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The River

Susan sat between them all night. Kenny had driven them to the drive-in.
He was 23. He was tall & slim with sandy blonde hair. She was only 16. She was off limits. But that didn’t stop her dreaming. “OMG!”, she thought to herself, “He’s Susan’s brother, for God’s sake!” But the voices inside her head wouldn’t leave her alone. She found it impossible to concentrate on the movie.

Susan was wearing way too much make-up, Annie mused as she tried to focus on something else in the truck.

“Let’s go fix your make-up,” she said as she pulled on Susan’s elbow on her way out of the truck. Susan followed behind her oblivious to Annie’s turmoil.

Kenny let out a big sigh. “Shit! How am I gonna get through tonight with that hot little number sitting over there glancing at me?!” He had noticed all her sly little glances. Such little glances from a big girl. He liked girls her size.

She was plump; one day she’d fatten up to be a real beauty…

Susan watched Annie in the mirror as she messed with her hair and makeup. Susan had always envied Annie and she couldn’t figure out quite why. Susan was smaller and had long blonde hair. Shouldn’t that make her feel better? Nooooooo… there was something about Annie – a warmth in her eyes, a happiness in her smile that no one could touch.

She was comfortable with her big body. “Why on earth would she like to be fat?” Susan pondered….

Kenny watched the girls walk back to the truck. Annie was eating cotton candy and popcorn. Wow! He loved to watch her eat! She didn’t care about dieting; she didn’t give in to peer pressure. He admired her for that.

After the movie, Kenny made excuses to stop at home. (Yeah, he still lived at home…) “Susan, you might as well stay here.

I’ll see your friend home. Then I’m going to the bar. ” Susan didn’t think anything strange so she just told Annie she’d call her tomorrow.

Annie was a nervous wreck the whole drive. Kenny was quiet. Now there was this big gap between them in the seat where Susan had been. Annie spoke when he turned to go down Knob Hill. “Um… Kenny? I don’t live down this hill. “

Kenny’s heart was racing; he was so turned on by this teenage girl beside him.

“Should I come onto her or just take her home?” he kept asking himself. A lot of things could go wrong if he fucked her; he could get in a lot of trouble. Girls talked a lot. Surely, she’d tell his sister. Damn!!!

“I thought maybe you’d like to go for a drive before I take you home. Is that ok?” “Um. Yeah. I guess so. ” Annie said. They made some small talk down the curvy hill.

Kenny parked at the bottom. Annie swallowed – HARD!

“Annie,” Kenny began, “I like you. I wanna kiss you. ” She stared at him like he’d grown horns. “Does that upset you?” he asked as he scooted over to her side of the truck. All she could do is shake her head no. He was so near. She could smell aftershave, beer, man… He was so cute. His mouth was getting closer. His hands were in her hair.

Omg… he was going to kiss her.

And so it began. She kissed him back and matched his strokes touch for touch. They were sliding all over the blue nylon seat in a wild fury when his hands unbuttoned her jeans. She froze momentarily but then his finger was stroking her clit. She was so wet, so excited. It felt so good! She hoped he’d never stop.

Kenny hadn’t felt such a tight fat pussy before.

He couldn’t stop. He kept telling himself “just five more minutes” but he thought he might explode any minute in his pants. His fingers slipped in her tight hole. One. Two. So slippery. So hot. So passionate. She was moaning and squirming in his arms. “Annie,” he said breathlessly, “can I take you someplace? I don’t want the cops to come knocking on the truck window. “

“COPS!???” her head screamed! Wtf! She hadn’t thought of that.

How embarrassing would that be! And that’s all she thought… about embarrassment. She gave no heed to the fact that she was a minor about to have sex with a 23 yo guy. “Lets go. ” Is all she said.

It was a short ride to the cabin on the river. “My parents own this cabin. ” Kenny said as he took her hand and led her inside. It was a cramped space with little more than a cot and some fishing poles.

It was stuffy; it hadn’t been aired out in quite a while.

Kenny quietly led her to the cot. She followed without a word. He shoved his hands in her hair and took control of her lips and then her body.

It was like an out of body experience for Annie. She’d messed around before but had never been fucked. Should she tell him she was a virgin? Would he make fun of her? Would he stop? Did she even want him to stop?

Those questions were answered just a few minutes later.

Kenny was in no mood for chit chat. He had her lying on the bed with her pants down to her knees within moments. All Annie could feel the moment he entered her was pain. Pain shot through her whole body. Kenny froze. It was only at that moment did he realize that he’d taken her virginity. He looked into her eyes. He kissed her lips. She whispered, “Its ok. ” And he continued…..

Annie saw him a couple years later at that very property.

Only now the family had a trailer on the land. He acted as if he didn’t know her….

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