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THE UNINVITED – The Nanci Report- Chapter 5-2

The Uninvited
The Nanci Report – a fine line between reality and fantasy
Chapter 5 Part 2

Sunday was a nightmare for Nanci; the day before she had reached home rather early. It was fortunate that her girlfriend was still upset at her for making her come home alone from the party, so when Nanci opened the door she hadn’t even looked at her when she walked into the room.
It was good, for now… she rapidly turned into the hallway leading to the washroom and disappeared from view

She took all of her clothes and left it on a heap on the floor of her washroom.

She stood up naked in front of the large mirror. The larger and well lit room showed her in clear definition the damage done to her.
Her clear skin was peppered in bruises and scratches and she felt dirty for the first time of her life… tears swelled in her hazel eyes and she step into the shower…
She put the water the hottest she could take it; and she vigorously rubbed her scrubber attempting perhaps to cleanse beyond her skin.

She stood there for a long time; her tears mixed with the warm water left her but her confusion and fear not.

She got out of the shower and wrapped herself in tow large bath towels… covering herself as much as she could; she never looked at the mirror again until she step out of the room.

Walking to the bedroom she heard her girlfriend calling at her for the first time since that fatidic night

– “So, I guess you had a good time… you didn’t come home” – She said with an edge to her voice – “You know, soon or later you’re going to get in trouble with that bunch; they’re not your friends… no guy will ever be your friend, I know… they just want to get to your panties and then move on to the next score.

I noticed how that Randy looks at your ass. He cannot wait to get to it… he just doesn’t seem to have the balls to make the move. The brothers are even more pathetic.
But, you gotta be careful with that short brunette… What’s her name…? Jen, isn’t?” –

Nanci felt a cold shiver ran down her back… how long was she going to be able to conceal the truth? If her girlfriend was able to pretty much paint an accurate portrait without so much exposure… the cold ran up her spine this time and without a word she stepped into her bedroom.

A sudden tiredness came over her and shedding her towels she sled under her bed covers, put one of the pillows over her head and fell asleep almost immediately.

She woke up when it was already dark when she felt her girlfriend getting in the bed behind her and felt her warm naked body snuggle against her back. Nanci stood motionless while she felt her girlfriend hand slide over her hips and found her pubis.

For the first time, in a long time, this simple act made her feel safe and loved. She arched her back, thrusting her round ass into her girlfriend’s embrace and let the warmth sensations creep from her loins to the rest of her body.
If she could make that instant eternal, then her life will be perfect once again.

* It will continue…

The Nanci Report is the regular update of ongoing sexual abuse and blackmail details provided by Nanci herself and rendered in a fictionalized style by “elausente”.

Some events are true and accurate to every detail with few facts changed for artistic reasons and to protect the guilty. You will not know where reality begins and fantasy ends, but her plight is ongoing and she may be willing to discuss details via email with any interested party.
(Emails with extreme erotic content of any kind whatsoever are given first priority for reply. )
***Contact Nanci at: [email protected] com
And the author at: [email protected]

com ***.

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