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The Ugly Truth

A friend and I walked through the park as a shortcut on our way to the bar across town. Along the way he gestured toward the upper end of the baseball field I looked at.

“See that guy at the plate?” he asked.

“Yes. ” I said and glanced over him, to find him kind of ugly.

“He’s got a big cock and loves to have a man suck it.

You should try it sometime. ”

I felt surprised to hear those words. I looked the guy over a second time, but didn’t think him much to look at. But someone once told me the same myth that applies to black men, applies to ugly men. I can’t lie; it made me right curious.

After we’d left the bar I stopped in at the local glory hole shop. When what to my roving eye should appear shortly after my arrival? None other than the guy we discussed at the baseball field.

He walked by and gave me a blue-eyed stare that made me want to pursue him, but at the same time, he stared at me as though he almost dared me to. Nonetheless, I followed my curiosity, got in the booth beside him and stared through the glory hole. Once he realized it was I, we stared back and forth at each other until my curious hunger got the better of me. He turned away from my first gesture for his cock, but after I gave him a second look, whisper and finger gesture, he unleashed his meat and eased it through.

I licked my lips as that meat got closer and a second after my tongue got a taste, I attempted to slide that uncut dick down my throat. The feel of wood on my nose backed me away, and I settled in to be a glory hole cocksucker at my best. At the third, maybe the forth suck down the long shaft, when my eyes closed in greedy rapture from the feel of it all, he pulled that cock from my mouth and back through the hole.

I looked through for a reason why and got his thick finger in point at the opening. I stared a second longer and it motioned me in his direction. My eagerness had me out the door in an instant in my eagerness to get with him.

Once the door to his booth closed and I got an odd stare in response to my cordial greeting, I realized he was deaf but I also knew just what to do.

He unleashed that cock from his shorts as I began to go down, and it became fully exposed as my knees touched the floor. My instinct drove me to look it over and just as I realized its nine-inch length solved the question of the myth for this ugly man, he shoved it past my teeth. The formidable girth not only filled my mouth, it f***ed me to open up a bit wider to kill the risk of teeth contact on it.

The entire time I enjoyed that club cock, the solidly built man who owned it laid not a finger on me, and only an occasional grunt of sexual enjoyment escaped his lips. Yet he fucked that baseball bat to my mouth with a steady rhythm. I pulled out my cock and began to beat it; he leaned back, looked down at it and then again pulled his cock from my mouth.

I stared up over his hairy form with my mouth open and in wait for more, but he instead stepped back and began to tuck his cock away.

“I’ll put mine away if that’s what you want. ” I said and gestured to the fact. He stared for a second or so and then he nodded and pushed his hips forward as I let my jock cover my cock. He shoved that thick kielbasa straight to my throat and actually grunted when he met my unprepared resistance. He eased it almost fully out of my mouth, I swallowed and got a fresh breath and then he shoved it back in but a bit harder.

It glided right past my uvula and went straight down my throat like we wanted. His thrust momentum put me off balance and my head and his hands slammed back against the wall.

He continued to feed that cock to me in slow strokes that constantly plugged my throat, and the way his body shook when he embedded that meat in my throat told me of his revel in my occasional deep nostril inhales and the times he felt me have to gulp for breath between thrusts.

Once I noticed he yet again got full into feeding it to me, I uncovered my cock and again began to beat it. I didn’t get many strokes in before he took another look down at it. I didn’t want to lose that cock again, so once again I let my jock cover my cock. Much to my surprise, he grunted when I did so, and then exhaled and nodded when I resumed the stroke.

The longer he kept his eyes on my action, the faster and harder his cock seemed to slam to my face. The closer he came to blowing his load, the thicker and harder that cock seemed to get. My hungry preparedness matched my strokes with his thrusts and it wasn’t long before his hairy legs began to convulse. Before I could finish the thought to react to release his cock, he lay full against my face and used both of his thick-fingered hands to keep my head pinned to the wall as he pumped that meat to me.

He inhaled deep two times and then buried that cock so deep in my throat that I had no choice but to suck down his load. That juice came to me speedily in several thick gobs that careened right down me with barely a taste. I felt amazed at the volume of the drawn grunt that fucker managed to put forth as he blew that load to me. I couldn’t help but to join him in his carnal cries as my load splashed on the floor between his shoes.

He squeezed out a taste of his load for my tongue as he dragged his cock from my mouth, and then he took a step back as he pointed to the door and turned his back to me to tuck that meat away. When he turned around and seen me still on my knees having just swallowed the bolt and cleaned my cock, he grunted and pointed with more emphasis. “I’ll be gone as soon as I finish.

” I said and gestured to the effect. To my surprise, he helped me stand, opened the door and gruffly pushed me out into the busy corridor with my cock still in my hand.

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