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Train Three Sexy Slaves #10: Aisha Suffers

Aisha, Ai and Alex perfectly perform their morning duties for me as my three tasty sexy slaves

Aisha mumbles in her dream in my arms Yes Professor Peter I will try to be to you a sweet slave
Aisha’s mind tries to forget her visit for a month early Summer, prays to God I will do the same

I smile as I know what I have in mind for her next day to teach her a lesson which will last long
I smile at her as she wakes up – she immediately realises her duty as my slave in bed for a night

Aisha gets up to make me a mug of tea – she brings it to me and gets down on her knees to blow me
Aisha gets my full load deep down her throat – she eagerly swallows her proteine ‘amuse gueule’

Ai and Alex make breakfast – Ai supplies us with Asian aphrodisiacs while Alex serves ham and eggs
Ai and Alex come to me for their daily intimate inspection – next morning masturbation for my eyes

Aisha is in for a very sexy surprise and a painful punishment by joined effort of us all three

Aisha is last one up for showing me her blonde bare sexy snatch and opening up her pink sphinxter
Aisha is left in this pretty position and ordered to look at me between her legs while she orgasms

Aisha is in for a nasty surprise as I tell her to hold her position – announce her trial to follow
Aisha is blushing from pink to beet red when I recount her misdeeds and broken promises last Summer

Aisha is slowly realising she is in for some severe sets of strokes probably not only by bare hands
Aisha is biting her lips and her hot hips freeze from fear for straps or paddles to burn her bottom

I invite Ai and Alex to start to warm her bums hitting her each from one side – Alex is lefthanded
I invite Ai next to bring me the cat-o-nine-tails, ask Alex to fetch the carpet-beater to clean her

Aisha is getting a grand finale from me, while Ai and Alex torture her beautiful big breasts!

Aisha is strong – her eyes cry as I apply my instruments at her private parts but she stays silent
Aisha is so sexy looking now: her love lips swollen from the bites of the cats tails at her snatch

Aisha’s bottom gets as red as her face as the pain and stress get her legs shaking and trembling
Aisha’s twat is very wet and dripping from her hot pussy juices – which she even does not notice!

Aisha is all ready now for my grand finale for her: I grab her hot hips, park her pussy on my pole
Aisha is all open: pleasure in punishment as I hold her hands at her back, tell the two what to do

Aisha feels how her colleagues tweeze her nipples hard between their fingers before they bite them
Aisha feels how I keep control of her pole-dancing by my two fingers at each side of her erect clit

Aisha enjoys enormous orgasms up to seventh heaven – to her and my two other slaves amazement!

Aisha can not help coming hard despite the pain and horrible humiliation in her terrible situation
Aisha’s cunt muscles cramp my mighty member trying to milk it – but I want more for by big banana!

Aisha feels how I lift her a bit by my hands at her hips and position my pole at her tightest hole
Aisha feels how I pull her down, enter her back-door full length to plumb her butt there some more

Aisha is high in a seventh heaven where the torture never stops and feels she is coming eternally!
Aisha is all sighs, moans and screams while Ai and Alex look in amazement to her joy in punishment

I notice the puzzled look at the face of Alex as she starts to calculate: how bad she shall behave?
I notice the dreamy eyes of her hoping she once will also be punished hard all up to seventh heaven

Aisha completely collapses – Alex is eager to take her place as my favourite for all day and night

Aisha collapses at my lap after I send my semen deep inside her and her endless orgasming subsedes
Aisha collapses next in my big bed where I carry her before I invite my other two to share a shower

Aisha hardly can sit for the next few days, while she dreams we three balsam the beautiful big bums
Aisha hardly can be on duty for the next few nights – so the choice is now between Alex and shy Ai

Alex is eager to please me, kneels in front of me to make me hot once more while the warm water runs
Alex is eager to show she can do her best and tries to match Ai in her abilities to munch my manhood

Alex is attentive and obedient – she immediately understands what I want when I pull her blond tail
Alex is bending over for me and offers me the cunning choice between her two tasty horny hot holes!.

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