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Train Three Sexy Slaves #14: Tamara-2

Tamara is introduced to my three tasty sexy slaves in training only after her first awesome orgasm

Tamara slowly gets back her breath after coming from the combination of severe spanking and caressses
Tamara slowly gets back to her feet for a trial to follow the tasty teens awesome ordeal over my knee

Tamara please kneel down to me at that second pillow while Ai will show us her hot oral skills!
Tamara does not know anything yet about her three colleagues this warm weekend which turns so hot

Tamara, let me present to you my slaves, my nice niece Aisha, doesn’t she look very lovely indeed?
Tamara, let me present to you Ai Kawaii – which means cute in her Japanese – isn’t she cute indeed?

Tamara, I think you know Alex from the net but you two haven’t met in real isn’t it! Is that correct?
Tamara, I think I have an interesting trial for you: I wonder if you can suck as well as my Ai can?

Tamara listens to my summary of the sexual skills and private preferences of three tasty slaves

Ai starts the sucking competition while I tell Tamara some more Ai is still a virgin you know!
Ai starts the competition by being best in bed by her munching muscles and the power of her mind

Aisha is simply too pretty, so she never needed her oral skils to get a guy to make love to her
And Alex is simply too much lesbian to care about how to mouth men for their proper pleasures!

Ai starts already as Tamara still laughs loud at me from all that strange information suddenly
Ai starts already to suck my big brown banana into my mighty wooden manhood by her mouth only

Aisha keeps the wrists of Ai at her back so she can’t secretly use fingers to fondle my organs
And Alex is still staring at those tasty tits – she switches her eyes from Aisha’s to Tamara’s

Tamara passes the second test with flying honours which makes my slaves feel so sad and useless

Ai is a talented sucker but she can’t beat my tantric skills of postponing any orgasms till I want
Ai is a talented sucker but she has to resign from complete exhaustion! Who is next, we all wonder?

All eyes are on Tamara who blushes beet red as she sees all faces gazing at that intruding new slave
All eyes on Tamara are underestimating both her dedication and my plan to teach the three a lesson!

Aisha is strongest of all three, she makes sure she keeps an iron grip on the wrists of teen Tamara
Ai and Alex kneel down each at their sides to watch how well the newbee teen queen does that Tamara

All eyes on Tamara get wide as they hear me moan for more and much deeper down – Tamara gets me hot
All eyes at Tamara get mean, jealous as they watch how Tamara makes me explode deep down her throat!

Tamara wins right from the start the place for the night in my bed as my main slave at service

Three tender tasty tight sensual slender sexy slaves show sour grins when they see how Tamara wins
Three tender tasty sexy slaves to chose from for a sexy Saturday night in my bed, but Tamara wins!

Ai, Aisha and Alex give up their hopes for a second nice night in my bed as they see my reactions
Ai, Aisha and Alex give up most hopes when I ask Tamara to roll a cigarette for me with some weed

The three A-slaves I send to the kitchen to prepare dinner, an aperitif to Tamara at my lap and me
The three A-slaves I send to my sexy oblivion till tasty teen Tamara will take the last train back

Ai, Aisha and Alex make me sexy afrodasiacs as always: Ai some soup and sushi as starter courses
Aisha does the mussels and a shrimp salad as Alex makes french fries for all four of us to munch

Tamara longs for more love later in our privacy without those three yummy jealous sexy sluts

Tamara takes care of me and our after-party of chocolate, coffee and cognac while I light a cigar
Tamara takes her seat back at my lap to feed me coffee and brandy as she takes a puff of my cigar

Tamara this reminds me of a quote from a friend who started as an amateur nude model in Australia
Tamara, this lady is now an independent actress and director mainly, sometimes still a luxury e****t

Tamara, she once told how tasty that can be: great love in de hands of some handsome gentleman … Tamara, top brandy and a good smoke … Many orgasms, what a weekend was that and a lot of money!

Tamara laughs long and asks me Can I be your honey? I will ask you less money than that honey!
Tamara laugh long and sweet when I make love to you all evening and night as possessive gentleman!.

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