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(Reading “All-You-Can-Eat Buffet” before reading this one is recommended, but not required. Comments always welcome. )

Seriously!? I thought to myself, wandering into the dark bathroom. I had turned the light on, and nothing happened. I suspected the light bulb had blown out, so I went to the hall closet to get another one. That didn’t work out as well as planned – the last good light bulb had been taken out of the box, and the box had been put back into the closet.

I hate it when that happens. Off to the store to get another. I decided that, even though the department store had them cheaper, I would spend the savings in gas. I decided to go to the local hardware store.

I parked the car, and went in. I walked across the front of the store, looking at aisles of wrenches, screwdrivers, pipe fittings, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and ceiling fans, when I finally got to the light bulbs, I selected the ones I wanted, and headed to the checkout.

On my way up, I saw a woman that looked really familiar, but I couldn’t place her right off. She looked up to see who was walking by, and squinted at me. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Hearing the voice brought it all back. I decided to be diplomatic. We were, after all, in public. “I think you know my wife. She’s the manager of the grocery store downtown. “

“No, that’s not me.

I’m Linda,” she said with a big smile on her face.

“So, what are you doing here?” I asked. She was standing in front of the boxes of garbage disposals. It was pretty obvious she was shopping for a garbage disposal, but, I was desperate to change the subject.

“I’m shopping for a garbage disposal. Mine broke, so I have to get a new one. Problem is, I have no idea how to install it.

Neither does Rosa. “

“Well, I think I can help. ” I watched a lot of This Old House. I was pretty sure I could remember what Mr Vila did.

“Would you? That’d be great. ”

I grabbed the box for her, and hoisted it up to the counter. We each paid for our purchases, and I hoisted the new garbage disposal out to her car. It was decided that I’d leave my car there, and ride to her house; she’d bring me back to my car later.

It was about a twenty-minute drive to her house. The entire drive, I kept trying to sneak glances at her thick waist, and ample bosom. I had never been very particular. I love my redheads, but that’s never been a make-or-break situation. I’ve been able to find just about any woman attractive, unless I hate her personality. I thought Linda was extremely cute, just like her wombmate Rosa. It made sense – they’re twins.

We got to Linda’s house. I hung back for a second, to watch her get out of the car. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought I saw her wiggle her ass, just a bit, as she got out. I wrestled the box out of the trunk, and carried it into the house. Linda directed me to the kitchen. I could see the disaster, where the garbage disposal was. I had my work more than cut out for me.

Luckily for her, I had my tools in the trunk of my car, so I had brought them with me. I went out to get them, then came back in, and laid down to start work.

As I was working, unbolting and unscrewing the old unit, I felt something touch my knee. I jumped, not knowing what it was. I felt it slide further up my leg. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I knew I was responding to it.

I could sense my cock getting harder as whatever it was moved up my leg. It cupped and squeezed my hardening cock.

Then, in for the kill. I made out, by this point, that it was a hand. The hand, with the help of a friend, undid the belt and button on my jeans, and pulled them down as far as they could. I guessed that Linda was thanking me for helping her.

I kept working, trying to ignore the hand that pulled my boxers down, then grabbed my cock.
It was then that I felt the warm, wet, unmistakable sensation of a mouth around my shaft. The garbage disposal was the last thing on my mind as the talented tongue danced all around my dick. The same hands from earlier reached up to pinch and squeeze my nipples. As Linda was sitting on my legs, I couldn’t move, so there was nothing to do but lie there and enjoy it.

The same hands from earlier reached up to pinch my nipples. I sucked air through my teeth, as it felt amazing. Then, she went down, all the way down. I could feel her lips around the base of my shaft, and my glans stroking her tonsils. I used all my strength to move her, still burrowed in her throat. I didn’t think it was fair for her to have all the fun.

I tilted my head up at her, and noticed that she was completely naked. She looked back, her mouth and throat still full of my cock. I remember casting a sideways thought about her ability to hold her breath. I pulled her up, reluctantly, and kissed her, thrusting my tongue deep in her mouth.

After a few moments of that, I laid back and pulled her up; she sank down, and buried my cock into her pussy.

She sat there, for a moment, letting us feel each other. In all the shenanigans last time, I didn’t get the chance to feel my cock inside her; this time, I was cataloguing every sensation. She started moving up and down, grabbing my cock with her pussy muscles. Every so often, she’d rotate her hips, adding a little grind to it. After a few minutes of that, I was in heaven…

…until I heard an exaggerated clearing of the throat.

I looked up, and couldn’t believe what I saw; in fact, in hindsight, I still can’t believe what I saw. Linda was standing there, in the kitchen. At least, I thought it was Linda, but, I was confused, because Linda was on top of me, still riding my cock. The person not on the bologna pony was wearing the same clothes Linda had worn earlier. So, if Linda was standing there, that could only mean…

“Rosa??” I looked up in surprise.

She simply looked back, and wiggled her fingers in a “yeah, you caught me” sort of way. Then, presumably to make sure I wasn’t upset, she started riding again. Then, presumably to make sure her twin wasn’t upset, she grabbed her around the waist, then started taking Linda’s pants off. Her lovely behind was exposed, as well as her pussy, which was sporting a 5 o’clock shadow that I found sexy. Rosa leaned over and began licking Linda’s pussy.

They both obviously loved it; as Linda’s moans and groans got louder and more frequent, I could feel Rosa’s pussy getting wetter. Linda stepped over my torso, and I watched her ass wiggle provocatively as Rosa resumed her oral assault. I sat up, and gave each of her ass cheeks a kiss. She reached back to spread her ass, and I saw her pink asshole. I couldn’t quite reach it, so she pulled her pussy away from Rosa, and let me lick her ass.

One twin’s ass was in my mouth, and the other twin was riding my dick. I shoved my tongue deep in her asshole. I was too turned-on to care, about licking ass, or my flexibility. Linda made it easier by pushing back until I fell backward, and proceeding to sit on my face. That was all the encouragement I needed. I licked and sucked her ass and pussy like I was starving. After a few moments, she stood, and pulled Rosa to her feet.

They each stepped around until they had switched positions. Linda sat on my cock, and drove her hips down, bottoming out. I was spanking her cervix with my glans, and she apparently loved it. That was all she needed, as she was swept away by the rush of her orgasm. While that was happening, Rosa was grinding her hips on my face. I loved how she used my mouth and nose to rub her pussy.

I stuck my tongue out, and she rode it like a woman possessed, the same way she had my cock.

While her twin was cumming on my cock, she reached her peak, and began soaking my face in her juices. I thought I might drown, but I was certainly going to die happy. I gave my best effort to lick up all the cum Linda deposited on my face, but there was just too much.

That was when my lips made contact with her clit. She squealed, and put all her weight down on my head, trying to get her clit deeper in my mouth. Watching her do this caused Linda to do the same thing to my cock. When she sank down, she was in the middle of an orgasm, and my dick went past her cervix. That was, apparently not a feeling either of us was accustomed to.

Through the small bit of space I had between Rosa’s legs, I could see that Linda’s eyes were open wide, and I could see and feel her twitching.

It felt as though I’d gained an extra half-inch in that moment, because I could feel it going deeper. Her cervix gripped me like a vise, and, at that time, I couldn’t tell if she was having multiple orgasms, or just a long one that seemed never to end.

She started moving again, and my cock was going in and out of her womb, the deepest part of her womanhood. Cheesy, I know, but, that’s what happened. Rosa leaned forward, and, from what I could tell, was licking Linda’s nipples, because Linda said, “Oh, yes, lick my nipples”. I continued my oral assault on Rosa. I focused squarely on sucking her sweet ass. Tongue deep in one twin’s ass, and cock buried super-deep in the other’s pussy.

This kept up for a few minutes, until I was sure I couldn’t take anymore. With my mouth up Rosa’s ass, I couldn’t let Linda know I was cumming. I felt wave after wave of pressure as her pussy sucked the cum out of my balls, and deposited it directly into her uterus.

Rosa stood up quickly, saying, “My turn!” To my surprise, I was still hard, so I laid Rosa on her back, and thrust into her in one steady stroke.

She came, immediately. If I hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have believed me if I had told me the story. She came, and I took the opportunity to find out how similar twins actually are. I went deep, past her cervix. She came again, and I started fucking her deep, taking her squirting as encouragement.

Linda came up to us, and positioned herself right over Rosa, and sat her pussy down. Rosa started gleefully eating my cum out of her twin’s dripping snatch.

I had cum very deep, so it wasn’t coming out quickly, until Linda squeezed hard, and a big dollop of cum landed on Rosa’s mouth. I continued fucking her as she gathered the cum in her mouth, and started playing with it. That was all I needed to see, as, for the second time that night, I came deep inside a twin’s pussy.

After catching my breath, I realized that the job I had originally come there to do was only nearly done.

I put the new garbage disposal in, and quickly reattached all the couplings. When that was finished, I grabbed a plate with some waste food, and tested the disposal. Success!

I gathered my tools, and took them outside, looking for my car. Only then did I realize I had ridden there with Linda. I went back into the house only to hear smacking noises. I followed the sound to the bedroom, where the girls were engaged in an interesting-looking 69.

I decided it’d be best to leave them uninterrupted. I squeezed Linda’s tit, and caressed Rosa’s butt, possibly the other way around. I walked out the door, grabbed my tools, and looked for the nearest bus stop.

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