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The Portal Part 1

Figures streamed across Jim’s screen, highlighting yet another problem with the accelerator. Dr Jim Smith was one year into his 3 year program at CERN and things were not going well. The results from the detectors were way off the predicted scale and Jim would have to delve into the machinery once more to ascertain the problem. “Pass my safety hat Stewie” Jim asked as he grabbed his tools from the case on the floor.

“Should I re-set the experiment Dr Smith?” asked Dr Stewart Jones, as he passed the safety hat to him as requested.
“Yeah, re-set it Stewie and we’ll give it one more go before we shoot and you can buy me that beer you promised!”
Stewie laughed and resumed his position in front of a bank of monitors and started to type commands into the system to re-set the experiment.

Jim received apologetic glances from the other scientists as he made his way to the accelerator. There had been many high profile successes recently, but his program wasn’t one of them. It seemed that whatever settings and computations his team made, the detectors picked up strange and completely random results. Jim noticed Jean smiling at him as he crossed the room to the main detector hall. “Hi Dr Borchard, hope your day is going better than mine!”
“Oui, Jim, I think it is!” Dr Jean Borchard smiled and gave a little wave as Jim walked purposefully passed.

Her white CERN overalls undone to show her ample bosom – which Jim realised he may have been staring slightly too long at. They’d been flirting with one another for some time now and he was looking forward to stepping it up a little.

Once at the malfunctioning detector, he set to work. All appeared OK as before, but he replaced some components just to be on the safe side.

However, just as he was preparing to tidy up his tools, he noticed a glow coming from one of the accelerator’s beam projectors. “Stewie, you haven’t started the power-up program, have you?”
“No Dr Smith, the accelerator is totally powered down”
“OK, give me a moment, I’ll just check this out and be on my way back to you for one last run”. Jim made his was to the projector which was now emitting a slight hum.

Was it his imagination, or was the air around it shimmering too? He was just about to inspect it a little closer, when a high pitched scream and a wave of energy engulfed him. Everything went blank.

Slowly, Jim came too. Through burred vision, he could see he was in a small, white room with powerful lighting. He was naked and laying down. Wait, he tried to move and with a sudden sense of panic, realised he was strapped to a bed, or more correctly, a steel gurney.

He had been working out regularly and was quite proud of his muscular body, but try as he might, he could not budge. He was tied at his ankles, wrists and a steel band was fixed across his forehead, which kept his head quite still too.

A sound from his right. A door opening. A man, middle aged, balding and slightly overweight came to stand over him. He was wearing a smart suit and on his name tag, it stated that he was Professor Korvan Dax – of CERN! The tag looked a little different to the usual ones, but it was definitely CERN.

Another person entered and stood to his left side. She wore a nurse’s uniform, but looked far too stern to be in such an occupation. Her hair was jet black and sc****d off her angular but quite beautiful face into a long ponytail. He then felt a scratch on his arm, as she injected him with something.

Dax cleared his throat and grabbed Jim’s right arm. “What are you doing here. Who are you and what do you know of the program?”
“I have no idea what you’re asking me? I was just in the accelerator making adjustments, then woke up here! Who are you?” Jim’s heart pounded.

“We have been expecting some kind of sabotage by the resistance movement for some time, but to be so blatant and attack us within the machine itself? Madness. Miss Karter here will ensure you give up your secrets. “

Jim watched Dax exit the room out of the corner of his eye, then his attention retuned to the nurse. She wore long medical gloves and started to grin at him.

Slowly, she placed a hand onto his scrotum and started to squeeze. Jim let out a yell, as her grip got tighter and tighter. Then she let go. He felt slightly dizzy with whatever she’d injected him with. A sense of panic stayed with him as she secured a ball gag to his mouth. He felt spit dribble from his mouth and sweat start to form on his brow. Karter picked a small metal instrument from a tray to the side of his gurney.

It emitted a tiny pin prick of intense heat. She held it over Jim’s left nipple, burning it slowly and painfully like a flame. She moved onto his other nipple. Jim’s cry of pain was muffled by the gag. She then selected a pack of needles from the tray. Lifting up Jim’s cock she inserted each needle, one by one through his foreskin. Small drops of bleed dripped down his cock onto his thigh.

She then inserted more needles into his burning nipples. She flicked them and the pain was incredible. Karter then selected a scalpel and made small incisions across his chest. Tears streamed out of Jim’s eyes. Karter then leaned over him and slowly licked his bloodied chest. She smiled again and without humour, bleed on her chin matching the red of her lipstick. “Professor Dax says you are plotting against the Cadre and want to destroy the Portal Machine.

You cannot lie – the serum I have given you will not allow it. The torture was for my entertainment. Tell me – what are your plans? What will the resistance do next?”
Jim spluttered into the gag and she removed the ball from his mouth. “I don’t know what you’re talking about! I was working on the detectors and noticed something happening to one of the projectors. Next I know, you’re sticking me with needles!”
Karter grabbed him by the throat with one of her gloved hands and then grabbed his aching balls with the other.

She squeezed with both. The pain in his balls and in his cock from the needles was unbearable. With air being restricted to him and the pain from his tortured cock and balls, Jim finally passed out.

To be continued….

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