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Train Three Sexy Slaves #19: Tika-1

I tie my tasty Tika to a chair to make her all available to any of my sexy naughty needs

I tie your wrists behind your back to the back legs of the simple wooden café chair style Thonet
I tie your ankles to the front legs so your legs spread wide for me and those tiny tits stick out

I look at you and tease you “I wonder where I will begin to kiss, lick or bite you, my bride?”
I look at you from top to toes – all available to my caresses and touch – I lick your ear-lobe

I whisper “You are now all mine baby, I can do what I want with you – I can take you very often
I like it to see you all open for me – I will slowly turn you on for me, make your nipples hard”

I hear you moan when the tip of my tongue takes over from whispers as if it wants to ear-fuck you
I hear your breathing deepens – I start to bite you softly at the back of your neck – You shiver

I make sure you can not watch my movements – only wait and feel what I will want to do with you

You get a blindfold before my hands cup your titties, my fingers turn your nipples for fine-tuning
You get wet in your tasty twat, which turns into a shining sexy snatch with dew dripping love lips

You obiently open your mouth when my mighty manhood touches your lips, I hold your head in my hands
You obiently open as best as you can to let me enter full length of my big bent brown banana there

You get your first try to deep throat and breath deep through your nose in order not to suffocate
You get your first satisfaction for serving my wishes beyond your former borders of sex-experience

You long for feeling it as deep, down there where your pretty pussy waits all wet from expectation
You long for feeling finally once more a pretty prick priding your pussy as never before a man has

I make you come hard in order to make your musces milk my mighty member for your impregnation

I pull your hips towards the edge of the seat, throw a pillow between your feet for me to kneel on
I pull your hips closer toward me while I slowly enter you – You sigh “Oh yes please, Peter”

I take my time to take you, tune you further up by my fingers at your nipples or around your clit
I take my time to take you high, ever higher till you start to cry from joy in a long lasting come

I make it easy for myself to bang you hard and fast – I hold my hips still to manhandle the chair
I make it balance on the front legs for some sexy session of fericious fucking you start to scream

I let you milk my member by the contractions of your tight twat in awesome orgasming till I come
I let you milk my member till we are both completely as sexually satisfied as exhausted from coming

I know you long long time to be taken by a man, a Master with experience and consideration

You speak your mind “It is so long ago that I felt a man inside, but this is really heaven”
You speak your mind “I really miss a man every now and then during my long lesbian relations

You are all ready now for whatever more I want from you and soon you get the idea when you feel me
You are all wet in your twat, slowly bits of sperm leak out and drip down towards your sphincter

You feel the top of my finger slowly lubricating your virgin rose to pave the way for its initiation
You feel the top of my fingers slides quite easily inside, soon two and even three do the lubrication

You are all ready for defloration down there, you blush from your longing and curious expectation
You are all ready for first ever anal penetration by my wooden manhood, standing to service again

I take tasty tight Tika hot horny holy hole for its very first time and decide on my night

I keep you in seventh heaven by my fingers playing your swollen love lips and big clit showing
I keep you on the brink of more coming as I slowly enter your backdoor full length to my balls

I feel my balls hit your bums at every deep thrust and I start to chew at your rock-hard nipples
I feel my balls tighten to signal the second climax is coming up to fulfill complete satisfaction

I shoot my load deep down your anal canal while you temporarily pass out from strong orgasming
I shout out loud “Tasty tight Tika is my favourite sexy slave and bride for another night!”

I smile, lick my lips and wave at my three tasty sex-slaves, who watch us perform on large screen
I smile at myself looking forward to the rest of the night with nice naughty tasty Tika in my bed.

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