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The tease

You enter the room and see me waiting there, my eyes are wide with anticipation, you know how much I adore you, how I lust after your body, your touch.
But this time you are going to make me wait, you are going to tease me…
You move toward me still fully clothed, my arms reach up to pull you to me but you put them back down by my sides with a knowing smile.

You lean forward and kiss me tenderly, and say “be patient my darling”. You make me stand and begin to undress me, my shirt, my shoes and socks, my jeans. My erection is visible in my pants and you pull them down too, it springs back up from its confines. I am waiting for you to take it in your mouth, to suck it deeply. You take my cock in your hand pulling back the foreskin and exposing the shiny knob.

Your lips move toward it and I draw a breath but you just kiss it lightly and then stand up. With that you gently push me to my seat and again whisper “patience darling”. You step away from me and begin to remove your clothes, each movement is slow and calculated, you know how much watching you turns me on. Your dress slips to the floor revealing your sexy lingerie, bra, knickers, stockings and suspenders.

My smile broadens, lucky me. You turn, showing me your back and reach behind to undo your bra, you toss it to one side covering yourself as you look over your shoulder with a naughty grin. You know you have my attention and with that you slip your knickers down your legs, bending at the waist, my cock jumps as you grip your angles, your beautiful pussy exposed to my gaze. You hold the pose for a few second and then slowly straighten, running your hands up your stockinged legs, resting them on your bum once upright.

You look over your shoulder again and ask if I’d like to kiss your sexy bum, I can only nod. “Patience Mr B”. You turn, hiding your breasts with your hands but your pussy is naked to my gaze. You stand in front of me and tell me that I must do as I’m told or the game will end. Your heart is pounding, you know that at any moment I may just throw you over the chair and spank your bottom for daring to tease me.

Take you roughly, thrusting my cock into you with no mind for your discomfort. But you also know that I may enjoy this game, and you want so much to give me pleasure. You expose your breasts, offering them to my mouth. I suck first one then the other nipple greedily, swirling my tongue, nipping with my teeth. You reach down and run just your finger nails over my cock. You allow me to feast on your breasts for a few minutes until you can take no more, you want to stay in control.

You step back so that I can watch you dip a finger into your wet hole, you offer it to me to taste mmmmm. You motion for me to lay down on the floor and then stand astride my head, facing down my body. You bend forward and give my cock a squeeze and then slowly lower yourself down to my eager mouth. You stop just short, your pussy hovering above my face, a wicked smile comes across your face.

Lick my arse for me please darling. And with that you lower yourself a little more and my mouth kisses that naughtiest of places. As you reach between your legs to stimulate your pussy my tongue dances circles around your forbidden hole, poking at it, fucking it, and my cock too is dancing as it throbs with excitement.
As your orgasm builds you move your hips allowing me to taste the wetness of your pussy, but only for a few seconds before moving again so that my attention returns to your arse.

You prolong your orgasm by straightening your legs to standing, but bend at the waist so that you can reach my cock with your mouth. You kiss the tip lightly, soft kisses, you run your tongue down the shaft and then pinch the skin covering my balls between finger and thumb. You nip at it a couple of times quite hard, aware the contrast in sensation will be electric.
Enough now, you leave my cock and return to your squatting position above my head.

” would you lick my bottom again please darling, it feels so naughty” I oblige of course with delight.
Your hand returns to your pussy, the other on my chest. As your orgasm builds again you play with my nipples, caressing, scratching, pinching. Then your own receive the same treatment. You are telling me what you are doing, describing the sensations as you pull on your nipples and rub at your clit. You taste yourself and tell me how delicious you are.

You urge me to fuck your arse with my tongue, to lick around the rim. Your orgasm builds and you are talking me through it, your breath getting quicker, your pulse racing and then………….

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