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The Stepmother

I loved this story and wanted to share it, the writer is “horrorotica” here is a link to the main story:

As eighteen-year-old Dale Barrett travelled home by train, he felt excited about seeing his stepmom for the first time since spring break. Nervous energy made his heartbeat fast, his stomach feel funny, and his fingers tingle. The reason he felt so nervous about coming home is that his stepmother had told him that she knew about his little secret.

She seemed keen to talk about it with him at the time, but only if he wanted too, of course. Dale shied away from her concerns; mostly owing to embarrassment. Since then, it’s been like something has been triggered in his mind. The knowledge that she knew the truth about him, stimulated him beyond what is normal. A boy shouldn’t feel this way about his mom, even if she is a stepmom.

However, Laura’s hot, and that didn’t help his fantasies running wild. He often dreamed about being naked in front her, or being caught naked by her. Still, he chided himself for having such thoughts. The other guys on campus were chasing any pussy they could get. All he could think about is his stepmom.

His biological mother lived on the other side of the country, and he rarely seen her.

Laura, his stepmom, is thirty-five, had long brunette hair that shone in the light, seemed to always float on a breeze, and smelled good. She had a curvy, soft body with large breasts, thirty-six DD’s he had read on one of her bras before he masturbated with it. She’s one of those women who’s solid without being fat, or looking fat. His favourite type, and his dads too.

Dale had drifted off to sl**p on the long train ride home, and woke with a start when the conductor announced his stop on the trains PA system.

The announcement so loud, it jarred him. Dale had been dreaming of her again. He felt aroused no doubt, and as he stood he felt his penis push against his shorts, erect as usual. His libido is so strong that sometimes he jerked off as much as eight times a day. Often, the only way he could get the damn thing to go soft.

He turned, so hopefully no one else could see it, and grabbed his bags off the overhead baggage rail, bringing them to the front of his shorts to hide his erection.

Walking out of the train briskly, he stretched for a few seconds after stepping down to the platform.

Can’t you give me a break, just this once, he yelled at his penis in his head?

Yet the more he thought about it, the harder his dick felt. It ached, almost painfully.

When he walked out of the station he saw his mom leaning casually up against the front of the car some ten metres away, wearing big sunglasses and reading a newspaper.

She wore a low-cut white sun-dress, which hugged her curves flatteringly. She had no bra on beneath it, so her nipples poked through the material, and her cleavage made him stare. Her legs were a golden brown from tanning in the summer Sun, seeing Laura filled him with a happiness he hadn’t felt for a long time.

I’m home, he thought happily.

“Hi, Mom!” Dale shouted to her, giving her a wave as her head bobbed up to look at him.

She smiled at him, folding the paper and throwing in the car window. “Oh hey, Dale,” she said. “Sorry, I didn’t see you coming. I was reading this movie review in the paper, and I got engrossed in it. How was your trip home?”

She hugged him as he reached the car, Dale felt thrilled to see her too.

“OK, I guess,” he replied with a shrug.

“Good to have you home for the summer break,” she said, kissing him on the cheek, and rubbing the lipstick off.

He nodded. “Good to be home,” he said.

The kiss made his heart flutter, her perfume wafted over him making him feel dizzy. She opened the back door for him to throw his bags, which he did. As she turned to get into the car, she glanced down at Dale’s crotch casually, and looked away. Dale could’ve sworn he seen a smirk cross her face. His erection obvious. He took a deep breath, and got in the car.

As they pulled out of the station, Laura told him his dad’s away on a business trip for the next ten days. “You’ll have to be the man of the house while he’s away. Can you handle that?” she teased.

“I’ll try. How’s Tina going?” he asked to change the subject.

“Oh, she’s a precocious little brat of a sixteen-year-old, so nothing new there,” Laura said. She laughed lightly at her own joke, throwing her head back, making her shiny long hair billow.

Her skin softly glowed, and her cleavage bounced. It mesmerised him.

“Do you remember what we talked about before you left last time, sweety?” Laura suddenly asked him.

Dale’s heart began racing again, he felt his face burn bright red. His mouth went dry.

As he was about to answer her, she continued, “You have to do a better job of helping around the house. Home isn’t a holiday resort for you to lie around all day, and play your video games, while expecting me to pick up after you.

Do you understand?”

He sighed. “Yes, mom. “

He didn’t like the idea, because he’d only be home a short time, but it paid to keep the peace. Laura liked to rule the house with an iron fist sometimes. So as they drove home, Dale told Laura how his last semester at school went. What grades he got, and how his sports teams were going. He never mentioned girls, which Laura always found odd for a boy his age, but she knows there’s a reason for it.


Later that afternoon, Dale had arranged to play some hoops with his friends down the local park, when a large clap of thunder rattled the house, and lightning shot across the sky briefly bathing the landscape in an eerie blue light. Laura spotted him looking out the living-room window at the oncoming storm, dressed in T-shirt and shorts ready to go play. She charged out to him declaring, “I don’t want you going anywhere, Mister, you’ll get struck by lightning.

It’s too dangerous. “

He groaned frustrated, it started to rain heavily, all but making certain he would be spending the night indoors. His phone rang, his friend Tom informed him the games off due to the storm.

Tina came running down the steps excitedly. “Have you seen the storm outside, it’s fucking awesome!”

Another huge clap of thunder filled the room, and the sound of heavy rain and strong wind made them all peek out the window in the living room in awe.

“I love storms, they’re so cool,” Tina gushed.

Tina is Laura’s daughter, and Dale’s sixteen-year-old steps****r. Laura is more liberal than other mom’s, and let her k**s get away with much more, like swearing. This freedom made Tina pretty popular, as the local teens would hang out at the Barrett household because Laura ignored their activities. Tina is also a brunette like her mom, but had a more athletic build with much smaller breasts.

He thought they’d be a ‘C’ cup at the most. Her body isn’t as curvy, but she’s fit. Barely an ounce of fat on her.

“We do need this rain. It’s been so dry lately,” Laura said wistfully.

They watched the storm with great fascination until Laura bid them all to come and have dinner. She had cooked corned beef, with cabbage, green peas, and heaps mashed potatoes. The corned-beef smothered in a mustard flavoured white sauce.

It’s Dale’s favourite meal. As he ate, he felt happy he didn’t go play hoops after all. Once they finished dinner, they walked back into the living room and crashed on the couch. Laura casually crossed her legs, began tapping on her right leg with her hand. She didn’t expect it to draw Dale’s attention, but she did notice him checking out her legs.

“What are we gonna do now?” Tina asked as she sat in a recliner opposite them.

“Are there any new movies on Netflix?”

“No,” Laura answered. “We’ve already watched the last one they sent. “

Dale began thinking about his play-station in his room, when Laura suddenly produced an idea. “We could watch that foreign movie my friend at work lent me,” Laura said, her face breaking out into a grin. “It’s German, but there are subtitles. “

Tina and Dale looked at each other with frowns.

“Why would we wanna watch some boring German movie?” Tina complained.

“It’s supposed to be good,” Laura responded now as she went about trying to find the DVD. “It’s about a dirty cop, I think. Blanche told me about it, apparently it cleaned up at the Cannes Film Festival this year. “

Tina and Dale groaned in boredom again, as Laura continued digging through a pile of bags trying to find the movie.

“Hmm, where did I put it? Oh, here it is,” she said. “Do you two want to watch it?”

Tina and Dale looked at each other, and shrugged as if to say ‘why not?’ “If it sucks we can turn it off, or watch something else,” Laura said as she slotted the DVD into the machine. “Now from what I understand it has some nudity. “

Laura took a seat on the couch next to Dale and raised the remote to turn on the TV and start the film.

Tina came over and sat on the opposite side of Dale.

Tina looked toward Dale, her pretty face displaying amusement. “There’s nudity? You know-how to pick ’em, mom. “

Laura answered her daughter, but didn’t break focus as she continued to watch the TV. “That’s what Blanche told me. Most foreign films have nudity. That’s why we watch them. “

Dale quietly took a deep breath as the movie began to play.

It excited him to think of the possibility that he would be watching a movie with nudity in it, with his stepmother and steps****r. It made it better that he had one on each side, nestling into him.


The nudity didn’t take long to present itself as the first scene of the movie took place in a men’s shower room, in what looked like a gym. The camera did not shy away from showing everything each man had to offer.

The shower room looked like it had about fifteen men in it, all washing themselves with soap. They were muscular looking guys, some of them hairy, some not. However, they had huge floppy cocks, the smallest looked six inches soft, and most of them uncircumcised. The women’s eyes bulged, they gasped in amazement.

“Holy hell,” Laura said, laughing to break the tension. “Only two minutes into the movie and there they are.

“Oh my God!” Tina began clutching a pillow to her chest now. “I’ve never seen such enormous dongs before. “

“I should hope not,” Laura said with a giggle. “A girl your age would get hurt by men like that. ” Laura and Tina both laughed.

Dale squirmed in his seat, not knowing whether to be turned on by this experience or repulsed by it. The way the two women leered at the screen, at those gigantic dicks made him feel embarrassed.

He became acutely aware of his own four-inch pencil dick, and how it compared with those large cocks. Their flaccid dicks were so much bigger than his hard dick. They even looked thicker than his.

He watched the screen in silence, trying to show he didn’t care.

However, his discomfort didn’t go unnoticed. “Does male nudity offend you, Dale?” Tina asked with a grin, giving him a poke in the ribs with her elbow.

His stepmother joined in. “Don’t worry, Dale, think of it like being in the locker room, at College. Nothing wrong with that. “

Dale shook his head. “I don’t think any locker rooms are like that. Not every guy is hung like a freakin’ horse,” he said sarcastically.

“Speaking from experience are we, big b*****r?” Tina said.

“Leave your b*****r alone, Tina. ” Laura said before Dale could respond.

As Dale looked at his stepmom, she gave him a wink that rattled him to the core. She had defended his small penis to his s****r, something he didn’t expect. So they pushed on, and continued to watch the movie.

Dale sighed deeply and Tina pounced again. “Are you OK? Are you having a panic attack?”

Tina showed no mercy.

“Tina, stop teasing your b*****r and watch the movie, for heaven’s sake,” Laura scolded her daughter.

Some men got out of the shower, and got dressed. The nudity looked like ending which relieved Dale no end. The plot began to unravel, complete with a few shoot-out scenes, and high-speed car chases. Dale began to think the male nudity finally over, but after about an hour into the film, one of the lead characters decided to have a shower. And yes, the camera followed him all the way.

What the hell is this? Make the little dick guys feel bad time, he thought, frustrated?

“Uh-oh,” Tina said playfully as they prepared for another large penis shot.

The man slowly got undressed down to his boxers. After a couple-second delay, to build the suspense, he took down his underwear unfurling a monster cock.

A horse would be proud to own that, Dale thought bitterly.

“WOW!” Tina said in admiration.

“Wow, is right. That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen,” Laura added crossing her legs again.

Listening to these two women talk about dicks for the last hour had a profound effect on Dale.

His little penis grew hard, and he had to keep his legs crossed to hide the fact. It ached from wanting him to stroke it. The closeness of the two women, their smell, and the sound of their panting as they watched the big dick man, all added to his predicament.

“Dale sweety, why don’t you go make some popcorn,” his stepmother suddenly suggested.

Dale felt as though all his nightmares had come at once.

“Can’t Tina do it?” he complained.

Laura frowned at him. “Remember what I told you about pulling your weight around here. Now get. “

Dale dropped his leg to the floor and stood. He tried to leave quickly. But it was too little, too late. Both women’s eyes were on his crotch, his hard dick tenting his shorts, and showing off his smallness to the fullest. The women looked at each other and smiled, as Dale hurried out of the room.

As he walked out he heard Tina say, “Pause the film for him. I wouldn’t want him to miss anything. “

“You’re such a considerate s****r, Tina,” Laura said.

She paused the DVD as Dale threw some popcorn into the microwave. He stretched, and took a few deep breaths in the kitchen, trying to get the tension out of his body. Trying to get his cock to go soft, but it wouldn’t.

It stubbornly stayed hard. At least he could hide it behind the popcorn bowl as he walked back in.

He walked into the living room, and sat between the two women with the popcorn bowl in his lap. “Oh good, popcorn,” Laura said.

She suddenly dug her hand into the bowl, rummaging around, rubbing the bowl into his cock in the process.

It felt as though jolts of electricity shooting through his dick.

As Laura pulled a handful out, Tina dug hers in, and again the movement of her hand in the bowl made it rub on his dick. The rubbing became too much for him, she did it way too long. As she withdrew her hand, Laura’s put hers back in there, doing the same thing again.

“Dale, look we paused it for you,” Tina said.

Dale looked at the screen while trying to ignore the sensation of his stepmother and steps****r burying their hands in the bowl of popcorn pushing it down f***efully into his crotch, and felt surprised to see the same guy as before, standing there nude.

His large penis hanging in front of him as he approached the shower. Ten inches at least, soft.

“It’s a good view anyway,” Laura said with a laugh.

As Tina rubbed the bowl again over his cock, he felt his dick explode in his shorts. He held his body stiffly, trying not to show what happened. His little dick coated the inside of his boxers with sticky cum. He let out a sigh.

“Let’s continue, I wanna see what happens next,” Tina said to Laura, and she pressed play again.

The movie progressed as normal, and the camera work got more seductive. As the man showered, the film kept having a close-up of his big penis, the shower water cascading off it like rain running off some mighty structure.

“That guy is enormous, there’s no way you could fuck a dick like that.

It’d hurt too much,” Tina couldn’t help saying.

Dale’s used to his steps****r swearing, but in this atmosphere, it seemed to have an even greater effect on him.

“I’m not gonna argue with you there. Some dicks are too big to fuck, as some are too small,” Laura said to her daughter’s assessment of the guy’s big cock. “You need to find one in the middle for the best results.

“Sounds like the moral to the story of Goldilocks,” Tina said. “What do you think Dale?”

“I’m not gay, so I’ve never thought about it,” Dale said.

His erection had subsided after he cum, and he felt relieved. Silently watching the movie, the end of the shower scene calmed his tension.

“I don’t understand. If this guy is setting up the other cop, why is he giving him all the information?” Laura asked Tina conversationally as the two discussed the plot.

It turned Dale on even more when the two women talked about the actual story as it made the nudity seem acceptable and part of the film. Knowing he had cum while their hands dug around that popcorn bowl is something he savoured. In the movie, the phone rang and the man woke, got out, and ran briskly from the bedroom to the kitchen to answer it. He ran, of course, naked.

Nothing constraining his big penis as he ran.

“God, look at that thing flop about,” Laura gasped.

“Mom!” Tina yelled laughingly, although she thought the same thing.

Dale began to squirm in his seat again. The more Laura and Tina talked about penises, the more it aroused him, an his tiny dick got hard again.

The last scene in the two-and-a-half-hour action movie turned out to be a shoot-out, one in which nearly everybody in the film got killed.

Funny thing though, Dale didn’t exactly want the movie to end. But as the last credits began to roll, Laura took one last hand-full of popcorn. Making the bowl, swirl over his dick one last time for the night.

“I liked it,” she said of the film, “Despite all that male-nudity. “

The final credits were still rolling as the three further discussed the picture. “You know what was funny? I don’t remember seeing a single naked woman in the film, yet the male nudity was like insane,” Dale said.

Laura nodded. “The directors a female. That might explain it. “

Dale’s penis throbbed in his pants, his four-inch tool begging to be stroked and fondled to release.

“What did you think of the movie, Dale?” Tina asked.

“OK, I suppose. I don’t think all those nude scenes added much to the story. “

All he craved is escape to jerk off in privacy. The discussion is getting too much for him again.

Laura gave him a sweet smile. “Oh well, I’m off to bed,” she said, stood and turned to face Dale and Tina.

She urged Dale off the couch against his wishes at first, so he tried to cover his erection with the popcorn bowl when he stood. She bent and brushed some popcorn off the sofa. He looked at her ass in shorts.

“You k**s make such a mess, I swear,” Laura complained.

When Dale thought he’d gotten away with it, Laura unexpectedly grabbed the bowl from him to take back to the kitchen. His small boner noticeable, as he stood there dumbfounded. Laura went to leave, when out of the corner of her eye she seen Dale’s protuberance. She blatantly stopped and looked at it. Her head tilting to one side in unbelief.

“Holy fuck!” Tina suddenly yelled, as she saw Dale’s tiny boner.

What made it worse is that not only did he have a boner, but his shorts were damp with cum. He had a big wet spot over the small bulge. He decided that to cover it up at this point would be useless. He instead shuffled around in his shoes. “My God, Dale, you REALLY liked the movie, eh?” Laura said, her eyes still glued to his crotch.

“I don’t think he would’ve gotten a part in the movie, though,” Tina said.

Mother and daughter looked at each other, and burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny,” Dale said blushing.

The women stared at his crotch wide-eyed, and although he enjoyed the feeling, he turned around hiding his privates from the two women. After adjusting his shorts, he pulled his shirt out so it hung over his bulge. He turned back around letting the women see him again. This time his erection hidden from them.

“Well, that’s better, I suppose,” Laura said, a few tears rolling from her eyes because she were laughing so hard.

“I liked it the other way,” Tina commented.

Dale stood there, his heart racing; his erection throbbing and begging for attention. Sure, it isn’t on display anymore, but it’s still torturing him.

“You have such a little dick, Dale,” Tina said plainly, making Dale blush.

Laura playfully tapped her daughter on the arm, with a giggle.

“Tina, don’t talk about your stepb*****r’s penis like that. You’ll give him a complex. “

“But MOM, it’s fucking tiny. He has a baby dick!” Tina said, pointing at Dale’s crotch making his face turn bright red.

“Tina, stop that. He can’t help it,” Laura shot back.

An awkward pause fell over the room, as if all three were waiting for someone to say something. Dale would have loved to drop his pants right there and masturbate in front of the two sexy women.

Show them his dick, while they said nasty shit about it. Still, he knew it wasn’t right to do that, and he had to play it cool. Otherwise, he’d get into big trouble.

“Dale, go to your room,” Laura suddenly said sternly, “And clean that mess down there. “

She didn’t know what else to tell him at the moment.

Dale retreated to his bedroom.

Did mom actually plan for the three of us to watch that movie, so dick’s would be the topic of conversation, he wondered, as he walked up the stairs?

Tina knew Dale had a small penis, Laura knew Dale had a small penis.

Dale now knew they knew he had a small penis. Where this teasing is headed is anyone’s guess?

Once inside the privacy of his room, he stood in front of the mirror and yanked down his pants and underwear to free his dick. He pretended Laura and Tina were standing right there in front of him, commenting on his puny penis, and telling him to stroke it. As he stroked his dick, he thought about his stepmothers and steps****rs bodies.

Blissfully a blast of cum erupted from his cock, shooting into the air and drenching the carpet beneath him. Stroking himself until he had squeezed out every drop of cum. When he finished, he playfully thrust his hips from side to side, watching his penis poke in and out of his body.

He felt so randy, that he soon had to jerk off again. What a night.


The next day he decided to sl**p late.

He thought, mom’s going to work anyway, and Tina will be off with her friends doing whatever they do. She doesn’t want to hang out with her big b*****r..

The first day of his summer break is going to be spent sl**ping in. However, he heard a light knock on his bedroom door around ten. He opened his eyes and yelled groggily, “Yeah?”

“Tina and I are going to the beach for a picnic, do you want to join us?” he heard his stepmom yell through the door.

He perked up.

“I thought you were working?” he yelled back.

“My shift got cancelled, so are you coming?”

Mom and Tina in bikini’s at the beach, he thought. That’s something not to be missed. However, he remembered a problem.

“I don’t have a bathing suit, go without me,” he called out.

The door suddenly opened, and Laura walked into his room. “What? You don’t have a bathing suit? Why?” she asked.

“I forgot to bring it home with me,” he said. “I’ll go down and buy a new pair today. Sorry, I’ll come next time. “

Laura rolled her eyes in frustration. “How many times have I told you to make sure you don’t forget anything?”

“I know, I know,” he said, rubbing his eyes as he adjusted to the afternoon light. “I didn’t think of it. “

“My God, I think you’d forget your head if it wasn’t—”

“Attached to my body, I know,” he said, finishing her sentence.

Laura didn’t like having her sentences being finished, and Dale sensed her irritation right away.

“I’m sorry, mom,” he said sincerely.

Laura sighed, and decided to move on. She walked into his room, having to step over piles of dirty laundry. “For goodness sake, clean your room up,” she ordered him. “You’ve been home ten minutes and it’s already a disaster area in here. “

Dale stared at Laura’s sexy body.

His stepmom already dressed in her swimsuit, a sexy golden one-piece that showed off her ample breasts and amazing figure. Dale tried to not be overly obvious as he checked her out.

Laura suddenly had an idea. “Well, I think I have something that’ll fit you,” She said. “I’ll be right back. “

Dale waited as Laura left the room. Her spicy smelling perfume still hanging in the air after she had gone, filled him with pleasure.

He sat up as she came bursting back into the room holding something in her hand. “Here ya go,” she said, tossing bathers onto Dale’s bed. “Try these on for size. “

He picked up the bathers and opened them out, looking at them with a grimace. “A bikini bottom?” he said eyes-wide.

The bikini bottoms were a mauve colour, and had pink flowers on them. He held them up, turning them around to look at them.

His mouth aghast at the sight.

“I can’t wear these? What if my friends are at the beach?” he declared.

“Don’t be silly. Nobody will know the difference, so hurry,” she said impatiently.

“Why can’t I wear a pair of dad’s bathers?” he asked.

She laughed as if he told her a good joke.

“Your dad’s bathers are way too big for you. Especially in the front.

No, these will do. So hurry and get dressed. Tina is waiting for us,” Laura said bossily.

Again he hesitated.

“What’s the problem now?” she said, rolling her eyes.

He looked down at his lap and back at her, going pale. “Um, I sl**p in the nude, Mom,” he told her.

Laura didn’t seem put off, or angry, or even surprised.

“Oh? OK, I’ll turn around while you try on the bathing suit.

If they don’t fit you, then one of Tina’s old pairs might. There’s one I bought her when she was thirteen, which would look good on you. “

Dale did as told and climbed out of bed. He stood there naked, while Laura had her back turned to him. His small penis right there, out in the open. He imagined, or hoped, Laura would turn to look at it. To really check it out, maybe even touch it.

That’s his ultimate fantasy.

Unbeknownst to him, she could see him in the mirror on the wall above her. His soft penis looked around an inch long, by her reckoning. It didn’t hang, it sat there sticking straight out on top of his small balls. What piqued her interest the most is how Dale had begun to shave the whole area. His groin as bald as the day he was born.

Dale pulled on the bikini bottoms and found them a good, snug fit. “OK, they’re on,” he said at last.

She spun, staring right at his crotch. “There you go, they fit you well,” she said then smiled at him.

“Do I look like a girl?” he asked, looking at his waist.

She gave the bikini bottoms a good long look. “No, you look cute. You remember what we chatted about before you went back to College after spring break, so it’s time you started to accept things as they are.

Dale couldn’t believe it, she had finally brought up his penis size. “I remember,” he said, feeling his excitement grow.

“You’re sure?” she asked, still eyeing his crotch area.

He nodded, and now began to feel his penis twitch and awaken.

She became serious. “If you’re going to learn how to live with your condition, you need to trust me. I know what’s best for men like you,” she said looking him straight in the eye with a steady gaze.

“Yes, mom,” Dale said blushing.

She suddenly smiled and seemed carefree. “All right then, well, let’s get going,” she said.


Dale followed her out of the room, Laura called out to Tina that they’re ready to leave.

Last night was obviously a set-up, so is today is going to be more of the same, he wondered as he followed Laura to the car? It thrilled him imagining what his stepmom might have planned for him.

The day is perfect beach weather, sunny and hot. The flies buzzed around like crazy, annoying the hell out of him until he put repellent on. Laura had a bunch of gear on the passenger side of the front seat, so Dale and Tina sat in the back on the way to the beach.

“I feel like I’m your chauffeur for the day,” Laura joked as she drove.

Tina and Dale each playfully shoved the other around in the backseat, until Laura told them to knock it off.

Tina sat there quietly with her legs crossed. She began to rub sunscreen all over herself that further inflamed Dale’s libido. From his vantage, Dale had a wonderful view of Tina’s perfectly tanned thighs, so mouth-watering and desirable.

He imagined shoving his face between them. His lust always had him imagining such dirty things. Tina’s suit barely covered her breasts, she occasionally readjusted it.

Tina wore a skimpy two-piece bikini, that Laura said only she could get away with at her age.

Before the sags, wrinkles, and stretch marks of age and c***dbirth ravished her. Dale admired her flat stomach, and thought of her body as tight. Not curvy and soft like Laura. Tina is trim, athletic, and even had muscle tone.

She’s growing into a beautiful young woman, he thought in admiration.

“I still can’t get over that movie last night,” Laura said from the front breaking Dale’s fantasy.

Tina laughed and answered, “Me neither, I never seen anything like it.

“Blanche lent me another movie from the same director, so we could check that out as well,” Laura told her daughter. “Dale, you’re welcome to join us too, if you want. “

He saw Laura looking at him in the rear-view mirror with an amused smirk on her face. The look in her eyes somehow demeaning and teasing.

Dale snorted in disgust. “More naked dudes running around flapping their big cocks in the breeze, no doubt,” he said sarcastically.

“Come on you loved it last night. That boner you had says you did,” Tina said.

“Now Tina, we promised not to talk about that. Poor Dale has had enough embarrassment for one day,” Laura warned. “Let’s have a lovely day at the beach like a normal f****y, OK?”

Tina glanced at the bikini bottoms Dale had on and mumbled, “Normal? Yeah, right. “

The experience last night had made him feel randy and humiliated.

Something new for him, he never knew being humiliated like that could be a turn on.

“Maybe we should pick a regular movie?” Dale suggested.

“Oh come on, it had plenty of action scenes for a boy like you,” Laura said, as she pulled into the main parking lot along the shore.

“Yeah, and plenty of big cocks for a young woman like me,” Tina added, screwing her nose up at Dale.

The car stopped and Laura turned around to face the two in the backseat. “I’m surprised too,” she said. “Blanche told me the movie had some male nudity, but I didn’t expect a big dick feast. “

“You might as well watch a big dick porno,” Dale said in frustration.

Both women screwed their noses up. “We won’t be watching porn at my house, young man,” Laura scolded him.

Tina chimed in. “Ewww Dale, don’t be so gross. “

He knew immediately he couldn’t win so he decided the best thing to do is shut up. Dale started to get that funny feeling in his penis again, as the two women openly discussed the nude male form. He knew they were doing it on purpose, to tease and titillate him. His cock became semihard, and he had to face walking to the beach like that while wearing women’s bikini bottoms.

Fortunately, he had to carry the gear down to the beach anyway, so by the time he had done that his dick had shrunk back to its full softness. Looking at his waist he had to admit, he looked like a girl in these bathers.

Once they set up, laying out the towels and setting up umbrellas and chairs. They were ready to go for a dip. “I hope the water’s not too cold,” Tina said as she looked ahead to the beach.

“The water might be cold; it’s rained a lot over the last couple days,” Laura said as they walked to the water.

They reached the edge and stepped into the water ankle-deep. A wave washed over them. The water didn’t feel cold, it felt freezing. Tina and Laura merely walked along the water for a while, feeling how cold it is, and letting the waves wash over them at knee height.

Dale had more daring, and headed into the onrushing waves. He knew the best way to overcome the coldness of the water is to acclimatise to it as quickly as possible.

Tina suddenly yelled to him, “You’re gonna freeze your balls off. Your dick will disappear. “

He turned to see her giving him the small dick sign with her thumb and first finger. Laura elbowed her and said something making her stop.

At that point a wave crashed into him, taking him under the water. The coldness took his breath for a moment. But he felt invigorated by it too.

Not long after his body had acclimatised to the water and he began waving for Laura and Tina to come in. He called them chicken for hesitating. Tina eventually gave up and started wading in, but Laura still stayed up on the beach.

They spent an hour swimming, splashing each other, and body-surfing the waves.

Dale had to remember to hold the bikini bottoms, as he felt as if they were always about to fall off. Especially in the waves. Now he knows why girls are always adjusting their bikinis at the beach, or at least wore a one piece. He had a man’s body so he lacked the wider hips to keep the bikini bottoms in place. He did enjoy seeing Tina, sometimes come out of a wave with a breast showing.

Sometimes even some pink nipple. Yet she quickly adjusted things again, so the peeks were over quickly.

After a while, the two stepsiblings began tossing around a Frisbee they had brought with them, and because of Tina’s inaccuracy, sometimes Dale would have to dive to catch her throws. All this diving into onrushing waves made his bikini bottoms droop and sag. When he would stand, it looked like the slightest f***e might cause them to fall all the way down.

Dale liked this sensation, and he indeed imagined his suit being ripped off, exposing him to Tina and Laura.

He felt thankful the beach didn’t have many people on it that day, despite it being hot. He figured the cold water probably put most people off. Surfers were around as the waves were quite good owing to the storms. One guy calls him ‘faggot’ as he walked past carrying his board, looking at his bikini bottoms.

Luckily, he didn’t know the guy, he looked like a tourist. He’d never hear the end of it, if his old high school buddies had seen him like this. Although they knew about his small dick from years of changing with him at school, the most ragging he got these days about it, from his mates, was his nickname ‘slug’.

The sight of Tina’s fit, young body, in her skimpy bikini also caused his penis to rise, and the appearance of Dale’s bulging crotch in the bikini bottoms didn’t go unnoticed.

He would see Laura and Tina look at his bathers: smile, and whisper something to each other. The tittering and giggling made Dale more aroused by the moment.

After a few hours, Laura called them to have something to eat. Dale stood there while Laura and her daughter started setting the various food and drink containers on the towels. He felt quite famished now. His bikini bottoms were still sagging, hanging below his hips so you could see a bit of his pubic area.

Tina wouldt blatantly stared at the suit with a smile on her face. Laura began chatting with Dale, indirectly serving as a distraction. Without Dale realising, Tina suddenly reached over, and yanked his bikini bottoms to his ankles.

Dale could feel his semi erect penis hit the open air, and now suddenly freed it poked out ferociously from his pubic area like an angry red finger.

Laura yelled in amused shock, covering her mouth as she had a bird’s-eye view of the sudden exposure.

Tina laughed, pointing at his tiny cock. He loved it. But he didn’t want them to know-how much he craved this, so he pulled the bikini bottoms back up.

“What the hell! Do you wanna get me arrested?” he shouted at his steps****r.

Laura’s face had turned beet red, sort of embarrassed she had seen her stepson in all his exposed glory, but her sense of humour got the better of her, and she joined her daughter in a long session of unbridled laughter.

“I didn’t know they’d come all the way down like that,” Tina said, giggling, while trying to act innocent.

“It’s not funny,” Dale said, feeling his face go bright red.

“Dale, my word,” Laura said.

She couldn’t stop laughing. So caught up in the moment, Laura gave no thought to reprimanding her daughter for doing such a thing.

“Thanks a lot,” he said, pouting.

“Tina, apologise to your stepb*****r,” Laura eventually said, but half-jokingly.

Tina didn’t bother to apologise, she kept laughing. So much cheer and commotion came from them, that they realised they were no longer alone. Two women were standing close by, and by the looks on their faces, they too had seen the prank.

Laura said to them, “Hey ladies, I’m so sorry. The k**s were just mucking around.

She always referred to them as ‘k**s’ though each were practically adults.

The older woman, who looked in her fifties, smiled and shrugged. “That’s OK. We understand. “

The other woman, who looked in her late twenties, acted more patronising. “You have an interesting physique, young man,” she said to Dale with a grin.

Dale could feel himself blushing.

Tina blurted, “You mean he’s gotta tiny dick.

The older woman said, “He truly does. ” She smiled too.

And now there were four women having a good time at Dale’s expense. Is this what mom had meant by helping me, he wondered? Emasculating me publicly?

“Come on, show it to us again,” the woman in her late twenties asked, as all four women started at his groin.

Dale hesitated. It’s wrong isn’t it, he wondered? Exposing yourself in public to women.

Laura sensed his fear and said, “The lady, asked to look at your penis, Dale. Now have some manners and show it to her like a good boy. “

“But…” Dale began.

“Showing your doodle to ladies when they ask is part of learning how to live with your condition,” Laura said.

Something demeaning, even patronising, in her voice sparked his arousal again.

“But it’s wrong, against the law,” he said weakly.

Laura smiled at him lovingly. “It’s wrong for a man to do it, true. It’s not wrong for a sissy-man to do it. So come on, don’t keep them waiting, or you’ll have to be punished like a naughty boy. “

He looked around, noting that the nearest people to them were pretty far away. So with his face burning bright red, he pulled the bikini bottoms down to his ankles and stood there, thrusting his hips out so his semihard dick could be seen.

The women all stared at it, and laughed, making his face burn with embarrassment. The two strangers gave him the small dick sign, as they screwed up their faces at him in contempt.

The older woman said, “Has he been through puberty yet? He has no hair. “

Laura replied, “Yes, he’s been through puberty. He has no hair because he’s shaved it off. “

Tina burst out laughing.

The woman in her late twenties said, “Good thing too. A penis that small should always be bald like a little boy. “

The older woman seemed more sympathetic. “So he’s stuck with that baby-dick. Is his father endowed so poorly?”

Laura shook her head emphatically. “God, no! His father is a good eight inches. “

“Good for you, dear. My John is a thick seven and a half,” the older woman said.

“My partner is nine inches,” the woman in her late twenties said.

To Dale and Laura’s surprise, Tina said, “My boyfriend is six and a half. “

“How big are you, dear?” the older woman asked Dale.

“I’m four inches,” Dale said blushing again.

“It looks more like three, three and a half maybe,” the younger woman said.

“It’s also thin, that doesn’t help,” Laura added, making him blush even more.

Dale began to stroke his dick.

To his surprise, Laura suddenly slapped his face hard. “STOP THAT!” she yelled at him.

He reached up and rubbed his cheek that still smarted, developing a red welt. “What was that for?” he whined.

“Nobody gave you permission to touch yourself in front of us, so I was teaching you some manners,” Laura said sternly.

“Little boys and their little toys eh? They need a firm hand to guide them sometimes,” the older woman said agreeing.

They kept chatting, but never took their eyes off his dick. His penis so hard that precum hung from the head like mucous stalagmites.

The woman in her late twenties asked him, “Is that as big as it gets?”

Dale nodded glumly.

“Holy shit, you’re never gonna please a woman with that. You had better learn to eat pussy,” she said, and laughed.

“Or be the pussy,” Tina added, causing the women to chuckle.

The woman in her late twenties said, “Come on Mom, let’s get on with our walk. “

The older woman nodded. “All right, we’ve embarrassed the poor boy long enough. Let’s go. Thanks for showing us your tiny cock, young man. “

They turned, and started walking down the beach. Laughter could be heard as they wandered off.

“All right, that’s enough. Pull your bathers up before you get us all arrested,” Laura ordered, wagging her little finger at him.

Dale complied, his bikini bottoms now tented as his dick stood hard as it’s ever been. The wish to jerk off getting too much. “May I go to the toilet?” he asked.

“Sure, but don’t be long we’re going to eat soon. “

The two women watched him walk off toward the toilet block. After a few minutes Tina said, “He’s going to jerk off in there. “

Laura shrugged.

“Of course he is, he needs it. He’ll learn self-control eventually, we can’t expect miracles overnight. “


He walked to the concrete brick toilet block and into a cubical, closing the door behind him. He quickly pulled his bikini bottoms down and began jerking off. He closed his eyes, remembering how the four women had looked at his dick, and made fun of it. Dale’s dick already felt slick from precum and he quickly stroked it off in his fingers.

Not long after, several large spurts of cum hit the wall opposite him, and began to run down it. He groaned loudly as he had the best orgasm he’d ever had. It made his toes curl. He saw stars.

Grabbing some paper he wiped his dick thinking how out of control things suddenly seemed. He pulled his bikini bottoms up and stood there waiting for his cock to go soft again. Listening to people in the toilet doing their thing.

As he walked back to the beach, he saw Laura and Tina eating sandwiches, and drinking soda. However, they weren’t alone any longer, four of Tina’s girlfriends had arrived. They wore skimpy bikinis, looked hot, and were eating his food. They seemed to be having a good time, laughing and carrying on.

As he drew near Tina seen him and shouted, “Hey Dale, we were just talking about you. Were your ears burning?”

Dale sighed, but felt his little cock twitch.

Here we go again, he thought.

The End.

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