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Train Three Sexy Slaves #12: Ai Suffers

Ai is the third of my three tasty sexy slaves to be on trial for her earlier misbehaving to me

Ai is last for learning a lesson from me which her bottom will remember for a few days – and nights!
Ai is last remaining of my three tasty sexy slaves who is still in shape to share my bed for a night

Ai is a smart student of logics from Japan who finishes her MA in an exchange program to Amsterdam
Ai is as smart as good looking with a fine face half long hair firm tits between A and B-cups size

Ai is still a virgin in both her hot holy holes which I inspect every morning before she starts study
Ai is still a virgin as I keep proof in file of a few close-up pictures of her wide open pretty pussy

Ai is still having her beautiful hot hymen that tiny piece of pretty pink, closing off her womanhood
Ai is still untouched and never penetrated deep also in her beautiful brown rose, her sexy sphinxter

Ai gets high on me for presenting her exceptional exclusive cultural occasions but lets me down

Ai caused last Summer an enormous upset when she resigned last moment from a common plan for a holiday
Ai caused last Summer some financial setbacks to me and a mate by her last moment decision to withdraw

Ai used the excuse that her mother did not allow her to go or for a holiday with two elder eminent men
Ai used a bad excuse: her mom did not need to know or interfere with our plans for a cultural holiday!

Ai was promised a trip through Germany and Poland with many cultural highlights like our very first
Ai was invited by me to attend a one-time special concert by a female piano player from her country

Ai loved it and the occasion to informally talk to that lovely lady afterwards, after my suggestion
Ai loved the occasion to write something special in the guestbook there, using my red and black pens

Ai succeeds in having all her wishes included in the plan for our Summer hot holiday with three

Ai has two major wishes in Europe for visits during her Summer long holiday with two trusted friends
Ai likes to see the house where poet Rainer Maria Rilke lived in Worpswede subject of a school lecture

Ai wants to see in Warsaw the house in where Madame Curie was born – famous Nobel prize winner
Ai wants to visit it, as she is her heroine in Science: the only woman ever to win that prize!

All Ai’s wishes were included in our holiday plan even a trip along hardly known Hanseatic old towns
All Ai needs to do is to pack a few things for our travel of visits to old towns and trips in nature

Ai sends us a mail in the night we are packing for our leave early next morning with her resignation!
Ai sends us wondering how much we can trust words of a young woman even if she seems so sincere to us

Ai is up for her trial at me finally and very severe correction administred at her bare bottom

Ai has no idea her trial will be up next when she proudly went to bed with me for the second night
Ai has hot dreams of being my bride soon, as she is in both Morpheus and my arms for a quiet night

Ai is in for a severe sexy surprise next morning – after she does her hot duties after our wake-up
Ai is the best in bed as it comes down to milking my mighty member with her hands and mouth muching

Ai sexy satisfies me with her wake-up blow-job of my morning wooden manhood swallowing all my come
Ai sexy shows me all her goodies and still virgin tight tasty holy holes in her wanton waiting slit

Ai lands across my lap immediately after our breakfast with all three tasty sexy sweet slaves of me
Ai lands across my lap for long as her misdeed early Summer invites serious severe correction by me

Ai sighs and breathes deep but does not scream while I turn her bronze bottom from pink to red

Ai is courageous as she acknowledes her misbehaviour and causing us a lot of last moment troubles
Ai is courageous as she bites her lips and tries not to cry or scream at my hard hits at her bums

Ai is enjoying her suffer as Alex has done just before, getting a wet snatch, without she realises
Ai is enjoying her punishment bent over my lap to the extend of getting close to a surprise orgasm

Ai comes as soon as I bring my fingers close to her clit with one hand while the other hits her
Ai comes and can not stop as I know how treat my sweet slaves to a long lasting sexy tasty trip

Ai is ready now both mentally and physically to be finally taken by me but I choose to postpone
Ai is ready and waiting for my mighty member to take her flowers forever – for both I am prone!.

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