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The Unexpected Visitor

i was in my room, masturbating to some random hentai. suddenly i heard a knock at my door. i quickly get dressed and go to see who it is. i open the door and see it is a woman with long purple hair and a huge bust. she was wearing a shirt that covered her breasts, but did little to cover her midsection. she also wore pants that were tight on her, so i could catch the slight view of cameltoe.

my eyes widened and my dick hardened. then finally she spoke. “hello. i am new to the neighborhood and thought i would drop by. ” her voice was that of an angelic southern belle. “my name is Rarity. ” i kinda realized i just jizzed my pants at the sound of her voice, and i semi-weakly responed “my name’s will. pleasure to meet you rarity. ”

so i invite her in and she makes herself feel at home by sitting on the couch.

“would you like anything to drink, Rarity?” it was the least i could do. “Sure. that would be most wonderful, darling. ” i came back with a couple of glasses of juice and sat beside her. we had a conversation for a while and talking about things, until the conversation subject became sex. then things got hotter from there.

she glanced over and saw that i had a raging boner, so she leaned closer to me.

“do i make you aroused, darling?” she said this with a lustful look on her face. “umm…umm…. uh…” there was no fighting it anymore. “yes. you are very beautiful, rarity. ” she gave a playful giggle and she took her shirt off, releasing her massive mountains from their cloth prison. she was not wearing a bra, but that was okay by me. “do you love my breasts?” she then grabbed me and put my face between them, my face buried in her tit flesh.

she giggled a bit before putting my hands on her breasts. “how do they feel?” i started groping her breasts gently and firmly and paying attention to her sweet small nipples with their large areole.

i started to suck them and play with her nipples, alternating between sucking and tweaking each one. all the time, she was touching my crotch ever so gently, lightly brushing and stroking it. “hmm. seems like someone is hard.

let me take care of that. she laid me back and took my pants off, releasing my hard cock. she was in awe of how hard and stiff it was. she started to stroke my cock with her soft, well manicured hands as her other hand found my balls and started to fondle them.

“oh, Rarity. that feels so wonderful. ” after a while of stoking me off, she then placed my cock between her massive tits.

“if you thought that felt wonderful darling, wait till you feel this” she then started to rub her tits up and own my cock while it was engulfed in her soft tit flesh. she stared directly at me while she pleasured my sexy cock with her goddess like mammories. she then started to move faster and more passionately. my moans of pleasure were resonating throughout the room as she gave me the most heavenly paizuri i ever felt.

“rarity, if you keep this up, i may cum soon. ” just then she stopped.

“oh, darling. i can’t let you cum just yet. ” she then pulls down her pants, revealing a lovely pussy with a trimmed and lovely purple bush, i also notice she had a purple tail to go with it. i found it so hot. she then laid own and spread her pussy lips. “i want you to taste me.

taste how wet you got me” i leaned forward and got a good whiff of her pussy. it was fragrant and alluring. i started to lick her clit and suck on it hard and lovingly. “oh, God! oh, Yes!” her moaning and passionate breathing were turning me on as i contiued to suck on her clit and pussy lips. i then pulled her lips aside and started licking her vaginal entrance and her urethra as my hands were rubbing her delicious clit.

the moans of her passion were loud and erotic as she squirmed and rubbed her pussy on my face as i licked her lovingly, just then she was about to cum. i could tell because her pussy was spasming. so i took my fingers and pleasured her clit and finger fucked her till she came. She let out a scream of pleasure as she came hard on my fingers. i put them to rarity’s mouth as she sucked them clean.

she then pulls me toward her and whispers in my ear. “i want you inside of me, darling. ” the sound of her whispering and her warm breath in my ear caused me to have shivers down my spine in an erotic way and i did not hesitate as i got up and slowly teased her pussy with the tip of my cock. when i was done teasing her playfully, i inserted my cock into her pussy ever so gently and slowly, just to hear her moan as i slowly went deep inside of her.

“here i go” i said as i started to thrust into her, pumping in and out of her tight wet pussy. her pussy was as tight as a vice as i thrusted in and out of her, our moans of pleasure resonating throughout the room as we were united as one in passion and pleasure. “oh, yes. fuck me harder, darling! faster!” and without a second thought i thrust in and out of her harder and faster, our pleasure rising and peaking with every thrust.

she was moaning like she was in heat and my breathing was getting heavier as i was approaching climax, i then slowed down to edge myself so i could last longer and help give us a more powerful orgasm.

“ah! ah! ah! ohhhhh! yessss! more!” she yelled as i then my hips decided to move on their own and move like a horny stallion mating with a hot mare as we both were approaching the edge of climax.

our moans got more louder and more passionate, our bodies wet with sweat and the smell of perspiration and sex was aloft in the room and my nostrils, increasing our arousal. “rarity, i am about to cum!” i exclaimed. “Me too! just cum inside me!” i let loose all my sexual energy and with a loud exclamation and a final thrust, I blew my load inside rarity’s pussy. “rarityyyyyyyyyyyyy!” and she screamed in ecstacy as well as she also came, her pussy muscles milking my cock dry.

we then got dressed and she then got ready to leave. before she walked out the door, she said to me “it was a pleasure meeting you, darling. hope we can do it again sometime. ” then she kissed me and winked before waving good bye. i will never forget that day, we had fun in the days that followed, but that is a story all in itself. *winks*.

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