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Train Three Sexy Slaves #11: Alex Suffers

Aisha Ai and Alex are my three tasty sexy slaves serving me pleasure while I teach and train them

Aisha is still in slumbers after her orgasms so long and hard she is completely exhausted from coming
Alex helps me to clean our mess while Ai left for her study of Logics at the University of Amsterdam

Alex is wet, warm, wanton to receive a similar treatment as Aisha got: a punishment to seventh heaven
Alex is wearing a schoolgirls short skirt, a sexy stretch tasty tiny white top and colourful leggings

Alex sits at my lap when she is finished with her chores – glad she can relax and hug me before dinner
Alex sits at my stool in the kitchen for her lesson to cook something different than noodles, her food

Ai is indeed back in time for our food and I ask Alex to wake up Aisha in time for our dinner for four
Aisha asks with big blushes permision to kneel at our table as her bottom burns too much too sit on it

Alex is next to be on trial and receive proper punishment for bad behaviour since early Summer

I announce next trial this evening immediately after dinner while we have strong coffee pure chocolate
I notice wonder in the faces of both Alex and Ai whom of the two will be sentenced next to punishment?

Alex deserves to be first as she has broken a record of promises to me before she became a sweet slave
Alex deserves to be properly punished for her sins in her behaviour towards me since early last Summer

Alex bows her head all time when I mention her bad behaviour to her two cute colleagues in my training
Alex bows further down after she hears her verdict of being birched by fresh twigs – which Ai collects

Ai knows nature and often had to cut twigs from the woods around the mountain village of her grandmom
Ai knows how to twine them together from the instructions by her granny, which is very helpful for me

Alex gets a wet snatch before her boyish bottom will turn redhot and burn for a few nice nights

Ai learned from Granny how make everything yourself from the woods in Autumn: from brooms to beaters
Ai learned from Granny a lot and very fast as every mistake was corrected by some severe bum beating

Alex bends over my knees when Ai hands me a freshly formed tool harvested from my small Autumn garden
Alex bends over and tightens the muscles of her bums awaiting severe strapping by my fresh wooden tool

Alex is surprised as I first caress her boyishly looking lovely little bottom and feel down her slit
Alex is surprised by my approach before I start to punish her when I warm her – tease a bit her clit

Alex gets a wet twat and I ask Ai to kneel behind her and lick the pussy juices from her love lips
Alex gets hot and horny and very close to coming as I envisage in my erotic tease and teach scenario

Alex gets as exhausted as Aisha was from coming so long and hard by Ai and I hitting her hard

I start to beat her boyish tight tasty small sexy bums hard as soon as she starts to orgasm at my lap
I start to hit her harder with every slap and soon switch for the beater which Ai made me with my help

I ask Ai to flog the pretty pussy of Alex with my cat with many leather little tails till it swells up
I ask Ai to finger Alex’s tasty wet twat while I warm her her bottom from pretty pink to deep beet red

I instruct Ai to keep the tip of her index very lightly at the erect clit of Alex the moment she comes
I instruct Ai to keep hold of her continuous coming like that, while I stripe by twigs a lovely bottom

I enjoy eroticaly exhausting Alex as I did with my nice naughty niece Aisha before I lecture my Alex!
I enjoy enormously to see and feel her trembling all over at my lap – till she finally also collapses

Ai longs to become a woman one day by me, she prays it will be her present of me for this X-mas

I carry Alex to the bed where Aisha still is in deep dreams and position them as sweet sexy spoons
I carry Alex to the front of Aisha so her burning bottom will warm Aisha’s belly and her hot mound

I invite Ai to come to my bed for more sexy excitement, she underesses, soon we lay also as spoons
I invite Ai who is still a virgin, to hold her thick thighs tight for me to ride high between them

Ai loves to serve me as well as she can while she hopes I soon finally formally fully make her mine
Ai loves me most of all three she hotly hopes I will take her virginity before the end of the year

Ai whispers to me Please use me as you please Professor Peter, I am proud to be your sexy servant
I hotly hope you will make me a woman soon, I long to be your virgin Mother Mary during X-mas Eve.

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