesome Alex from her own free will

Alex gets in the mood from fucking my nose – longs to take her turn to ride my big brown bent banana
Alex gets her chance soon as Tika completely collapses from coming on my mighty member so very often

Alex helps Tika to dismount my manhood and rolls her over to the side to take her pole dancing place
Alex helps herself hovering her hot hips over mine and with one hand she directs it towards her twat

Alex starts to bounce up and down while I keep the tips of two fingers as a soft cushion for her clit
Alex starts to make lots of noice for such a shy secretive lesbian love turning a bit bi-curious at me

Alex dances very long in her relative unexperience to have the initiative and choose the right rythm
Alex dances very fine with her tight tasty twat contracting for more grip at that terrific tasty pole

I take over the initiative at the very end to make sure we will both orgasm awesomely in unisono

I do like how tasty Tika teased awesome Alex to break borders and let love rule by bodily dictation
I do like how blonde beauty Alex discovers her new talent and tastes poking my proud pole in her hole

I hear how Alex now moans loud and ever louder and notice how her screams wake up tiny tit Tika again
I hear how Alex nears an awesome orgasm and help her with my hips meeting hers in an increasing speed

I grab Alex by both hands at her hips to take over the direction for a grand finale for the two of us
I grab Alex by her titties and squeeze them hard, I grab her hair and pull her head back for control

I send her at the end of her wild ride on my mighty manhood off to her hottest orgasm ever in her life
I send her all my sperm left, deep down her womanhood to impregnate her with a beautiful blonde baby!.

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