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Train Three Sexy Slaves #18: Birgit-2

Birgit is my shy sweet tiny tit great guest with her so spankable sexy big bums across my lap

Birgit is my shy sexy slave guest, I love her her tiny titties and big bums begging for some spanking
I know well how she fears that ordeal over my knees and welcome Birgit with some soft sensual slapping

Birgit is happy with every break between my soft spanks when my hand caresses her well warmed bottom
I know well how she will get a bit more wet every time I check the sexy state of her orchis orifice!

Birgit is my bride to be for this special sin-day Sunday nice naughty long night of long making love
I know well her sexy secret and I will keep it towards my three tasty live-in permanent pretty slaves

Birgit is a dear dyke of long standing tradition of living together with her boss the love of her life
I know well how her job continues but as well how her bossy love left her standing and their love life

Birgit has her lovely legs wide so we can all enjoy a view of her orchis orifice to bloom down there

Birgit will watch after her soft slaps and awesome orgasm over my knee very soon some serious spanking
I have to punish my Aisha, blonde booby beauty lovely looking nice niece and sexy Alex for last night!

Birgit listens to my account of last night, when I taught them lesson by making love to tasty Tamara
I had to punish firstly my Ai Kawaii for falling into Morpheus’ arms I next found them in sixty-nine

Birgit blushes already from the idea she is about to see some severe spanking which she so much abhors
I have her sit right next to me at the right arm-rest of my big armchair to keep her at close comfort

Birgit obeys to my wish to spread her legs wide so I can see how wet her love lips get from watching
I have her sexy snatch wide open for licking her orchis orifice by my first slave who will deserve it

Birgit watches from close how I spank Alex by both my long strong rulers to teach her to obey rules

Birgit hears how I first call lesbian Alex forward to bend over my lap for her treat by my two rulers
I show them to Birgit and the rest of my slaves, Ai Kawaii from Japan and awesome Aisha, blonde beauty

Birgit feels how it feels different, a slap by the flexible plastic ruler and that stiff one of wood
I hear her secretly whispering in my ear it is like a nice flexible prick and a real wooden manhood!

Birgit hears how I laugh loud and we see the eye-brows of my slaves raise by a centimeter or even two
I hit the tight boyish looking bums of Alex first by plastic till pink and next to red by wooden rule

Birgit hears how Alex screams for forgiveness of her sexy sins and my mercy to her small sexy bottom
I let Alex kneel between my legs and express her gratitude by munching my mighty member to full size

Birgit wonders when and where in whom I will deposit my come tonight – does she stand any chance?

Birgit sees how pre-cum starts to leak from my gland – wonders whether I will explode in Alex’ mouth?
I have however other hot ideas for my future cum-deposit, I ask Alex to get up to make place for Aisha

Birgit admires the looks of Aisha as she kneels to take her place waiting for my further orders to her
I have a similar treat in mind for Aisha as for Alex: loads of severe spanking, without any orgasming!

Birgit fears how I might treat her to that same ordeal over my knees after finishing off slave Aisha
I have however other hot ideas in mind for my bride to be for this upcoming sexy sin-day Sunday night

Birgit sees how now all three tasty sexy slaves sport red burning bottoms, Ai appearantly from before
I have seen enough of their sorrow and send them to their bedroom ordering them to daisy-chain in love

Birgit comes from watching the lesbian love daisy-chain with me, which suddenly awakes her Tika

Birgit is amazed at the wide screen in my bedroom showing my three tasty sexy slaves in daisy-chain
I tweeze and squeeze her hard nipples between thumbs and fingers while she watches in all excitement

Birgit is engulfed by the lesbian love chain of kissing burning bums and sexily swollen love lips
I slide one hand down her stomach, belly and in between her legs, as Birgit slowly moves her hips

Birgit is coming in unisono with my three tasty slaves on screen – screaming in their daisy-chain
I slide one hand of her towards my mighty member her dirty dancing pole poking between her buttocks

Birgit is suddenly remembering her second sexy secret identity with me and teasing Tika takes charge!
I suddenly hear her whisper in my ear that tantalising Tika wants to make me come deep down inside her.

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