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The Smothering of Sasha part 2

The Smothering of Sasha pt 2

The Mistress firmly planted herself on top of Sasha’s cute face, gently rubbing her intimate area on Sasha’s nose and mouth in a circular grinding motion. She was using the traditional and favourite straddle position, with her knees and thighs wrapped around Sasha’s little head, so that she can look down upon her victim’s face, occasionally giving a gentle caress or repositioning her head so that it fits snugly.

All throughout the session, Sasha was too afraid to meet the gaze of the Mistress, looking down most of the time, while not uttering a sound except for the occasional moan or squeal. As this was to be her very first time going under, the Mistress went very easy on her, and pressed down ever so lightly on Sasha’s face, so that if she needed to breathe, all she had to do was turn her head a bit.

After what seemed like two hours of constant rubbing and grinding, Mistress and victim were on the verge of their first bonding experience, as the first wave of an orgasm was slowly approaching. This meant that the Mistress would have to press down a bit harder, cutting off her air for a bit, and Sasha gave an understanding moan when she was told so. Being the ever skilled Mistress, the grinding was done in a way in which the victim never felt any pain at all, and the resultant orgasm caused Sasha to feel a bit dizzy and euphoric while the Mistress loudly gasped and moaned in pleasure.

Sasha felt her life slowly fading away, her vision slowly going black as she rolled her eyes back. As her breath was being cut off, she closed her eyes, awaiting her final moments, and gave one last weak moan and futile twitch as her world collapsed all around her, and her little body went limp…

Moments later, Sasha woke with a gasp and took in huge mouthfuls of air. The Mistress, being ever so careful, knew just how to take her to the edge and back.

However, this being Sasha’s very first time, it was not surprisingly that she felt a large amount of shock and fear. As a result, the Mistress was quick to provide some comfort to Sasha, telling her what a good job she has done, and promising her that the next few times will not feel as bad as the first. Sasha,, her heart racing ever so much, could not help stifling her tears, and she found herself gently sobbing again while being held by the mistress.

Her comforting words would yet again have a soothing effect on Sasha, and so she prepared herself for more smother sessions later in the day.

After a few weeks, Mistress and victim were finally one. No longer would Sasha be afraid of being smothered underneath the Mistress’ fine ass. In that time the mistress put Sasha through a variety of smothering positions. This mostly involved the traditional straddle smother with the 69 position variant, with a few sessions involving Sasha laying on her stomach while the mistress guides Sasha’s head around her crotch, pressing down hard and grinding down when needed.

On a few occasions the Mistress even smothered Sasha with her large breasts while both were lying on the bed or- whenever the mistress wanted to be a bit intimate- while both were sitting up, essentially hugging each other with Sasha’s little head planted firmly between the mistress’ heaving pillows.

She took care to always bring her to the edge of death and back, a process that was slowly putting a toll on Sasha.

With some sadness in her heart, the mistress estimated that she would probably last about a half a week, though she obviously did not have the heart to tell her. Nonetheless, Sasha went about each session with less fear and more enthusiasm, though there were a few occasions where the Mistress thought she would lose her, which was met with many comforting hugs and sweet kisses once Sasha regained consciousness after being out for an uncomfortable long time.

One of the more interesting positions that the Mistress favoured was the use of her “smother chair”, a large oaken chair with a semi circle cut out in the middle in order to accommodate the victim’s head while the mistress spread her legs apart and pressed her victims’ face tight against her crotch. This allowed a bit more freedom for the mistress, at she could also busy herself with a book or by watching some television, and was in a way more comfortable for the victim, as they were no longer under the heavy weight of the Mistress, and permitted a much more intimate and pleasurable experience for both of them, as many a victim did not hesitate to suckle and kiss her down below until their time was up.

To add to the experience, the Mistress would squeeze her thighs tightly together, cutting off all hearing and head movements, forcing the subject to concentrate on only one thing until they were no longer needed; all while the Mistress rested her long muscular legs on their back.

The first time they used the chair, Sasha was told to kneel down, while the Mistress spread her legs wide open. After applying a nice coat of oil to Sasha’s nose, she gently pushed her head down between her legs and began the session, with Sasha taking a deep breath before plunging in.

The Mistress achieved a couple of minor orgasms that were met with muffled squeals from Sasha. Because of the fact that the Mistress is not pressing her whole weight down compared to a straddle smother, it took a while until the Mistress achieved the big one. When she did, her thighs clamped shut around Sasha’s small head while she pumped hard with her hips on Sasha’s face, which was practically buried in her vagina.

She could feel Sasha’s head trembling and saw her eyes beginning to droop and roll back as a massive orgasm hit her.

As usual, the Mistress expertly made sure that Sasha did not permanently expire during that session, allowing her to drift off for a bit. At this point, Sasha’s whole face was practically buried inside the Mistress’ cavernous vagina, with only her ears sticking out to the sides. Once she was at the right level of u*********sness she eased up on the pressure on poor Sasha then gently pulled her out.

With her u*********s head resting on the Mistress’ lap she gently caressed her cheek while waiting for her to regain consciousness again. It did not take long for the colour to return to Sasha’s face, and she was allowed a few minutes’ rest before they continued with their daily smothering sessions….

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