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The Surprise

The following is from my book. This is a true story.

The legality of nude beaches in Australia can get complicated at times. There are conflicting federal, state and locals laws. There are four legal nude beaches in the state of Victoria, but there are several that are not legal. At some beaches you can get arrested for going topless. At other beaches you won’t get arrested for going topless, but you will if you go completely nude.

And at other beaches you can be as nude as you want as long as no one complains. Confusing? Yes it is.

My roomies and I have become well known at the four legal nude beaches. Sometimes I find it necessary to go to the, I’ll call them iffy beaches. I made a lot of money for my previous escapade selling photo sets of nude blokes to an American gay magazine. I split the money with my roomie Kelli.

She was a huge help. I guess my photos must have made an impact in the American gay community because I have another contract for more photos sets and videos of Aussie blokes.

Kelli and I decided to go to one of those iffy beaches where we aren’t known. Perish the thought if a bloke found out he was in a gay magazine. I would fear for my life. (I’m laughing)

That is one reason I insist on signed releases and requiring that the subjects of my photos and videos accept compensation (money) for their services.

Okay, the beach we picked was about 60 km away. I won’t mention the name of the beach. I don’t want to publicise it. Some do-gooder will complain and try to shut it down.

We arrived around noon. This was a Tuesday and the beach was crowded due to spring break. It was a young crowd and there were hard bodies from both sexes all over the beach. I couldn’t tell what sex a few of them were.

We didn’t want to stay in the populated part of the beach, so we decided to take a walk north until the crowds thinned. The farther we walked, the more people were naked. After about 15 minutes Kelli and I got naked and our suits went into our beach bag.

It started out to be a pretty good day. We found two good looking blokes right away that accepted the money and I shot a series of about 250 of each of them.

We then continued down the beach. Heads were turning when they saw two nude blondes walk by. We kind of enjoyed it. Actually we loved the attention. We would be disappointed if they didn’t look.

With all the attention we were getting, we felt like Grand Marshals in a parade. We were waving to the right and waving at the blokes to the left and we weren’t paying attention at what was in front of us.

We got back to reality when someone in a loud voice said, “Kelli!”

We looked up and Kelli said, “Oh my God, it’s my brother! I’m standing naked in front of my brother. Oh shit, he’s with his mates (Friends). ” Kelli’s brother and his mates were nude and apparently Kelli and her 18 year old brother were looking at each other’s nude bodies for the first time. Kelli was embarrassed, but it kind of turned me on.

I don’t know why, but it was probably some pornographic taboo.

Kelli grabbed the beach bag from me and pulled out her tee shirt and slipped it on. The shirt barely covered her crotch, but she didn’t put on her swimsuit bottoms right away. I think she was teasing her brother’s mates with her bottom half showing.

Her brother’s mates began to laugh and tease her and she fired back calling their penises small and back and forth the insults flew.

Evidently Kelli and her brother grew up with these blokes and she had been the victim of bullying and other childish things in the past.

I whispered in Kelli’s ear that this could be a blessing. I explained to them why we were here and offered them money to pose. Kelli and her brother both had put their swimsuits back on, but the 3 blokes and myself were still nude. I told them I was making a photo album and also wanted a few videos for my personal use and I like their looks and their bodies.

I even agreed to pose with them.

These blokes weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer when it came to brains. I shot sets of each one individually and then I shot a few more sets with two of them together and some sets of all three at once. I had then flexing their muscles and I got several shots when they had erections and I quickly got group shots of all three with erections.

I then had Kelli shoot a few sets of me with them in seductive poses. I posed in a way that I could photo shop myself out of a lot of them so it appeared that they were hot for each other. I also made several videos.

While I was photographing the three dumb blokes I saw Kelli and her brother walk down the beach holding hands. They were both nude! No towel or beach bags, just 2 nude people with nothing to hide.

They were gone for about 45 minutes. When they returned she wouldn’t tell me what they did. She just smiled and changed the subject. Even on the way home and back at the apartment she wouldn’t tell me what they did, if anything.

I must have had over thirty 100 plus photo sets when I thought we should stop while we were ahead. Kelli and I left with signed release forms for her brother’s 3 mates that indicated they had received compensation for their work.

There were no photos taken of Kelli and her brother.

We got out of there as fast as we could without making it look like we were fleeing. We laughed all the way home at the thought of those 3 jerks being in a gay magazine. For all the years of abuse Kelli had endured, she got more that even that day.

She finally told me a few days later that he is her step-brother.

Even though they aren’t bleed related, they were raised together since they were three years old. She never told me anything about their walk down the beach.

Copyright © 2014 by Matilda Scully

All Rights Reserved.

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