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The secretary saw me coming…

I like to flash, I wasn’t always, this actually made its way into me after I’ve been picked up by a security agent in a mall toilets where I was wanking, not to show my dick, but in hope a guy would see me and want to go further together… I was then accused of trying to flash and the idea came that I actually would like to do so. I watched flashing vids on xhamster and began searching how to do it, how not to get caught, and so on.

I am currently at my beginnings, I’m still pretty shy, and even if there were some close calls, I’m not sure any girls actually really saw me wanking and looked at it…

So I recentrly found a new spot to try to flash, it is a place where enough bus passes to drop walking girls, the bus stops leads to safe pathway with trees and bushes around, letting most of it safe to be with your dick out.

I have been checking it for a few days, wearing my sweatshirt, dick out under it, and hands in sweat pockets so I can wank through it. But the real story started two days ago, with another lady!

I was lurking, waiting for a girl to come so I could wank behind her, and hopefully cum unseen, knowing the risk that I could have been seen. Then comes this arab girl, short skirt, nice legs, nice ass going up the stairs that leads to the nice path, so I get walking to manage to arrive behind her, and start masturbating with my dick in the open, I stops a bit before an opening leading to a building, keeping me safe, and knowing that most girls are actually going into that building.

I’m all hard, and ready to cum when I realize she’s not turning there, so I hide my dick and follow her a bit more.

At this points she starts to turn around, I’m all hard, but cock hidden, at the corner she seem concerned and fake a stop with a look at her phone, I’m fucked to pass in front of her and keep walking, or it would be too obvious.

My plan was to go around the block and return to my lurking spot. But I found another interesting place going this way, a one way road, passing under a bridge, no one around, no way to be seen, and some parking spots… I’m thinking this is a pretty nice place to masturbate, and maybe even try to be seen… I wait around a few cars pass by, but nothing much. A car arrives and park under the bridge, unfortunatelly, it is an older man in suit and tie, and he doesn’t seem to look for a sexy time (which I would have still agreed to)… I keep waiting, walking back and forth, the man is still going around his car, looking in the trunk, then on the back seat and all.

In doubt I walk close by to see if there is something going on, but nothing much. Then a small SUV arrives and park nearby, I pass along it, and see an extremely cute blonde girl, secretary style, I cannot see much because of the reflection on the windows, but I get all hard thinking she could be the first to see me in this kind of situation… But the guy is still around, so when she finally get out of her car, my back and forth walking bought me a bit too far for action, but I can see how she looks, and god I got hard… Blond, early 40s, short black dress, nice legs… So this was nice, but it was still a fail, she went toward the part of the road where it gets busy, and I could not follow her.

I decided it was time to get to work for me, and left.

The next day, I start the same kind of lurking, and another girl, an asian one this time, takes the same way as the one the previous day, I do my thing, then she took another turn and I decided to go the bridge, hoping for the same kind of opportunities, but what happen was better than that. After a pretty short wait, I saw the same SUV arriving… I could not believe my eyes, or my dick for that matter.

I stood a bit far not to be seen too much, and as soon as she opened the door of her car, I headed toward it slowly, checking my phone at the same time to give me a reason to be slow. She came down her car, wearing a really short skirt, black stocking, my heart was racing, she looked at me, my dick was all hard, but hidden under the sweatshirt.

She closed the door and started walking the other way, I got my dick out, and start masturbating my dripping wet cock, behind her.

Until this day, I always hid my dick when someone was about to see it, so when she started to turn around, I was about to hide it… but I didn’t. She was checking the closing on her car I think, but she noticed something, so she kept walking, but turned around again to check, and she looked at my cock.

My dick was throbbing, I was at my maximum, trying to resist a bit longer, and when she turned around for the third time, her eyes down toward my cock, I came. A fat white like went pretty far in front of me, I stopped walking and let my orgasm go, she turned around two more times to see me do so…

That was an awesome experience, I’m still wondering if I could go back to this spot, or if this is too risky… Maybe she liked what she saw, maybe not at all, I cannot be sure.

My head is filled with question now.

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