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Took Virginity In 18th Birthday

Hi doston myself Bapi..As i have said you in my previous story ” maa ki anjane mein usse raat bhar choda ” that i am a model and call boy i used to go for calls. This story is a call for me but with a fresh 18 year virgin girl.

I reached there at the proper address by 7pm..I call the customer she asked me to stand on a junction of the street and she will pick me up in 5-10 min.

In 5 min a Honda city car stood before me.. Simultaneously i got a call that get in the white Honda city no.. I get in what i see!! A beautiful teen girl in red dress was sitting.. Her hair were tied with a red band and wearing a red watch and red high heel shoes. She is looking awesome.

I could judge his figure will be around 32-28-30…She shook hand with me and asked me about my journey and all.. She said me that it was her 18th birthday so 1st of all she will take me to party and will introduce me as a senior friend of her and to enjoy the party and the main part will be in tonight.

I agreed and according to her the party in hr. home was going she introducing me to her friends and al that m her friend.. But i couldn’t see her parents. In sometime a BMW come and an old man in 60?s came out she said papa and hugged him i knew from ths that he is hr father. Later i discovered her mother died 7 year before.. Let’s go to the main part

At 10 pm she took my hand and put me in a room and asked me to get fresh and locked it from outside and went away that was a nice room i think it’s her room.

I took a shower and i didn’t wear anything cover me inside the blanket and lied down.

In sometimes she came to the room locked the door and sat on the chair she was all sweat her bra strap was visible a red bra..

I asked her did ur father knew this and where is he

She replied he left for Singapore now and he is always busy and she added that she is virgin.

She said i had thought to lose it on my 18 bday but 2 months i had a brkeup and i don’t want any other guy becoz i dint trust them so I said its ok.

She smiled and said let me get fresh i am all sweat you may feel dirty.

I look at her she is looking very hot before she could go to bathroom i hugged her and said her I’ll like to get dirty with as much as i can.. She dropped the towel i had kept my hand on her boobs and pressing them and in kiss sucking her sweat from her neck.

We did like this for 5 min.. Then i opnd her rings, watch then held her and put her on bed.. She was stunned seeing my dick it was erect a 10 inch dick.. She look scarcely so big can i take this i said relax you can I’ll take care of you

And claimed on her opened her dress open the bra and suck his nipples the fragrance of sweat driving me wild.

I kiss, suck her till 15 min then went down she had a shaved vagina. I took some lubricate gel and gave her and asked her to massage on my dick.. She did it than i started sucking her pussy when i hit is hymen she used to say its hurting i did it fr 5 min she was all lost i could see her holding the bed sheet tightly and eyes closed moaning

I immediately broke up kiss and opened her leg in missionary position placed my dick at all time she was not aware m going to fuck her.. I pushed my dick simultaneously i kissed her lips caressing her boobs 5 inch penis was in her ..Tears roll down from her eye we remain lyk that for 2 min then slowly i fuck her thn i broke the kiss..She hugged me tytly keep on doing b hard i want it all as much as i can.

I gave a f***e stroke around 7 inch was inside her

She was moaning aaaaaahhhhhh ohhh baby don’t care for me treat me a slut and fuck it hurts but kip being hard i want to tke this all.

I was fucking at a high speed around 9 inch penis inside her..Coming in and out.. She held me and said i am going to cum 2 nd time..I may ask u to stop but whatever i say don’t care kip me fucking till you cum and please come inside me.. And immediately kissed my lips passionately and didn’t broke.

Like this i was going on fucking her wet pussy making sound all over the room and finally after 40 min of fucking i was going to cum i pushed all the dick hard inside she got little back with the push and i cum in her pussy. We lied like this for 15 min thn she came and placed her head on my chest and hugged me and slept. The bed sheet was full with bleed stains and ejaculations..

In morning when i woke up i found a letter beside the bed lamp thr were 20000 rupees and a letter written go away before i woke up and u did so well so 5 thousand bonus to u ..Before going close the door from outside I’ll miss you a lot.

I am in love with you. I took the money and kept a ipill pack and wrote in the back side of the letter i care for you take it you may get pregnant and you are really awesome will miss you a lot. And i left.

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