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Train Three Sexy Slaves #15: Tamara-3

Tamara and I teach the three sweet sexy slaves a lesson of dear dedication

Tamara is a talented tasty teen and in full control of her pussy’s muscles
Tasty teen Tamara succeeds in sucking some smoke of hot pot from my joint!

Tamara gets a special sexy tasty treatment in bed that sweet Saturday night
Tamara gets a creampie first which leaks all down to wet her tight sphinxter

Tamara is so horny hot and high she can not stop coming with all her might
Tamara milks my member by both her hot holy holes for my erotic explosions

Tamara sets an example for the three tasty sexy slaves I train at my place
Tamara is better in bed than those three taken together: Ai, Aisha and Alex

Teaching tasty teen Tamara to sexy smoke with her second mighty mouth

Tamara smokes a cigar with me after dinner eager for my cognac kisses
Tamara sits at the right arm rest of my wide chair with her legs wide

Tamara let me test your pussy power, move your muscles on my finger
Tamara tries to suck it in as I enter her, that talented tasty teen

Tamara let me teach you to smoke with your pretty pussy my Princess
Tamara laughs loud, tries to take a puff with her second set of lips

Tamara sexily succeeds in sucking in some smoke from my wetted cigar
Tamara laughs loud when I take the next puff to compare those tastes

Tamara offers me sips of brandy and smoking hot pot from her puffy pussy

Tamara and I will switch to your bedroom for this nice naughty night
I inform my three tasty sex slaves they will watch us for two hours

Tamara and I will be on camera while my slaves will watch from mine
I have a wide split-screen in my bedroom which shows the two images

Tamara please present yourself in bed as wide open to me as you can
Tamara gets my idea, she pulls her knees up at each side of her tits

Tamara and I take our time to get good hot and high from smoking pot
Tamara learns how to offer me even a puff from her pretty puffy pussy

Tamara and I use her hot creampied cunny to knock her up on her backdoor

Tamara has first few orgasms from my sucking her smoking hot love lips
Tamara has her hottest orgasms when I come deep inside her honey pots

I enjoy the sexy sight how her creampie slowly leaks out down her rose
I enjoy the possibility to smear her tight sexy sphinxter by my sperm

Tamara feels my big brown banana knocking on her backdoor and lets me in
Tamara keeps coming from being taken so brutally by me, never giving in!

I shoot my second load deep down there and leave my lady gasping for breath
I need to take a leak so I slowly and silently retire me from her hot hold

I need to pee but first take a peek before my leak and need to punish my Ai

I first take a peek at my three slaves and find Aisha and Alex very excited
I notice that only my virgin Ai Kawaii is dreaming in the arms of Morpheus!

I wake her up by a dozen spanks to her bare bottom and drag her along with me
I have her sit down legs wide at the toilet seat while I water her Mount Venus

I take Ai with me and handcuff her wrists behind her back, so she can’t rub!
I tell Ai to stand in the corner to watch from close how I take Tamara again

I take Tamara to the toilet to relieve herself – where I watch her water run
I ask Tamara to munch my member back to banana size formely a privilege of Ai.

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