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Tina’s first time

As Tina spied on her parents having sex, she could see her dad’s huge cock slamming in and out of her mum’s pussy, her mum moaned and groaned as he rammed his log into her, she could see her mums huge tits swaying as Maureen (Tina’s mum) moaned begging for more Ted (Tina’s dad) spanked Maureen as she begged for a good fucking, Tina could feel her pussy getting wet, as she run her hands over her young tits, Tina was 18 and had just finished college and had the summer to rest before university, putting her hand up her skirt and down her panties Tina started to rub her pussy, closing her eyes, all she could hear was her mum being pleased by her dad, Tina was still a virgin, and had made it her main goal, to lose her virginity, before university started.

As she stood still she watched her dad pull his huge cock out and rub it hard, Tina couldn’t believe what she was about to see, her mum sat up and opened her mouth as a huge stream of cum shot from her dads cock and into Maureen’s mouth, as he placed it in her mouth, and let her suck it until, it slipped from her mouth and hung down. Tina’s pussy was dripping wet as her finger slipped deep, in her pussy, her other hand rubbed her tit making her nipples hard, she could feel a orgasm building as she rushed to her room, laying on the bed, she opened her legs and rubbed her pussy until she cum.

Tina had a good mate in Mark and would be at the same university as her, so she had someone she knew, Mark and Tina had known each other since nursery, and was more a b*****r/best mate than anything, like Tina Mark was also a virgin but there was a strong possibility he was gay, but Tina was going to lose her virginity to Mark as she believed he was the one and would be so gentle as well.

Tina gave Mark a ring asking him if he was free that evening, he said he would be over at 8, that worked in perfect and mum and dad where going out. Tina was out to get laid and pulled out all the guns to get the job done; having a shower she shaved her pussy, making sure it was as smooth as silk, teasing her clit so it swelled up was just right, getting dressed she put her little black bra and matching panties on and a real sexy little outfit, that said I need your cock but I’m not a slut.

Dead on 8 the door bell rang, Mark was always punctual opening the door she smiled and marked kissed her on the cheek, sitting down they chatted and Mark complimented on how beautiful Tina looked, she didn’t want compliments she wanted him to say get up those stairs and open your legs I have a cock that wants pussy. As they sat listening to music the conversation turned to what they would do for the summer.

Mark was going away for a week with his parents and wanted to know if Tina wanted to join them, she jumped at the chance as Mark phoned his mum saying Tina wanted to come, she went and sat next to mark as they hugged.

“Mark I need to ask you a question” Mark looked worried “no it’s nothing bad, we have known each other, for 15 years and been through school together” “yer I know” Mark said “well in the last few years I have never seen you with a girlfriend, and don’t be offended but are you gay”? Mark looked rather surprised “how did you know” “Oh just a hunch do you like anyone at the moment”? “no but I get turned on by seeing men with muscles, but never kissed a guy or felt one”, Tina looked saying “so you may not be gay” “well no but I don’t look at women the way I look at men, if you get what I mean” “yer I do, come with me” as she took him by the hand leading him upstairs and into her bedroom, sitting on the bed Mark stood in front of her.

Gathering enough courage Tina unzipped Marks jeans, “what you doing Tina” “I wanna see if you’re gay” putting her hand in his jeans and pulled out his limp cock, it was fairly big but very thick in width. Starting to rub it his cock started to get firm, opening her mouth she sucked it softly, Mark moaned as he put his hand on her head “oh god Tina that feels fantastic”, Marks cock was getting very hard as Tina looked at it and smiled, then looked at Mark as she started to rub it slowly the thick veined weapon stood proud, slightly up turned Tina let go taking her jumper off and undoing her bra her tits fell free, her nipples rock hard, she carried on rubbing Marks cock.

Getting on the bed Mark looked at Tina’s tits saying “your boobs are beautiful” as he joined her on the bed they kissed, Mark run his hand over her tits as Tina rubbed his hard cock slowly, Mark then run his hand over her bum and up her skirt, she gasped at the feel of his hand on her bum, slowly caressing her bum she tried to help Mark off with his top, she knew he had a sexy chest all muscles and six pack, his hand now was on her thong rubbing her pussy, “oh god Mark fuck me baby I want you as my first” puling her thong down Mark got off the bed and stripped, as well as Tina, getting under the quilt, they both cuddled and kissed.

“Are you sure about this I have no condoms, it fine I’m on the pill have been for a while and have wanted you for ages, as Tina opened her legs mark got in between them and gently guided his cock into her pussy, Tina was soaking wet but her pussy was tight, trying to relax Mark kissed her gently, and sucked her nipples making her cum, her juices dripped from her pussy, getting her very excited, her pussy throbbed Mark’s cock now was pushing her pussy lips apart making Tina moan and breath heavily “Oh mark your cock is big I love you baby” “I had no idea you thought of me in that way, I have loved you for ages”, pushing his cock in slowly Tina moaned with pleasure and cum.

Mark pulled out and he leaned back on his legs, seeing some bl**d on his cock he knew, he had taken her virginity, as she had taken his, rubbing his cock Tina watched as the big purple head shone, “would you like me to do that for you, you can come over my boobs” as Mark lay down Tina wrapped her fingers around the shaft and rubbed it slowly, cupping his balls in her hand she rubbed his rigid rod, making Mark groan, he said he was Cumming as Tina rubbed, she could see some sticky pre cum on the tip of his cock, feeling it throb Mark groaned and thick streams of cum shot from his cock and onto her boobs, it flowed like a river, pumping thick white cream over her hand and down his shaft.

Tina looked in amazement at the amount of cum that poured from his cock.
“Oh my god that was amazing so much cum” as Tina looked at his ever softening cock, Mark got up and cleaned himself “but I haven’t made you cum properly” “well then you better do it” laughing she lay down and opened her legs slightly, Mark slipped his finger into her slit and gently rubbed her clit, as Tina felt herself getting wetter, she said to mark push your finger a bit deeper, doing as he was asked she groaned with pleasure, Tina opened her legs wider as Marks finger slipped into her very wet pussy, he touched her G spot as it shot a bolt of pleasure through her body, making her arch her back and moan loudly, rubbing her harder she said she was Cumming as a 2nd finger joined the first one, massaging her G spot Tina moaned as Mark pulled his fingers clear making her squirt, Tina moaned gripping the bed tight and then relaxing.

They lay on the bed for ages as Tina said “well I think I’m going to have to change my mind, I don’t think your gay” laughing like mad Mark said “well if I was you turned me straight, turning to one side and kissed her, running his hand over her tits and pussy. “Well does this mean we are more than best buddies now” “I suppose we are Tina” as they hugged and kissed running their hands over each other, Mark made Tina groan as he slowly rubbed her clit, she opened her legs as Mark’s finger slid in and out, Tina grabbed his cock tugging at it softly it started to get firm, she wanted more and for him to cum in her, she was curious what cum tasted like after seeing her mum suck dad’s cock when he cum, sliding down the bed Tina started to suck Mark’s cock making him groan, as her head bobbed up and down, she was surprised at the taste of his cock, a bit salty but very nice, wrapping her tongue around the head, Mark gasped as the sensation rode through his body.

Letting his dick slip out her mouth she made sure she got on top of mark and guided his cock into her soft wet pussy, it was still a bit tight but she didn’t care, the pain was worth it, the feeling was fantastic as it slipped completely in, her pussy muscles gripped the base of the cock as Mark sucked on her nipples. Starting to grind her hips Tina was all out for Mark to blow his load in her, and nothing except her parents bursting in was going to stop her, and she knew that was never going to happen.

As she kissed mark she could feel his cock grow in her, gasping like mad she rode Mark harder and faster, groaning like mad she was close to Cumming as was Mark, as Tina ground her hips Mark groaned unable to hold back he shot his cum into Tina, making her cum as well, the feeling of warm cum pouring into her pussy felt un real.
Moving down his body she sucked his cock, she was addicted to sucking a cum soaked cock, as it tasted fantastic.

Falling asl**p after for a while Mark got up and got dressed, “are you going” “yer well I don’t think your parents would think much to me sl**ping with you”? “How will they know by the time they get back we will be in bed, and in the morning they will think you slept on the floor, we will just have to be quiet, when we cum” laughing out loud Mark, got undressed and got back into bed, kissing Tina he slowly moved down her body, before getting in between her legs, and rubbed her clit with 2 fingers, Tina sighed with pleasure as his fingers rubbed her clit slowly, before she cum again.

Falling asl**p they woke the following morning, getting dressed they went down stairs, Ted and Maureen where sitting at the table having breakfast Maureen looked up saying “oh hi Mark didn’t realise you stayed over” Mark smiled and said “well Tina asked me to keep her company and fell asl**p sorry” Maureen smiled saying “no need to be sorry you’re like a son to us, now sit down and have breakfast, if you want you can keep me company this morning whilst everyone is out, just let your mum know” as Mark rang his mum he had breakfast and sat chatting.

Ted took Tina too work with him as she wanted to go shopping, Maureen cleared the dishes and sat talking to mark about university, he could see Maureen’s top open a bit showing her ample tits, feeling himself going a bit red and hard, he made a excuse to have a shower, shooting upstairs getting undressed his cock was now as hard as hell, getting in the shower he rubbed his cock hard, leaning against the shower wall, closing his eyes he felt the warm water run, over his body his concentration was broken by Maureen’s voice “you know Mark that’s bad for your eye sight, that should be done by a women”, as he looked in horror he tried to cover up.

“I think you’re a bit big to cover that up, a matter of fact it is rather big mmmmm” removing her gown she got into the shower, and gently held his cock, rubbing it slowly she kissed him as he played with her tits, and rubbing her nipples “why don’t we move to the bedroom, I’m sure I can find a use for this hard thing”. Getting out the shower and going into her bedroom Maureen lay on the bed, she opened her legs to reveal a beautiful shaped smooth pussy, “let’s hope that feels as good as it looks”, walking over Mark guided his cock into her pussy.

“Oh god that feels so good” Mark moved in and out slowly, her pussy felt tight on his thick cock, her tits moved with every move.

“Mmmmmmm your cock is real big, bigger than Ted’s” as she begged for more “do you like my tits Mark? “Yes I love big tits, as he thrust harder “oh god so good fuck me harder” as Mark grabbed her legs he pounded her pussy like mad, his balls slapping her arse, it wasn’t long before Maureen was groaning louder and louder “cum in my pussy mark cream my hole” as her moaning got louder she said she was Cumming, Mark felt his cock throb he groaned and shot his warn load into Maureen, making her climax like mad.

“Oh wow and I always thought you was gay Mark” “I know Tina thought the same thing” “Oh and what did you say to her” “I’ didn’t say anything but she said oh my god I’m Cumming”. “Well I had thought so I saw you in bed last night with her, but I’m happy to know, you and Tina are a item” sitting up she kissed Mark stroking his limp cock “and that has a gift of pleasing a older women, why don’t you come lay with me” as they lay on the bed Mark sucked her nipples and rubbed her pussy “mmmmmmm that feels so good” sticking his tongue in her mouth Maureen moaned like mad, she sat up and slid down the bed and gently sucked Mark’s cock.

Maureen’s mouth felt fantastic on his limp cock as her head bobbed up and down working his cock until it got life in it again, Mark just lay back and watched as this married women sucked his 18 yr old cock. He could feel his cock getting stiff again as Maureen slipped back up the bed, “how do you fancy seconds and making me cum again” as she got on her knee’s Mark slipped his cock into her pussy, making her sigh, holding her hips he started to move in and out, Maureen pushed back as her tits hung down, her nipples rubbing on the sheet made them hard, Mark spanked her arse as he fucked her harder “oh yes that’s it spank my arse I need it so much” spanking her again and again, she moaned louder and louder, wetting his finger he pushed his finger into her arse “holly hell what are you doing” as he pushed his finger past the knuckle and then drew it out slowly.

Maureen screamed with pleasure as a orgasm shot through her body, gripping her hips Mark started to fuck her harder and harder, spanking her arse again and again she begged and whimpered for more and more “come on fuck me fuck me as hard as you want, never had it so good” banging his cock in and out Maureen shouted for more, Mark was close feeling his cock throb again, with a final push his cock sunk deep into her pussy, making Maureen shudder with a massive orgasm he blew his massive load making Maureen bury her head into the pillows to quieten the screaming , Mark finally started to go limp and slip from her pussy collapsing on the bed Mark breathed heavily.

Maureen looked at Mark “Oh wow I have never cum like that long time since I was taken by a younger guy from behind” as Mark looked at Maureen he asked her how many men she had, been with, “well” Maureen said “quite a few to be honest, it started on our wedding day, with the 3 best men, all at once then Ted’s dad on the wedding night, as Ted was pissed, then the following day with the porter who took me, by surprise.

I have been fucking other guys since I was old enough to fuck legally, Ted is Tina’s though and now I have had you’re cock mmmmmmm, so thick and big”. Mark looked stunned. Getting out of bed mark had a shower and returned to Maureen.
Both getting dressed and going downstairs we sat chatting when Tina came home we went upstairs so Tina could show me what she had bought, as she stripped I feasted my eyes on her naked body, she slipped on a sexy pair of panties “well what do you think” “mmmmmmm” as she slipped them off, I unzipped my trousers and pulled out my hard cock, and started to rub it slowly “oh my I see you liked my panties” as she pulled out her next item slipping them on a nice pair of white pair of French knickers and matching lace bra rubbing my cock harder, Tina dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock hard, rubbing it, at the same time I groaned and cum down her throat.

“Well that was worth me buying those” as she wiped the corners of her mouth, “that has made me so wet” as she lay on the bed and opened her legs, Mark got on his knees and started to lick her sweet juices, from her pussy Tina moaned as his tongue run up and down her slit teasing her clit Tina arched her back, putting her hand on Marks head, he ate her pussy, Tina gasped as started to breath heavily before groaning and Cumming.

A knock on the door it was Maureen “are you 2 having fun” “yes mum we are” “ok as long as you keep it a bit quite” as the 2 burst out laughing, Tina told Mark about the other night with her parents.

Mark left not long after and came back the following day Tina wasn’t in but Maureen asked if he wanted to stay until she got back, stepping through the door, pushing Maureen over the chair and lifted her skirt, he ripping her panties clean off undoing his trousers, getting his hard cock and wrapping his fingers around it he pushed it slowly in her arse, wetting her hole Maureen groaned as his cock slipped in, gripping her hips he fucked her slow to start lifting her jumper and undoing her bra, her tit’s fell out, “mmmmm take me make me cum” Mark was as rampant as hell, his thick cock slid in and out of her arse, as he reached down and rubbed her clit, Maureen moaned louder, begging for more she groaned, saying she was close to Cumming, Mark rubbed her clit as hard as possible as Maureen squirted soaking the floor, as Mark cum in her arse, groaning like mad.

His cock slipped out as it went soft, “wow you was horny” “couldn’t help it was needed, you’re tits are amazing Maureen, I could do with being breast fed” “now Mark your too old to be breast fed you my boy need to suck my nipples and make Mummy in law to be cum”. As they sat on the sofa Mark started to suck her tits holding them in his hand he teased her nipples with his tongue Maureen moaned softly “that’s it suck my nipples you know how much it makes me so wet” making her groan I slipped my hand up her skirt and slipped 3 fingers into her pussy, finger fucking her and sucking her nipples, Mark knew she was close to Cumming, slowing down Maureen begged him not to stop as she was close.

Getting up Mark said he would like to see her please herself and cum, Mark sat opposite Maureen, as she opened her legs and started to rub her clit, pulling her pussy lips back Mark could see the soft pink flesh within, as she let her head fall back her fingers massaged her clit as her other hand played with her nipples, Maureen groaned louder and louder as she rubbed harder and harder, before she started to jolt moaning out loud she squirted again and again, slumping on the chair, breathing heavily.

“Wow now that was worth watching” Maureen looked saying “now you cum for me and I want it in my mouth” “you dirty bitch” as Mark laughed “you have no idea how dirty I can get Mark” with an evil grin on her face.

Mark got his cock out and started to rub it, the big purple head appeared then disappeared as the foreskin run over it, his balls hung down as his hand run up and down the thick shaft, Mark started to rub harder, as he started to groan, getting up he walked over to Maureen and told her to open her mouth, rubbing it faster, she cupped his balls rolling them in her hands, Mark shortened his stroke and placed his cock on her lips, groaning he shot his cum onto her face and into her mouth, as Maureen sucked hungrily on his young cock, making sure she got it all she let his cock fall from her mouth, and got dressed.

The following weekend I was out with a few mates having a drink, when Maureen and her mates came into the pub, they had been on a girly night out and had popped in for a quick drink, spotting me she came over and chatted, I introduced her to my mates as she chatted to them “so lads anyone want to show a old lady how to have a good time” laughing she went and joined her friends, a few of my mates I was with asked if she was serious, telling them what she did they seemed rather interested, I spoke to Maureen and said 3 guys were up for it.

Maureen smiled as she slipped away from her friends, she joined the 3 outside as I watched what they was going to do to her Johnny was behind her as he bent her over a table and stuck his cock up her pussy, Fred stood in front and made her suck his cock, Jason stood to the side and slowly wanked his cock, as she was being fucked like mad the 3 started to strip her, Johnny pulled his cock out and pulled her skirt and knickers clear off, Fred took her top and bra off whilst Johnny was taking her skirt and knickers, pushing her over the table they fucked her like mad, making her moan, puling clear they made her kneel down whilst they all wanked their cock and cum over her covering her completely, she then sucked them all clean.

Leaving her to clean up I could see she was happy, rejoining her friends she smiled at me and left, the following day Maureen phoned and thanked me for last night and invited me over as Tina and Ted had gone away for the night. Arriving at Tina’s Maureen let me in, she introduced me to Sylvia her very best buddy, I had heard about her as Maureen had told me she kicked her old man out after 25 years of marriage, Sylvia was a real hot sexy women natural blonde full shapely figure, and screamed cougar.

Maureen said Sylvia had come by as she knew Ted was away and wanted to keep her company. Maureen went upstairs to get the spare rooms ready as Sylvia started to chat.
As we spoke Sylvia started to flirt a bit asking if I liked older women and had I ever fantasized about 2 women in the same bed pleasing me, as I said it has to be any man’s dream to have 2 women in one bed pleasing him beyond his wildest dreams , Sylvia got up and sat next to me “well Mark your very good looking man I bet you can have any women you want, and so muscular as well” as she run her hands over my arms and shoulders, “well I have to admit Sylvia you don’t look your age and your ex has to be a stupid prat, not pleasing you to keep you.

“Well Mark I have to confess I haven’t had decent sex in over 2 years” “wow well that is bad news” as I run my hand down her cleavage and onto her tit slightly.

“you’re making me so horny Mark my pussy is wet, and Maureen had said you have a nice big cock” as she run her hand over my jeans, “oh did she know, well have to say she loves to have it in her” laying back Sylvia unzipped my jeans and pulled it out “OH MY that is a beauty” lowering her head Sylvia slowly sucked it deep in her mouth, “Mmmmm mmmmm” as her head bobbed up and down, lifting her head we kissed Sylvia stood up and stripped her body was amazing her tits nice and round and dark nipples, a shaven pussy with tight lips and a small tattoo just above the slit, sitting back down she opened her legs and I started to play with her fanny, making her groan.

Getting in between her legs my cock slipped in deep making her sigh, I started to fuck her as I sucked her nipples and kissing her passionately, Sylvia moaned softly saying how good it felt, my cock slipped in and out without any problem coated in her juices Sylvia moaned louder and louder, Maureen came downstairs and watched me fuck her best mate, Sylvia said she was Cumming and wanted me to as well, pulling out I told her to get on her knees, doing that I fucked her doggy making her moan loudly looking at Maureen I smiled seeing her rubbing her nipples, as my cock slammed into her mates pussy, making Sylvia cum followed by myself, filling her pussy to the brim, “wow that is all I can say, not cum like that in years, and so fucking good as well” as Maureen cum as well.

Getting up my cock hung down as Sylvia stood up naked she said “my pussy is throbbing, oh my god what a fuck”. Told you Sylvia he a dream come true, and my daughter is getting it regular, the lucky bitch” laughing as she said it “well we better go to bed” as I bent down to pick my clothes up Sylvia said “well mark your fantasy is about to come true” smiling she went upstairs with Maureen and I followed.

Maureen’s bed was massive as I got into it, followed by Sylvia as we kissed followed by Maureen as well, as the 2 kissed my body I sucked on Sylvia’s tits making her groan, Maureen was busy giving me head, as I fingered Sylvia’s pussy making her come again, Maureen got on her knees as Sylvia lay on her back, I got behind Maureen and slipped my now hard cock into her soft wet pussy, Maureen started to lick Sylvia’s cunt as I fucked Maureen Sylvia played with her tits.

Banging Maureen’s pussy I could feel my balls swinging back and forth, Maureen groaned the feeling of my cock slipping in and out of her pussy Sylvia groaned as Maureen lapped up Sylvia’s juices, Maureen muffled moans started to get louder and louder as I quickened the pace, Sylvia said she was close and sighed deeply as I got faster and faster Maureen cum and so did Sylvia, Maureen lifted her head “oh god Mark fuck me fuck my pussy fill it oh yes bang it fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk as she cum again but this time I unloaded it all groaning loudly and gripping her hips, Maureen pushed back making sure I didn’t slip out.

Slipping out Maureen lay down and I fell in the middle as all 3 of us breathed heavily. Falling asl**p for a while I woke and pulled Sylvia’s legs apart and licked her pussy until it made her cum, her cream was so sweet I had never tasted anything like it, Maureen was still asl**p as I did it to her Sylvia watched as Maureen cum as well, laying back down I left the 2 rubbing what was a real stiff cock, Sylvia was the better of the 2 taking the full length down her throat as they wanked me off I played with their tits, I felt my cock twitch after a good while of being wanked, my cum shot out like a fountain as both sucked and swallowed my cum.

The following morning Tina was due back so Sylvia and myself left after a early morning 3 way, Sylvia asked if I wanted to have a bit of fun at her place as she explained she can be very horny when relaxed, agreeing we arrived at her huge place, going in I looked around, I found a pool, gym and a huge 4 poster bed as well as a games room, plus lot’s more.

“Wanna have some fun then a swim” “yer sure taking me to her room we got undressed and started to have some fun, Sylvia got up and went into another room, returning in some real kinky stuff, stockings suspenders a thong and a tiny bra, that only just held her tits in, “now Mark do what you want but no Anal” as I laid her on her back I pulled her panties off and wt her pussy lips, and slipped my cock into her.

Fucking her hard her tits bounced up and down as her stocking clad leg’s wrapped around the top of my legs, moaning and groaning Sylvia encouraged me to fuck her pussy harder, my balls slamming against her arse making her groan louder and louder before her whole body tightened as she cum, still slamming in and out Sylvia groaned, we rolled around the bed, still locked in as she begged for more and more, ramming in and out like mad I moaned and cum, pumping my load I felt it overflow out of her pussy.

As I went limp I lay to the side of her, Sylvia slipped down and started to suck my cock. I could feel her warm mouth on my dick, her fingers played with my balls as well, “how would like to be a friend with benefits Mark, whenever you fancy a bit of fun give us a ring, I’m sure we can come to some arrangements, as she run her hand over her tits playing with her nipples, we sat in bed chatting about her ex I found out he had been seen getting head off some young lad, but had always denied it, after the first time Sylvia had always doubted him but was caught by coppers when he was fucking a guy up the arse, I found out Sylvia was a company owner, her father had a production company and Sylvia worked there 2 days a week, her b*****r run it, looking around her house I dived in the pool naked, Sylvia joined me, as we swam and splashed around.

As she rested against the side of the pool I swam up behind her, and started to play with her body, my cock wasn’t long getting hard and slipped it in her pussy from behind; I had never had sex in a swimming pool moving in and out I cupped her tits making Sylvia groan, “mmmmm such a horny young boy, and a nice big cock as well” I pulled her nipples making her gasp, it felt funny fucking in water but it seemed okay, Sylvia groaned and moaned as she started to whimper and say she was Cumming, I felt my cock get thicker with a final thrust I shot my warm cum in to her pussy, making her cum as well, I went limp as I slipped out of her, turning around Sylvia kissed me “have you had naughty sex, I mean dominating a women in bed” Mark looked “well no but have seen video’s and always wondered what it would be like to be in charge”.

“Well i have a proposal for you, what if we made a porn and you dominate myself and a close friend, who just loves sex with young fit guys, with big cocks” Mark refused saying as good as it sounds it not his thing, “well I have made one and I can show you it, I sent it off to a guy who paid me”. As they got out the pool they sat in the living room watching the dvd, I watched as Sylvia was used by 2 huge black guys, but you was unable to see their faces, it didn’t spoil the film at all, I looked at Sylvia who was busy rubbing her pussy, “I always get horny when I watch this” Sylvia moaned and cum leaving me rock hard, my cock standing to attention as Sylvia leaned over and started to suck my cock her soft mouth slid up and down my cock, the image I had of 2

black cocks in her was a real turn on and being filmed was making me harder than ever.

Pulling her head off my cock I pushed her back and spread her legs, her soaking wet pussy gaped open as I got in between them and started to fuck her hard “oh god it is huge” “shut the fuck up slut and take what your here for” as I slammed my cock in and out of her pussy, Sylvia moaned and groaned begging for more “didn’t I tell you to shut up bitch” “yes baby you did punish your Sylvia” as I rammed my cock in and out Sylvia screamed with a huge orgasm, shaking like mad, followed by another one but this time she squirted, groaning I pushed deep and then cum, it poured out thick and creamy, as I bucked with pleasure.

“Oh wow you randy boy” as Sylvia smiled “now that was what I am talking about, so what do you say Mark fancy making a porn film and get paid for it”?

Mark agreed and left later that day, Sylvia said she will arrange it and give him a call, also meet her friend before hand, and possibly a bit of fun one night, Sylvia took mark home as they pulled up at his house she gave him her number and a little present saying “you my boy have deserved that, and I would rather give it to you than some stranger” as she drove off Mark opened the envelope there looking at him was a wad of cash, smiling her put it in his pocket and went in doors.

About 2 weeks later Mark proposed to Tina Maureen and Sylvia were delighted and Mark had a bit of fun with Sylvia and Maureen. About 6 months past when Sylvia phoned Mark asking if he wanted to meet her friend agreeing to it he hung up……………………………………… more in the next part.

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