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Train Three Sexy Slaves #17: Birgit-1

I switch from tasty teen Tamara to shy Birgit, my tiny titted lesbian with a little sexy secret

After taking tasty teen Tamara to the train with my three sexy slaves I have a sexy surprise for them
I take them from Central Station to the airport and tell them about my fine friend Birgit, my beauty!

After we take Birgit to my private place I send my slaves to do their chores so we can be in private
I intimately inspect Birgit from as close as possible – as she stands bent over right in front of me

After her sexy inspection her daily duty is to masturbate for me right in front of my eyes at her slit
I smile as I see her blush by my information but she proudly presents my eyes an awesome orgasm of her

After all, I am the only one to share her secret of her second sexual identity of tasty teasing Tika
I know I will meet Tika also soon for the first time in real, her secret is to meet my meat in real!

I postpone punishment of Aisha and Alex till after introducing my sexy slaves fresh visitor Birgit

After our brunch around noon we all walk tasty teen Tamara back to the Central Station in Amsterdam
I have different plans for the rest of the day as my Ai, Aisha and Alex expect, my three sexy slaves

After last night Aisha and Alex expect their punishment, like Ai during that sexy Saturday evening
I have plans to punish them two properly indeed but first I have a sexy surprise and tease to them

After we kiss Tamara goodbye and I whisper in her ear my promise for a private session at me so soon
I have a surprise trip to the airport for my three tasty sexy slaves as an unexpected outing to them

After we sit down for the short ride I inform my three sweet sexy slaves about our next visitor Birgit
I have all ears as I tell them how long I already know her and how much I long to love her tiny tits!

I help my fresh guest at my doorstep to undress to only her sexy stretch shirt and a sexy short skirt

At the airport we wave as soon as we see eachother, she jumps right into my arms after passing customs
I introduce her colleagues for a few days to her and order Aisha as strongest to take over her luggage

At the platform for the train back I give Birgit a big hug to secretly whisper her my plans for today
I formally tell her in the train to Amsterdam that Aisha and Alex deserve immediate punishment at me!

At the platform for the bus back to my place I pay my fresh visitor honour by offering her my elbow
I tell the rest of my harem to cue up behind us and be very polite to my honoured guest from so far

At the doorstep of my apartment I remind Birgit of the rules of my refuge: short skirt, no underwear
I let the three slaves enter first and tell them to prepare a proper welcome, while I help my Birgit

I intimately inspect Birgit in private and ask her to share an orgasm with me in this position!

As my slaves do their chores of cleaning our bedrooms after our last hot night and make us dinner
I inform Birgit of her daily duties as my slave and let her perform in private for her first time

As my slaves are busy she is the first ever slave her to perform her presentation to me in private:
I want you to step close to me, turn around and bend over to present you for my intimate inspection

As all my slaves you will perform this pretty pussy presentation to me at the start of every day
I like you next to masturbate for me in that tasty position, keep looking at me between your legs

As my slaves are not present at her presentation, this is the first ever private session for Birgit
I know she is so shy and especially about that little sexy secret of her we still will keep private

I spank the big butt of Birgit as soft as I can, while I finger her slit to some awesome orgasms!

After dinner it is the highest time for her first public spanking over my knees, I can see her fear
I know Birgit is a virgin for some serious sexy spanking for pleasure, as my Ai still is in general

After dinner my three tasty sexy slaves kneel down around us to watch the initiation ceremony of her
I have Birgit bend over my lap from the left with Alex at my left, Ai at the right, Aisha is central

After dinner their bellies are round and full but tighten from the tension of what is coming up to her
I treat Birgit by the softest spanking ever, barely make her bums turn pinkish while I finger her twat

After dinner all are full but some of them long to be filled more inside their second set of love lips
I make Birgit come a lot on my lap to take away her fear, turn her on for something a bit more severe!.

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