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The stranger

Christine –
Stepping out of the shower and wrapping her hair up in a towel she hears a knock on the door, wondering who it could be this late at night Christine begins to hurry a bit drying off when the knocking gets louder almost a pounding. Grabbing her robe and zipping it up as she walks down the hallway towards the door at a brisk pace thinking it could be her date she had earlier in the evening or worse a best friend that needs help again from her husband.

Turning the door knob, wham! the door bursts open and slams into her face knocking her back a few feet. Stunned she catches a glimpse of a tall man as he f***es his way in and grabs ahold of her wrists as she is fucked up against the door as it closes from the f***e of her body slamming against it. ” what do you want, who are ? ! ”
” shut the fuck up whore your my bitch now and I am the last man you will ever see again! ”
HOLY SHIT she thinks to herself as his body f***es her legs apart as he begins to grind her pelvis into the door harder with each second that passes.

The pain begins to set in of the door against her face. Trying to release his grip she struggles to no avail he was overpowering. before she knew it he had overpowered her and had her back down against the floor while he fumbled for something in his back pocket. quickly her hands were handcuffed together as well as her feet, rendering her helpless to his advances. The man stands up and pulls her up hallway dragging her facefully across the carpet allowing for fighting body to be skinned up by carpet burns.

into her bedroom he hoists her body across her bed face down over the edge and cuffs each hand to a bed post and pulls up her robe and slides his dick into her tight ass with no lube except for the condom he placed on…. ” OH FUCK”, she squeals out, ” stop, oh damn that hurts soooo bad, I beg you ”
I told you whore shut up and take it or else I will make it worse for you! , he screams at her.

not knowing what to do but take it as he pounds harder and harder the pain swelling deep inside as tears pour down her face and the pain grows as her ass is stretched wider with each thrust of his massive cock.
thats right whore you little bitch you know you love this, remember this is the last time your getting any so enjoy it!
hearing that she begins to fear what might happen to her, things begin to cross her mind about who he is, why he is here to hurt her, …….

then the pain stops….
Taking out his cock he pulls off the condem filled with cum and f***es it in her mouth as she tried to keep it closed. when he did this he shoved a pair of her panties in her mouth as well with the panty hose he found on the dresser he pulled over her head tieing it tight to her head making it impossible to spit out anything or close her mouth for that matter.

The man leaves the room only to return with a belt, in which he let into her frail body whipping her back over and over harder and harder with each crack she felt the pain surge up her back as she couldn’t scream all she could do is mutter sounds and moans as the tears flowed and her skin welped up. gradually the whippings went down her back to her ass and back of her legs where the pain just grew with each whiping.

By this time her body was in such pain she couldn’t stand it any longer…. then it stopped again just as before. The pain was so bad she couldnt think of anything but how much pain she was in…Christine began to contemplate the worse, that could happen to her, when all of a sudden a scorching, searing pain against her thighs, A very hot scorching pan was placed against her legs. The skin began to swell red and bleed as he began beating her ass with this pan as hot as it was christine could not stand the pain as she began to pass out.

Then like before the pain stopped and the man left the room. He returns moments later and pulls off the stocking on her head and pulls the condem and panties out of her mouth to shove his dick in and takes a picture, ” now look up at me whore, stop your crying, and look at me”, just as she did he wraps the belt around her neck and tightens it as he thrusts his cock in her mouth as he cums all over her face, then pulls the belt tighter cutting off her air supply as she drifts unconsicous and then her body becomes limp, the fight she had in her was gone, her breathing ceases and ultimately her heart stops.

Without doing anything to her body the man cleans himself up and leaves her apartment locking the door behind him….

Brenda –
Brenda had just gotten off work as a waitress when her phone rings, ” hello, ”
” Do just as I tell you to or suffer the consequences ” the voice said. not sure how to react she hangs up the phone and looks around quickly in the parking lot.

Seeing no one she gets to her car and checks the back seat as she has been taught to, seeing nothing there or no one, she gets in and starts it up and backs out to head home. When the phone rings again, ” hello ” I told you whore now you will suffer the consequences of your actions ”
” who is this ”
” Don’t ask that question now, you chose the consequences, I will see you later ” This totally freaked her out, she calls her best friend who calms her down and tells her to come by her house for a while.

After no phone calls and a few hours later she proceeds to head home, but as she got in her and shut the door a belt is wrapped around her throat and pulled tight, ” now as I told you earlier you will suffer the consequences, now drive home, do not do anything stupid or you will surely die tonight, ” Doing as she is told she gets out slowly with the man behind her going into her apartment.

” now stop and take off your clothes, now” she does as she is told. He hands her soemthing and says put this on and sit on your knees as a happy bitch you are. D****d from neck down in a long sleeve red velvety soft robe that zipped up to her neck line, Locking the door and then handcuffing her hands behind her as well as her ankles connecting them thus hog tieing her to the ground.

Walking from the kitchen the man dressed in dark clothing and a mask tells her ” you should have listened now your going to feel my wrath, and suffer the consequences”
Brenda begins to beg to be let go, what did she do wrong, why me….
“cause I picked you, see i tlka to you daily at your job, but you have no time for me and I am tired of it.

You will listen this time is that understood? ” ” yes ” she replies, ” excuse me, yes, is that all? it should be Yes sir” ” yes sir, ” she replies….
then he leaves the room and goes into the kitche where she hears cabinets opening and closing… He returns with a metal spatula, and without warning slaps her across the face, when she realizes its not just a spatula but it was very hot as it scorched her cheek red raised bumbs immediately grew.


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